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welcome to the Riverside TV game of theweek we’re back for Friday Night Football as grade oak and King battlefrom Riverside California Nick Bryce Jeff Gorham we’ll hear laterfrom junior bar a here from Riverside these two teams are coming off toughlosses King comes in with a very narrow defeat they suffered last Fridayyeah lost six nothing to a very good Temescal Canyon team but I’ll tell youwhat both of these teams right now are trying to find their identity they’retrying to score the football they play in the two toughest leagues in SouthernCalifornia the big 8 league and the Southwestern League so it will bewhoever will win out of the wolf pack its wolf vs.

wolf great oak has been oneof the top programs out of the southwestern league they take on Kingtonight but great oak is suffering a one win campaign last year they searched toget back on track against King tonight on the Riverside TV game of the weekkickoff between great oak and King is coming up next welcome in Riverside TV it’s the game ofthe week between great oak and King we are set for kickoff for week one of theCIF season and we are underway and over and boot is taken at the three yard lineon the return for great oak across the 10 is Bryce Lucas and he has broughtdown near the 30-yard line great oak is in the All Whites King is in the allblue and before we head to the first snap of this game jerub-baal a is withus on the sideline junior yeah guys with a little bit of uncertainty with thisfootball game one thing is for certain one of these teams will win their firstgame of the 2019 campaign both had a dismal game in week zero both hoping tocome out have some consistent office we’ll keep an eye on the twoquarterbacks tonight I think that is the key for tonight’s ballgame back up toyou guys yes thanks jr.

for the Wolfpack greatoak brings out their signal caller senior who is the most experienced manreturning for the Wolfpack from the Southwestern League Josh pond Steentakes the snap and goes deep on the first play of the game and finds a wideopen puggle who is brought down inside the 10 he is down to the 8 setting upfirst their goal great oak when you’ve got to be happy if you’re great oak tostart the game off like this both teams have had a stagnant offense going backto last year both said they were trying to find their identity on the offensiveside of the ball and just like that the Wolfpack go against the Wolves well theWolfpack has her king coming off a tough campaign last year great oak comes infrom the Southwestern League members from Temecula California they were onceone of the powers out of this conference and are searching for their first win ofthe year haunt Steen fresh off the incredible pass play of 61 yards goesquickly in the flat and that pass is incomplete but a flag is thrown knowwhat linen was the intended target and Jeff what you see on that coveragefor King so I’ll tell you what you can see great oak was so quick to try to getgoing that you know early in these ball gamesyou’re gonna get some penalties called the second game of the year for thesetwo teams the rumblings of the new season is going to cause some problems Ididn’t expect great out to come out throw the ball it’s an aerial circus sofar Nick and Great Oak led by their excellent quarterback Josh Hahn Steen hesplit snaps with Gavin Vita as the quarterback who is also on the roster hemay play later in the ballgame at Hawn Steen for Great Oak spreads it out withan empty formation jet sweep right to Lucas he gets a good block at the 5 yardline and Lucas is out of the three a great play call there they went outsidea little tough because Kings got some speed as I talked to coach Pat McCarthythis week he says his outside guys are pretty skilled I think if you are greatout you’re gonna have to force it down the pipe of the King Wolf’s wellWolfpack head coach Cody Roloff of Great Oak he had mentioned that great oakwould employ a heavy dose of the ground game but Wolfpack quarterback Josh huntSteen has been off to a stellar start and I’m sure he scrapped at least theearly part of that game playing going pass through the first three snaps helined up in the backfield joined by Charlie lie the junior tailback firstand goal or second a goal from the four lie on the handoff has stopped at the 1the tackle from Noah Brown while the Wolfpack didn’t score theirfirst points and their week zero affair against San Jacinto until midway throughthe fourth quarter I’ll tell you what Nick when you play in San Jacinto andSan Jacinto last year kind of came out of nowhere they made the CIF finalscoming out of that league with citrus hill Hammet San Jacinto and Beaumont allmade the semifinals or the finals last year four teams out of the league madeit all the way to the suppliant semifinals or better a tough toughleague so any time you’re playing against a San Jacinto team that was thatgood last year and better this year it’s kind of tough to beat those guysWolfpack held their own for a majority that game before Grado fell short 32 6the Wolves meanwhile had a magnificent defensive effort last week yet Kingreally backed up on their own end a large part to the big 61 yard pass playto begin the game – Jason Pugh gone after a short run by way of the Wolfpackand Charlie lie great oak faces a 3rd and goal from the 1 yard line threereceivers are out there for great oak this is the first drive today for theWolfpack on the inside handoff fly strolls in