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got junk too big for the trash canthen call 3-1-1 to schedule a bulky item pickup Riverside residents get to freepickups a year but you got to follow three simple rules both the items mustbe curbside by 5:30 a.


the day of your pickup light enough for two people tolift and the total volume can’t be larger than 8 foot by 4 foot by 4 footif you got a lot of junk check out our bulky item and a waste drop-off eventsheld several times each year bulky item pickup call us today and we’ll haul itaway it’s Friday night it’s late August itcan only mean one thing high school football is back in the Cityof Riverside and we have it here on the Riverside TV game of the week we’recoming to you live from Ramona high school Stadium as Arlington is gonnabattle Hillcrest to start the season I’m Jeff Gorham he’s Nick rice welcomeNick what are your thoughts on tonight’s game high school football season itshould be an incredible matchup just as we had last year in the opener Arlingtona team led by head coach Jeff roni which in his first full offseason with theweight training with the different regimens and the schematics that heemploys for his football team this club looks a heck of a lot more readylast year it was his first year this is a former with 23 years of coachingexperience a former champion as a head coach of La Sierra so he certainly hasthe experience and the resume to really bring this team to new heights in 2019Arlington and Hillcrest the Lions certainly looked like it seemed poisedto have a big run this year well I’ll tell you whatHillcrest comes in as the defending River Valley League champs they were 5and OH but they lost their head coach John ran him step down into retirementTravis Carter steps in and I’ll tell you what he doesn’t lose much he’s got agreat quarterback and he’s looking to repeat in the river valley league itshould be a great one tonight on Riverside TV we will be right back witha start of the game on Riverside TV game of the week and welcome it’s Friday night and it isthe Riverside TV game of the week between Hillcrest and Arlington a bigbig game here at the Riverside Stadium well more on tonight’s game we’re gonnakick it down to our third man on the field JR Ibarra well guys just to expound and what youguys have already been talking about it’s a really good matchup tonight oftwo very different teams for Hillcrest you want to take note of theirquarterback Cameron Payne he was a starter as the sophomore generatedtwenty four hundred yards of offense with twenty five touchdowns eighteenhundred of those yards were in the air and the rest on the ground so he’s areal threat to run if he can’t find an open receiver on the other side of thescrimmage isaiah luta a senior quarterback has some pretty good skillswhen it’s Zeke Valentine the running back you want to take note of for theLions of Arlington and why not the offensive line has really beefed up overthe offseason and talking to head coach Jeff roni the average player gainedabout 29 pounds per offensive lineman so it’s got a lot of girth specificallyalso with Jaden Kinnear 63 310 pounds he’s a big kid who’s goingto try to push his way into that defensive line against his opponents fortonight’s football game so guys let’s get it teed up let’s start off 2019 sendit back up to you Thank You JR it’s great to see you againand it’s great to have another year here on Riverside TV once again I am JeffGorham he is nick rice and we are getting ready for the kickoff well itshould be an incredible matchup I mean last year at a 28 to 20 football gameboth teams played very well especially offensively five total touchdowns splitbetween the two quarterbacks and with most of these rosters returning for the2019 season we may just have a very similar football game tonight Jeff youthink that it may be a similar type score well you know I think there’s justtwo separate teams you know last year Arlington they struggled I mean we’renot gonna sugarcoat it they didn’t win last year coach Maroney took overlate in the season he didn’t have a full time to spend with his weight room inthe summer didn’t didn’t get to do the seven out of seven like most programs dobut they were close in a lot of games they have to play in a very tough toughconference but coach Moniz changed his style they’re gonna run a you know aSmash Mouth type football you could see an eye back maybe awing but they will control the clock they will control the tempo and try toreally just have field advantage and keep it close on the other hand you haveHillcrest Travis Carter who was a protege of John Branden learned a lot ofgreat things and I don’t think they’re gonna change the scheme too much becausethey do have some outstanding athletes on the Hillcrest I remember they wentfive and OH in the River Valley League and really dominated everybody andthey’re looking to reestablish themselves this year and go back-to-backin the river valley league just to piggyback off of what you mentioned andthis game featured just the top two running backs nearly 60 carries betweenthe two so we may have a flashback to the past for those football game tonightwith two teams that could certainly establish the run early Hillcrest inArlington yeah and I’ll tell you what there’s acouple playmakers to keep your eye on and that is number one Cameron Paynefrom Hillcrest a very very athletic quarterback and he’s got some weaponshe’s got great receivers the receiving corps of Julian Bishop Ryan HowardXavier banks and Johnny Rivera are potent but they’ve got a running backthat they have to fill and that will be on Anthony Correa Arlington has those ofyou joining us here on Riverside TV are dressed in the beautiful maroon uniformstops and bottoms were getting a good representation of the Trojans ofHillcrest fresh off that river valley championship that jeff aforementionednear christ Jeff Gorham jr.

