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all right coaches thank you for joining me tonight we’re gonna be talking live a little coaching football tonight we were talking about how to set up the timing in your run game how do you get the timing straight in your run game so that your running back is hitting the line of scrimmage when you want them to when you wanted to get there so that you’re not leaving your offensive line blocking too long so that’s what we’re talking about gonna be going live here in just a second if you have questions you can post them in wherever you’re looking at and also remember to like and share this video if you enjoy it so let’s go ahead and get started talking a little run game tonight a little offensive line okay so the first thing to talk about here is why does this matter you know why when we’re talking about your run your your offensive play book and your run game and all the things that you do in your offense why don’t we why are we singling out the timing on your run plays as being so important you know we always talk about you look and play books it’s always about the blocking scheme you know we got to block this guy block this guy we gotta have the running back getting here here’s the holy supposed to hit here’s where he’s supposed to go but you don’t talk that much about timing until you don’t have it when you don’t have timing that’s when you know you’ve got to talk about it when you’ve got to look at it so I this is something you need to be prepared to address as you start the season or as you start whether it’s all season workouts or you start to install or you try to install a new play during the season even we’re gonna do a lot of but you know you’ve got your system and your work your system but as you put in a new play it’s important to not just look at you know are the offensive linemen blocking the right guy is the running back taking the right steps is the quarterback taking the right steps but then we’ve got to take a look at is everything meshing together is the is the blocking of the offensive line I think this gets left out by a lot of coaching or coaches is the blocking of the offensive line meshing with the the footwork of the running back and here’s why this matters here’s why timing is so important so incredibly important it matters because if your timing is wrong if your timing is off on your blocking then you are going to end up with you are going to end up with your running back getting the football and looking to make his cut and your offensive line being engaged in blocks for too long you want to make the job of your offensive lineman as easy as possible by limiting the amount of time that they spend engaged in a block and of course we do this with our passing game right quick game three step drop five-step drop we want it to be you know balls out in 1.

3 or 1.

8 we don’t want our offensive line protecting or for seconds you know that’s that’s what makes of course we work on that we want them to be able protect that long but that’s what makes seven-on-seven so unrealistic is if they get four seconds to get open and find a to make a throw and and your offensive line is not going to be really good at protecting for that amount of time and so that’s why you know it’s seen more in your passing game I want to talk about in our run game whether you’re running inside zone outside zone power counter whether you’re running a Wing T and Wing T and double wing this is one of the beauties and it I’ll include like a triple option split back beer flexbone option these offenses do a fantastic job of hitting when run correctly do a fantastic job of hitting the line of scrimmage fast which off wing T double wing even sing a link to an extent although it depends on what’s happening which part of the single wing they’re running but you know they hit fast that’s why I love like an inside track because it hits fast and no offensive lineman needs to be engaged in a block very long so the critical part of your timing is are you getting your offensive lineman in a position where they have to block for the least necessary amount of time with least amount of time necessary to stay engaged in a block so how timing works is and that’s why timing is important that’s why we’re going to talk about it here so how timing works we go over the board here what we’re looking at with timing hand got stuck what we’re looking at with timing is when we run a play does this thing hit hello Toby when does this thing hit fast does it hit fast enough to to be effective for us or is it gonna take too long is it gonna take we’re gonna leave you know a 15 year old offensive lineman engage in a block for a second too long against some senior division one recruit like that’s that’s why timing is important is because we can’t do that to him so let’s take a look at just a simple power here this is what we teach in our pistol power offense system we are base play in the system doesn’t have to be your base play in fact you know it’s become less and less of a base for us over time and let’s get a defense drawn up here let’s go through four to five you or 445 something all of us see you all right so if we’re looking at power our basic power it’s a good one because there’s a really nice visual example here of where we want to get to and we’re gonna bring him inside lock the a gap area we would emotionally H back across and kick out now the key here is that that kick out is a hard block okay the kick out is a hard block and the rap is where we want to be right off of it so as we run this play as we get our backside line our backside guard wrapping to the play side linebacker the kick out in the wrap you know those are especially the the double-team is one thing you know we should be able to get on a double team we should be able to stay engaging that double team for a little while but when we talk about the kick in the wrap these need to happen with the back right there and we’ll often get our H back he gets he gets to tighten here and I want to be a kick-out I want to be very much like we used to run what we called outside trap which is more like buck sweep where we pulled the run side guard kick out backside guard wrap and it basically buck sweep type of thing and I want where the H back is coming from to look more like that and this is something I’ve kind of evolved then where he’s standing here behind the tackle and kicking that guy out because it’s how I can minimize the amount of time we’re still getting to the deception I want in the backfield because I like a counter step and a quarterback to reverse pivot and they are to come across we’re using this counter step because it gives a different look to the linebackers from our zone and I like to have the same step on the on the first step of every running play that we have so that first step is gonna look like now that we’re running it to the left when in reality we’re coming you know we’re just counter stepping and coming back so that counter step which is part of her timing we’ll talk about in a minute and he’s going to take that in the key here quarterback will boot out I want him to get this football and he’s gonna take the handoff just to the right of Center so off of our counter step in our reverse pivot he’s gonna take that hand off just to the right of Center I’d appreciate you guys being here if you have content you know we are live if you have questions or anything you can go and post them and I will post them in the chat post from the comments and I will go around to those at the end and answer whatever I can it’s kind of in different places right now it’s all have to pull together but as he comes across he’s gonna take this handoff right around just to the right of Center and I want it to be just as that guard is getting to that point so that we can follow not have to fly but that we can follow and as that kick happens he’s following the guard and it essentially becomes an isolation play it essentially becomes your eye so your lead play where that guard is really leading for him so that counter step that we use not only gives some deception to the backfield but it also sets us up so that as we take the handoff we’re following in behind the guard coming from the backside setting up the isolation when you run an eye formation I so play there’s no timing right he’s already behind him he’s wearing downhill boom downhill we take the handoff the timing is perfect on that play most of the time as long as you don’t have your back too deep if you have your back too deep then you’re


July 22, 2020



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