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to everyone and welcome to the Alamodome and welcome to a very special day throughout the be here today a great day in the history of UTSA athletics where we introduce a new football coach we have several people that will speak today and we’ll get right on with the program please welcome to the podium the president of UTSA dr.

Taylor Amy Andy thanks with you serving as our emcee today with you in our house here makes me think we should be having a football game in a few minutes we have a very distinguished guests here Councilwoman dr.

Adriana Roca Garcia thank you for being here we appreciate your support also Patricia Kanter is here the director convention and sports facilities Patricia thank you for being here I really want to welcome coach trailer his wife carry their children Jordan Jake and JC to our Roadrunner family I also want to this is very important if you know Peggy and me this is very important on behalf of our first pups our UTSA first pups albus dumbledore and Finbar the fabulous we want to welcome the trailers Labrador Retriever Nelson to the team welcome trailers this is a very important day for our football program for athletics and for UTSA as my good friend red McCombs always says to me whenever I see him athletics especially football is the front porch to UTSA we are a young program just nine years old I’d like to know just a few of our accomplishments over these last nine short years record attendance in year one in 2010 progression into the WAC and FBS conference in year two progression into Conference USA a group of five FBS conference in year three a Conference USA bowl game in year six a power five win against Baylor in Year seven yeah conference bowl eligibility in Year seven a first round draft pick Marcus Davenport in Year seven yeah over 42, 000 attending or defend the dome game against Baylor in your eight and Peggy will tell you when I watch football on Sunday I come running out of the TV room saying hey there on TV four of our student-athletes David Morgan Marcus Davenport Kevin strong and Josiah to waive are all on active Ennis NFL rosters in year nine part aren’t those amazing accomplishments you all know this but all four of those NFL players were recruited by coach Coker and three of the four were developed by coach Wilson here today as we look ahead we must honor the great work of our first two coaches coaches Coker and Wilson for they have built the foundation that we are standing upon today so I’d like to give a huge shout out to our two founding former coaches Coker and Wilson thank you so what what does our front porch look like for a football program over the next five to ten years where can we go with this program from my perspective as president we must always prepare our student athletes for life they’re giving back to the world and they’re making the world a better place we must further excite and have family focused gameday experiences we must develop our culture and traditions we must increase our attendance we must win more than we lose we must accept conference title games championships and Bowl invitations that they are the norm and we want to deeply recruit in Texas most importantly and this is my message to all of you today I really like this idea that we can be to our city of San Antonio what the Houston Cougars are to Houston or the SMU Mustangs are to Dallas we have all the ingredients here to do that and achieve that prominence the last 10 days have been very busy as dr.