abara here from Riverside California glad you’rewith us meanwhile of course Hillcrest is dressed in the all whites with the darkred numerals and also the red helmets and Oak Hill crest will be kicking offto begin this game and I’ll tell you what the uniforms look pretty nice youcan actually see the numbers which is great when you’re calling a game butlike you said just a year ago these two teams battled it out at the AlvordStadium 28:20 victory for Hillcrest Hillcrest went on to do great things infact two seasons ago there was a five way tie for the River Valley Leaguechampionship so you get five out of the sixKings could call him selves League champs right and right now coach JeffRoni who’s been coaching here forever in the area they’re looking to rebuild thisArlington program and he’s got it going on the right foot that to be specific 23years of coaching in high school athletics kickoff is squib to the 25 anda Hillcrest by that defense we’ll take a good look at them as Arlington hits thefield offensively first and once again let’s keep an eye on that big man righttackle Jaden can either he’s 310 pounds can run like the wind number 58 keep aneye on him and the great talented senior quarterback Isiah luta last year ludacorner MaxPreps four touchdowns five interceptions in the game that he playedhe’s a dual threat with four rushing scores and he feeds inside on the firstplay of the game and Sean will pick up the first down for Arlington straight atrun to 14 yet Taylor Damacio the junior as you see it’s almost it’s a singleback that will win yeah run it off tackle run off guardit’s gonna be House right house left all night long here if we anticipate the run Taylor DiMaggio runs again over theright hash across the 50 he rumbles with a 44 of Hillcrest and we had justmentioned that Arlington with an entire offseason to prepare they beefed up theline and it has paid huge dividends in fact coach mone talked to us before thegame said you know he had hadn’t had a chance to really work with his guys butthey have and on average twenty nine point four pounds each player has gainedin the offseason 29.

4 they certainly do a good job there of keeping tracksweeping run for Taylor Damacio outside and with a flag thrown he motors toabout the 35 it’s been clear about where Arlingtonwants to feed the ball to the begin this game like I said they’re gonna run offtackle a lot of double wing stuff with a single back I’m gonna keep thisHillcrest aligned honest look for them to maybe throw occasionally five footseven 185 pounds tailored Damacio has been a bell cow to start this contestbut a hold brings back Arlington the Trojans won a hotly contested affairlast year in the beating between these two 28 to 20 it’s that run to EzekielValentine who finds a seam outside and takes a tumble to about the 44 yard linewiping out the holding penalty yardage yeah coach Roni talked about ZekeEzekiel Valentine the senior said how hard he worked in the offseason he’skind of the leader of this ballclub and coach had talked about him as beingsomeone who could certainly compete at the next level in collegiate athleticsas the capabilities of doing that 510 hundred ninety five pound tailback hewill dot the eye in front of him as Damacio again fifth straight run down upby Arlington it’s a stretch handoff left and he’s escorted out of bounds it sets up a third down and potentiallya passing down on the part of Arlington Valentine and Jaden can either both wantto play college football together in fact being recruited by Utah Statethey’re on campus about every month checking out the guys and they want tokind of go as a package deal they certainly have the capabilities of doingit the to Arlington stars as the Lions face third and seven we have whistlesjust past two minutes into the opening quarter of our Riverside CV game of theweek there’s like Coach bony called timeout you know the first game jittersyeah you know you have timing difficulties you try to shorten yourplaybook the first couple weeks try to get your guys goingbut with Coach roni seems like he’s thrown the playbook that he’s had outthe window and has really gone to that the Smash Mouth football though he didwarn us that they would go heavy ground to start the game and throughout nowhe’s got a friend across town guy named Ken batt Dorf maybe you’ve heard of himhe’s been coaching at Norton Vista for the last 26 years and really has builthis entire career off the double wing runs off a single high back and so theyspent a lot of time in the offseason kind of going over coach batt dwarfsplaybook and as we’ve seen so far coach Veroni has thrown a lot of it into hisarlington lion team here now with the Lions certainly returned many of thoseplayers from a season ago so he had a offseason to talk about schematics tothem Lions face third down and seven loda fakes the handoff to Zeke scramblesright unloads towards the sideline and the pass is drops incomplete intendedfor Deshawn Bell and if you watch I was a great move by the senior quarterbackhe rolls out to his right throws to his left across the body a tough passprobably a pretty good ball thrown hey Sean Bell probably should have caughtthat ball yeah once that’s set up here as we look atthe replay nobody takes a good roll out southpaw gets rid of it – that wasinches away from really being a a pinpoint throw Luda who had in the lastmeeting between these two 25 pass attempts and 26 run attempts and that 28to 20 decision against Hillcrest a timeout is called yet again with afourth and seven upcoming for Arlington it’s just like we’ve said when you havea new playbook you’re gonna have some issues and so coach knows Roni decidesto call another timeout kind of maybe get his guys acclimated you know you gotthe first game jitters playing in front of a great crowd hereRamona Stadium I mean a very capable runner Isaiah Luda is the quarterbackfor Arlington that certainly makes for head coach Jeff Roni a man that couldtake over his offensive schematics a run heavy football team and he couldcertainly be a threat in this football game with how he can pass a run yeahespecially when you’re running such a heavy running game with the you knowyour running back fullback the quarterback sometimes I have to lead theblock and he’s just that kind of guy he’s very aggressive very strong butvery quick so open field could be trouble if they’re Hillcrest doesn’t payattention to that young quarterback Hillcrest will line up in a base forthree defense as Arlington will go for it on fourth and seven with the pistolsnap Isaiah Luna loses the ball turnover on downs as he fumbles and it’s scoopedup by way of Hillcrest Gabriel Dominguez senior linebacker who was just in theperfect place as luda faked the handoff I’m sure he didn’t anticipate that sortof pressure up front it looks like no luda held on to the ball a little toolong he wasn’t sure if he was going to keep it or get rid of it but the TravisCarter offense for Hillcrest making us debut here now Cameron Payneis the quarterback for Hillcrest he takes the snap and feed straight aheadto his running back and with a flag thrown he is hit by a cloud of dust andtaken back after a 2 yard gain yeah Cameron Payne is one of those cerebralquarterbacks very very athletic able to run he sees very sees basically twopasses ahead if he’s runs the option is smart enough to get rid of it smartenough to keep it he’s one of those guys to keep an eye on if he gets open in thefield he could be dangerous certainly could his running back Anthony Correahad four runs all of last year but he emerges as the starting tailback tobegin his junior season but this offense may be in a passing situation first downand log Correia sweeping run to the left he has hit in the backfield slips twotackles and bulls ahead to the 38 physical run of four yards for AnthonyCaray on first down I’ll tell you it’s a man Jay Cartwright he knew he got him inthe backfield there from Arlington but slipped right through it and get thishe’s five foot three 130 pounds about the size of my my six-year-old you knowI’m 6-8 to 35 and I’m telling you my six-year-old could rival that size rightWow off the play action to Correa the quick flip on the right hash that passis caught on the run it’s Xavier banks and he moves the chains out to the 45yard line dazzling 20 yard catch and run from the junior receiver Xavier banksand we talked about those receivers you know that was their bread and butterwith pain the last couple of years is they’ve been able to hit those receiversthey have always had great running backs but now we’re gonna test it let’s see ifthey can get get to that Lions secondary here early in the game third play of this Drive direct snap topain with a design quarterback draw and he scrambles over the hash for a sevenyard pickup strong first down run for the quarterback well if he can do thatgive him the ball every time yeah a little Michael Vick the man was wassolid in the game last year against Darlington five for thirteen 151 yardsand two touchdowns in the 28 to 20 win Payne off play-action dumps the bankswho spins and then has wrapped up with the line of scrimmage days on bail nearly with the tacklethere I am pretty impressed with Arlington’s quicknessmaybe not they’re tackling here so far but their quickness off the line hasbeen pretty impressive here semaj Cartwright who just recorded the lasttackle is threatening blitz for Arlington though go draw and banks isspilled for loss daniel gomez that just shows another one of the athletic sizeright there the the defensive end came across the field to get him on that play Arlington missed the fourth and sevenoffensively to begin this game suffering a turnover on downsafter five plays Hillcrest faces fourth and seven of this drive snappers to painas they’ll go for it he fires deep downfield and the pass he had to comeback for it but his caught downfield by Howard and he is tagged inside the 10like I said Cameron Payne very cerebral pretty patient there’s he just backed upthe saw you know picked his targets and pick theright one there my Ryan Howard was all alone downfield a better pass he walksinto the end zone flag is thrown with 6:30 to play in a fast-moving openingquarter there Christ Jeff Gorham jr.