Campos will tell you we’ve engaged presidents Chancellor’s 80s current and former Texas power five coaches we’ve engaged the entire state of Texas as we’ve gone through this search process and we’ve heard the same story over and over from everyone that we have the ability to have that prominence that I just described and we can do that here in San Antonio because all the ingredients are here on our front porch however what Lisa and I have heard over and over is that our next coach must establish deep deep connections to Texas high school coaching community to further develop and raise the status of our program especially with regards to recruiting I had a chance to discuss what we’d been hearing with our wonderfully engaged region TRADD Weaver who will you’ll be meeting in a second you should know that rads father was a high school coach here in San Antonio and that rad was the high school quarterback for Jay & Clark High School’s Northside he loves football he introduced me to DW Rutledge current consultant and former executive director of the Texas high school coaches Association and the legendary high school coach at Judson high school and converse my conversation with DW confirmed this that our next coach must be deeply connected to Texas high school football to take our program to a higher level I am happy to confirm this I was happy to confirm this with DW today I here’s what I shared with him I thought at the time when I had a wonder conversation over the phone with them that I might have been the only president of a university that called him for counsel and he was kind enough to say yes that’s true and I left the phone conversation thinking he might have been a little kind to me about saying it that way but we just caught up now this is actually the first time he’s had an opportunity to speak had a welcoming of a new football coach in an FBS program and it is true that I was the first president to call him for his counsel so I’m gonna Pat myself on the back about it because it was a very important conversation throughout and you’ll be hearing from from DW from from Regent Weaver and DW in just a second throughout our search process coach trailer’s name kept coming up over and over in every conversation we had lisa will go into more detail about this but these are the things we heard over and over you must check him out he’s deeply connected bring him back to Texas he wants the job he’s ready to be a head coach and can take your program forward and build on the foundation that you have and he’s ideal for you and you for him so let’s get on with introducing you to coach trailer so you can see why he’s our guy but before I do so thank you all for being here for supporting our program for bleeding blue and orange and for being such loyal fans and advocates for what we’re trying to do you all need to understand how much Lisa has owned this process she is deeply respected in our higher education and athletics community and she is resolute in her vision for our program I especially want to thank Lisa and your staff and Todd Turner at collegiate sports associates for the incredible work that took place over the last eight of the ten days I mean the last two days were cake compared to the first eight days but thank you all for getting us to this point I want to turn the program back over to Andy so he can introduce Regent rad Weaver our next speaker does represent the UT Board of Regents here in San Antonio and that is James C rad Weaver thank you before I get going on my piece of the program which I promise you will be brief can we just give a quick shout-out to to Taylor and Peggy they have hit the ground running here it made an amazing impact on the city of San Antonio on this great University and I’m so proud to be associated with those soon all right so one thing I’m still relatively new to this Regent stuff but one thing I’ve figured out is the university’s work really hard to try to put you in a position of success as a region and and introducing DW Rutledge to a group of football fans in the city of San Antonio is pretty easy spot to be in today so that’s that’s my piece of the program you all know Coach Rutledge he’s got an amazing career as a coach and I’ll take through a few of his accomplishments and then I want to tell you a personal story so a coach was seven-time coach of the year coach of the decade for the 1980s and the 1990s guided the Rockets to 12 district titles ten city championships and ten regional crowns led Judson to four state titles and seven state championship game appearances was the Tom Landry Award winner in 2000 in Santonio Express 1998 sportsman of the year I’ll tell you my personal story so as Taylor mentioned my dad was high school football coach and I was 9 or 10 years old and he said son let’s get in the truck of me we’re gonna go see the best coaching program in the state of Texas and we drove out to converse and and we met Frank Arnold and DW Rutledge and and it looked it changed my life from that moment on the intensity of their programs the competitiveness that they had within within their own team at that field I believe that was a spring practice at that time but it always stuck in my mind and my dad died when I was 16 years old suddenly of a heart attack and and I was playing high school football and and lucky enough to play against coach Rutledge and and we beat him occasionally in the in the regular season and they always beat us in the playoffs and that without was steady but I got to know his son Clint we were both involved in FCA at the time and were able to do some joint meetings and things and coach I just then sorry after my junior year we got a new offensive coordinator and guy that had named Danny patron that had come up under coach Rutledge and and I just want to say thank you you you’ve you impacted my life you impacted thousands of young men’s life along the way whether that was from coaching them directly or a coach that you’d been associated with that then carried your principles to a different school to coach them or just simply competing against you we knew when we played you guys you had to strap it up they were going to hit you hard there when hichy and in bounds you’re going to play with class but you better be ready to play because they were coming at you and so coach just thank you and that’s Taylor said he was gonna make the move here with Coach Wilson who I also want to say a great thank you to him and his time here at the University I said look I think where we are as a program you need to get somebody in this spot that that is deeply entrenched in the Texas high school football coaches culture and I said I think the person to talk to to identify who that might be is DW Rutledge I had no intention no idea that you would get as committed as you are to the program and and and and carry through and be here today but but thrilled that you are and it’s that integrity that Coach Rutledge has above and beyond it’s what the other coaches learn to respect with them and coach trailer fired up there you hear excited to perceive what’s what’s coming coach Rutledge [Applause] well thank you red I can remember those days too I can remember when you was playing for you dad and you was quite a quite an athlete and so I appreciate you and appreciate that introduction I’m here to represent the Texas High School Coaches Association we’re thrilled to have Jeff trailer back in Texas as a man that’s going to take over the the roadrunner program and be the head football coach here in San Antonio where we’re just as happy as we can be to have him back coach trailer is very well connected in the Texas high school coaching community and I believe he’s going to be a great hire for this for this University we’re excited for Jeff and we’re excited for UTSA and we just we we just know that that he is going to be a great hire for for this University in his high school coaching career Jeff spent 15 seasons at Gilmer high school and he had a record of a hundred and seventy five wins and only 26 losses coached in three state championship games made it to the state championship five times and was a state finalist two times and while doing all of that he maintained one of the most prolific offensive in Texas high school coaching history and I can I can remember keeping up with Gilmer because of their their record and and get into no coach trailer once he got into the college circles and and he moved up in the high school circles and and when he got into college circles he certainly moved up in that and it’s and it’s because he’s in coaching for the right reason see it he’s very genuine there’s no doubt when you talk to him that that he he loves his players and he wants to do the best that he can for his players the main thing that that I admire about about coach trailers that he not only teaches the X’s and O’s and he teaches them in a great fashion but he teaches beyond the game and into the players lives and and that’s very evident in every place that he’s been and I’m just I’m I can’t tell you how excited I am to have him back in Texas but not only back in Texas but to have you here in San Antonio it’s it’s it’s it’s going to be it’s going to be a great ride I know like I said Jeff is is is in it for the right reasons he’s you players are gonna are gonna love him he’s gonna work you hard he’s gonna expect a lot out of you but he’s gonna love you through it and and and he’s gonna he’s gonna try to try to help you be a better person first in a better athlete second and I think that’s important in in a coach and I’m that’s why I’m so excited about him being here but Jeff welcome back to Texas and and especially welcome to San Antonio god bless you [Applause] about ten days ago we had a marathon day at Louisiana Tech an all-day affair with a two and a half hour rain delay and I know for the last week and a half since then dr.

Lisa Campos our athletic director has been hitting the ground running and working very diligently for this day so please welcome to podium and to the stage athletic director dr.


July 22, 2020



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