lebaraglad you’re with us from the Riverside TV game of the week between Hillcrestand Arlington that’s great to be back here this is mymy fourth year calling these games for Riverside TV look at this great pass byPayne Wow Howard credit to him to adjust to make that catch snap is to Cameron Payne who squirtsthrough a small hole over the left guard and gains about three or four thereI get very giddy for football season you know I’m a basketball guy but that’s awhat I’ve been calling these football games now for years and I say this it’sthe best it’s like Christmas for me I will sure morning I was open to open uppresents let my kid go to our high school football it’s the best thing inthe world it’s the here’s the inside run breakingout to the left there is lilo Maeva touchdownHillcrest Manny Robert rather the Hillcrest with a sensational job on thatfourth down conversion Ryan Howard put them inside the 10 and the Trojans punchit in to score the first points of a game that so far has been pretty wellbalanced between these two hard with a very athletic move and they’ll bring outthe extra point team will Hillcrest and that phe is good yeah Mason Hutton was the man whochipped it in you’ve done this now going on your fourth year as you mentionedJeff what have you noticed from these football games over the years I’ll tellyou what the Inland Empire is the best football area in all of California youhave the Trinity League you give it to them but you know they can go out andthey can recruit but you look at the best players in the area they yeahacross the entire college football landscape you look at all the powerconferences and there’s always a couple guys that are superstars that have comefrom the IE and so I’ve just had a chance to see great players the lastyears how Jaden Daniels I sure was the number one quarterback in the nationwho’s now starting at Arizona State Alexander Madison a great running backplace for the Minnesota Vikings I’ve seen some great ones but I’ll tell yathe best football in the entire state of California is here in the IE and alsosome of the most entertaining football games that would say to I mean this isfor these leagues in Riverside the multitude of them it does seem to comedown to like the final game final drive it could be this situation same here asthe kickoff is that sounded around the 23 I mean we were entertained with athriller the last time these two teams met that was in the opener August 17thof the season ago in fact the first minute of the gameHillcrest scored two quick touchdowns and it you thought it was over butArlington battled back and got within they end up losing by eight but it wasan interesting game if they hadn’t made those early mistakes possibly might havehad the victory season might have been a lot different for the Lions certainly itseems these early games could certainly put together the momentum you need to inconference play to potentially win a league championship inside run for theLions to Zeke Valentine Gaines to to set up their second drive they featured aheavy dose of Taylor Damacio with four straight carries to begin their openingdrive which ended on a fourth down and seven stopped by Hillcrest on a fumblefrom Luda which resulted in the short yardagetouchdown drive by way of Hillcrest 7-nothing is the lead for the Trojans Damacio straight ahead run and he surgespast the tackler and has wrapped up after a seven-yard gain mok wallah isthe Trojan on the stop setting up third and short and he watched Damacio here ashe as he gets hit he really continues to move those legs and that’s what gets himthose extra yards in fact got him the first down it wasn’t short it ended upbeing a first down but very impressive so far from mr.

namazi oh the juniorfullback sailor DiMaggio’s just 2 steps behind his quarterback in lieu de willhand off to Valentine stretching to the left Valentine Sprint’s towards thesideline and motors to about the 40 strong gain on first down EzekielValentine in all three levels of football professionally collegiately andalso in high school you typically see teams employ four five wide receiversets spreading out defenses this is a blast of the past and it certainlyworked for Arlington to begin this game they have got heavy ground which couldover the course of this game exhaust that Hillcrest defense yeah and that’sreally what you’re aiming for is you’ve worked on your strengths all season longlet’s see if your conditioning can handle if you stay close in this ballgame through a half it might tire down that Hillcrest defensive line with afive-step drop ludo goes long and the pass isincomplete flag has thrown this could be pass interference intended for thesenior receiver Devon Johnson I hope it’s pass interference oh he trippedover the 40-yard line and I don’t think he did that I believe it was a good callthere Asante MUC wala was on the coverage forHillcrest and with a team that will really almost more you with the amountof runs they employ on every Drive those quick throws can catch a defenseoff-guard it really doesn’t it will spread thatdefense that secondaries gonna have to look at Arlington they’ve got to keephim honest Arlington doing a pretty good job of ofclock management running the ball making smart plates you just can’t havepenalties the pass interference is a 15-yard infraction which moves thechains for Arlington late first quarter down seven so the 45 yard line ofHillcrest inside run Damacio he reaches the second level again and on secondeffort crawls to the 35 yard line once again continuing to move those legsthose tree trunks getting right through the poppy patch there watch him takes ahit right there but you watch those legs he’s moving and moving getting thoseextra six yards on that play Manny Robert was the one I’m sure he wasI mean to his chagrin he had he was assigned to make that tackle he did butit took him an extra couple yards I’m sure that’s point Hillcrest is notinterested in tackling DiMaggio too many more times the run netted them justinches short of the first down Valentine is on the run he’s got one tobeat at the 20 and spins to the 17 Mach Wallace saved the potential touchdownfor Valentine that’s a gain of 17 I am very impressed with this new run gamefrom Arlington two-headed monster they’re in the packfilled with the traditional old-fashioned I formation tailor Damacioin his zekiel Valentine Damacio remains in the game but he isjoined at running back by number 44 Arlington’s senior Brian Wright’s firstout in 10 late first quarter Luda tosses right with his first carry of the seasonyou’ll sweep right and has wrapped up after one yard gain the cornerback forthe Trojans Nathan Bernal a junior records the stop he had 39 tackles lastyear part of the Hillcrest defense joined also by Arlington two of the moreexperienced teams out of their respective leagues we had talked to headcoach Jeff Roni of Arlington of their 22 starters 17 or seniors the single receiver left is DevinJohnson for Arlington DiMaggio runs again and his doubt of the 13and that’s gonna go against mala Hillcrest and Arlington’s gonna beknocking on that door here at the end of the first quarter great hit but it’s high school the NFLyou can get away with that high school that may be motivation for him to getthere right yeah that’s a Necessary Roughness on the part of Hillcrest it’snot a full 15 yards cuz Arlington is closed and that speaks to the time ofpossession for the Lions significant in this first quarter and really that’swhat’s kept him in the ball game in fact coming into this week talking to bothcoaches that was Jeff Ronnie’s goal his goal was to to really utilize the clockrun play smart try not to get yourself in any penaltysituations and if you play smart do those things you have a shot to beatthis really good Hill Kristine from the seven first in gold Luda undercenter turns hands the Valentine dances to the six and slips through to aboutthe three Arlington’s got one slow to get up this Lions Drive started at their own25-yard line impressive opening possession for theArlington Lions as we look at our packed house from Ramona Stadium here inbeautiful Riverside California for the Riverside TV game of the weekwell Arlington we had mentioned a tough season in 2018 under the first-year headcoach at the time Jeff Roni he’s a former league champion at la sierraaround here in riverside as mentioned Jeff he’s been here a long time heassumes the position in favor of a very successful rich Lunsford who had eightand three in his last year with the team and Arlington as we see right now hasmade some significant improvements under the tutelage of Jeff Roni from year oneto year two yea sophomore season remember he had rich Lunsford who had agreat great season three seasons ago and it uptake going to Redlands East Valley as we look here on the replay we’regonna check out what happened here oh there’s 70 right there AlejandroConrado he got his leg cut under the left leg looks like yeahDominguez hit him an awkward yeah knee issue but the good thing is he’swalking on his own yeah look look bad but yeah kudos to him coming up on hisown power Arlington is knocking on the door with a second and goal at theHillcrest 3 with a minutes ago first quarter Luda under center turns in handsthe Massey Oh heads to his right and dives over the goal line touchdownArlington here’s the strength of the offseason workout like I said two twentynine point four pounds averaged games by the entire team and right there’s a bigone my Taylor DiMaggio was thedifference-maker throughout the first two drives are the Lions first then witha fourth down stop Arlington marches 75 yards they attempt 1 Isiah luda pass onthat drive it was clear their game plan coming in the Lions so far have onlyattempted two passes I believe in the first quarter of this matchup it couldbe a quick one we could be home tonight TV you go home I’ll be home before uh ifI felt bring some some TV not as great as this tow kidding me with the goodhold the extra point splits the uprights from Isaac Conrado the sophomore knocksthrough the p80 we are tied at 7 replay here greatinside move here’s the whole Drive as you see Damacio a whole lot of Damaciopeppered in with Valentine and even a run for right they had three differentrunners on that drive and of course the pass interference certainly helped them another big run from Damacio as hegained a six extra yards after the initial hit and there’s old Zeke thespin move and why not give it to your workhorse you can see the chemistry withDamacio and with Valentine as they set their sights to division one footballI’m sure in the future they certainly have the capability of doing that alittle thunder and lightning how about that yeah I’d say so Conrado his kick-off end over end istaken inside the 15 xavier banks their wide receiver they’llalso pitch the Hillcrest wide out running back plays and the kickoffreturn man reaches the 38 banks will be out of the game however for Hillcrest the last Trojan drive was sparked by afumble recovery from their linebacker Gabriel Dominguez led to the shortyardage touchdown drive they begin their second possession at their own 38 painreels in the high snap and hands off straight ahead it’s a seven yard gut runfor Arlington and Bryan and rather Anthony Correa four receivers out there for Hillcresttied at7 high snap Payne fakes the handoff dances straight ahead and hasspun down to the line of scrimmage that may just end the first quarter well you got to be happy if you’re bothcoaches right now 7/7 really both teams controlling the ball here on the groundearly movement for arlington no flag first quarters completes well it wasdefinitely a great first quarter and we are gonna go down on the field to ourthird man JR Ibarra yeah guys we obviously have a really good matchup fortonight’s contest but looking down the road to the River Valley LeagueHillcrest and north abyss for probably the two top teams that most experts arelooking at to be the contenders for the league title in fact North Avistaalready has one in the win column last night they beat Paloma Valley by ascore of 28 to 14 and get this they rushed for 483 yards on 64 carries infact it was Eddie Elaine the sophomore running back who had 241 yards on just40 carries so Ken bat Dorf the head coach of north Avista already has histeam up and running and looking the challenge for a league title both sendit back up to you thanks Junior in fact last night the the inland sports showpep Fernandez and myself we had a radio broadcast up that game Lakes at 28 14against a very good Paloma Valley team can bat Dorf has one of the better teamshe’s had in his 26 years tenured at Novi and the Braves were in the river valleystandings second only to the Hillcrest oceans a season ago at four and one ofthe league nine and three overall they’re every bit as capable aschallenging Hillcrest this season toss to Correa outside on third down he callsnear the first down marker could have been a Pierce a bit short and talkingabout the phenom sophomore Eddie Elaine he is the younger brother of thestarting running back at the University of Hawaii Freddy Holley the third sogood pedigree there he’s a little bigger than Freddy was he’s a taller leanerkind of a Eric Dickerson esque running back very upright very quickvery strong Lorna this is gonna have a great running back for the next threeyears fourth down in shorts Arlington iscalling signals defensively as the Trojans will go for it they haveconverted one earlier no painful putts the quarterback sends it with no onedeep for Arlington and the punt rolls inside the 20 in his mark down at the1835 yard punt for the Hillcrest quarterback no return and Arlington with11 minutes to go in the half already with a significant time of possessionedge will take over inside their all 20 yeah great game plan by coach roni acompletely different ballclub than what we saw last year like said hey short canhere be becoming the head coach didn’t get put a lot of what he wanted to dobut he’s had some time this year and it’s definitely paid dividends thereChrist Jeff Gorham JR abara glad you’re with us in theRiverside TV game of the week and the football season opener for us for thesetwo teams and for high school programs across the country today’s the day areally special day it’s our version of Christmas first intent for Arlingtonfullback dive and he’s loose as Tyler DiMarzio 50 40 he’s chased from behindand has dropped at the 17th samasya rips off a 55 yard rungreat move but I’ll tell you what Wow and he’s shaken up the quickness ofManny Oh Robert incredible as we watching a replay as DiMaggio’s downlooks like he might have got hit in the shoulder yeah Robert he he made up about8 to 10 yards of traction there in favor of Damacio he looked like he was runninga hundred pretty darn fast kind of remind tried to slap the ballout but I really do think he heard his shoulders we look on the replay heregreat play I’ll tell you what you got to give it to that offensive line nowRobert was behind about seven yards when he began that full-on Sprint’s DiMaggiowas looking up at the field goal posts running as fast as he could as wellRobert did an incredible job of also hanging onto the ball after he gotshaken up and if and during this time when he’s out this will certainly be aloss dearly missed by Arlington as the Trojans less than five minutes into thegame scored the first points Arlington has established the run throughout thisfirst half stretch run to Valentine des gets a good block at the 15 cuts to theTed that loses the ball scooped up by his quarterback Luda at the 16 yard lineall of the effort he did to gain near first shot yardage he lost on the fumblelooked like he was carrying a grease to pick their squirt had happen the thegrease to pick his kin yeah it’s a little tougher to hang on in first liveaction to the season I would assume he’s quite a few these players were nervouscoming out of a locker room for the first time onto the field knowing thatnow the service they’re wearing they have they have helmets on and gear Ishould be scared of anything you’re like warriors out therehey you’re a former football guy you know all about what it’s like coming outthere it’s like winter filled it’s like Game of Thrones down here yeah there’snothing quite like Game of Thrones that’s quite the show you got Lionsfighting some Trojans it’s similar yeah I guess you’re right yeah this hascertainly been a battle you can’t be nervous coming into a football gamewearing all of that the shield’s the helmets the only thing they’re missingis amazed that if they had a mace or a sword I’m sorry that would make it like8u then you’d be nervous but right now don’t be nervousOh No now Hillcrest I’m sure their fee theydon’t have time to be nervous they’re pretty darn exhausted I’m sure after theanother time-consuming drive employed by the Lions who will go Ground Valentine’sat the 10 touchdown Arlington and just like that you talked about theHillcrest roaches possibly being tired I’ll tell you what Harlington seems havehad the ball the entire first half here ground-and-pound that was an 83 yarddrive by the Lions Damacio was the key play throughout thatpossession with the long run extra point by Isaac conrado just the sophomore thekick is up and he splits the uprights with plenty of room to spare so Arlington as mentioned less than twominutes into the game as we see Valentine scores here with a good blockalso this could be a good opportunity to rave about Alejandro Conrado the man whowe saw in the first quarter go down with an injury where he got his leg cut underhim by Dominguez Conrado was the one who paved the way with a good downfieldblock springing loose Valentine for the touchdown and once again welcome back tothe Riverside TV game of the week Hillcrest versus our inton we gotanother great one next week great oak versus King if you’re watching ustonight on AT&T channel 99 on charter spectrum channel 3 and Frontier Channel21 you can also check us out on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube so we areeverywhere tonight yeah Nick rice glad to be a part of a line drive kick off isfielded on the leg of Colorado at the 10 a good return between the hashes by theTrojans senior Ryan Howard as he is spill to the 28 yard line and we’d alsolike to mention this year Riverside TV has joined forcesOh happening Riverside City College oh yes we will be having covering fivegames this year in fact we’ve got the big one in September September 21st thecrosstown rival oh yeah Moreno Valley vs.


July 22, 2020



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