touchdown great oak so just like that both teams talkingabout their inept offense great oak comes out scores but he’s darn quick andthat was the critical 61 yard pass play hon steam certainly showed that he is acapable quarterback for great oak he struggled with 38% completions last yearbut is off to a blistering start the season for the visitors from TemeculaCalifornia the Wolfpack bring in their field goal unit led by Colson mercy air snap set the kick from Mercy air is goodand great oak drives 70 yards in five plays the Wolfpack 7 and the Wolvesnothing well if you look I mean I’m just watching this a great kick in everythingbut you look at the wolf the mascot over there he looks like he needs a stomachrubbed like my dog at home I’d say he’s he’s losing air over there he stilllooks menacing but I can’t lie on his side he’ll be ready for when the Wolvesget back on that end of the field as king will certainly be a team that istough to beat offensively I mean this this wolves Bunch I’m sure could move itup and down the field as they’ve got a complement of very good tailbacks backthere which should make it tough for Great Oak today and I’m really lookingforward to watching this new quarterback here for the King wolves you’re gonna expect to see some spreadoffense you’re gonna see some some wing formation you’re gonna see some power iup basically a double wing off at you’re gonna see a lot of different formationscoming from Coach McCarthy at king high schoolveteran head coach Pat McCarthy is for King Wolves sets a return and it’s a bitof a squib kick and it’s real then on a fair catch at the 30-yard lineNick rice Jeff Gorham jo Barra is well glad you’re with us for the Riverside TVgame of the week great oak drives 70 yards in a minute and a half and scoresthe game first points on a one-yard touchdown plunge from Charlie lie andhow King retakes the field the Wolves they’ve got a complement of quarterbacksback there and Noah brown number three maybe the one at signal caller Jeff youhave these seniors six-foot-tall 195 pounder very athletic coat talked tocoach Bob green before the game says he’s one of those playmakers that if itgets going kind of gets in a rhythm he could cause some problems across thefield for the Wolfpack first and ten brown feeds straight aheadand the run gains five on the run from Tyler Smith the junior of 511 175 poundsfor those of you who joined us last week the Arlington Hillcrest matchup to openup Riverside TV game of the week coverage we saw the I’m not mistaken theArlington running back 5-3 115 yeah he was my son sighs who is six by by theway six that’s a whole other issues all these 115 he’s a giant he’s not he’s notthat heavy but he’s probably that tall five foot three huh Smith on second downat five the smothered by the great oak defense led by Braden Frederick one ofthe key returners for that Wolfpack defense fresh off a 50 tackle campaignlast year both these teams have a lot of seniors and I’ll tell you what justtalking about the league’s you look at the record just throw those out thewindow you look at King they’re playing in the big eight league if North Coveyou’ve got Santiago you’ve got Roosevelt you have gotCentennial High School thee one of the best teams in the country for gosh sakesthen you go across town just down the road off the 15 and the southwesternleague is loaded just as well fist and Marietta to make it about all thosegreat teams out of that Southwest League now the Vista Merida Broncos won theleague last year eight and three my alma mater had to add that third down andshort with a bootleg you have whistles just three minutes into the game noseven nothing is the lead for Great Oak as we have tonight’s referees greatfriends of mine the referee Carl Richardson umpire James Schmidt headlinesman Raymond Phillips line judge Alan holes be policy I should say Howiehas been refereeing listen to this he has been refereeing for 43 years in theInland Empire Wow those knees those legs are going strong still and the backjudge the former basketball coach at Rubidoux high school Kent Bouguereaugreat oak brings a blitz Brown throws and over the outstretched arms of dominaDonovan Brady was that third down toss from Brown and King suffers a three andout to begin this game and talking about Allen Hall see the the longtime refereeI said over forty years he used to throw me out of gyms when I was like four orfive years old what are you doing in gyms at four or five years old I was inevery gym in Riverside County my dad a long time coaching the room side Hall ofFame and I used to come down and and Alan Hollis he used to throw me out ofevery gym around he told me right before the game he goes I’m gonna throw you offthis field I said I’m too old for you to do that now still didn’t stop you fromgetting into very good athletic shape for your high school days yeah okay okayBryce Lucas is about there for great oak to receive this plant as he gets rid ofits outfield Lucas waves it off and the punt rolls near the boundary at the 37what are your impressions a great oak on that last Drive and really the stellartoss on that first down to begin the game by their quarterback Josh huntSteen well I really like what the Wolfpack did as they tested thatsecondary right off why not go for the home run to start the game kind of getmomentum going your way because both teams like you said have kind of beeninept offensively you got to do something to kind of generate thatoffense generate those that you know quiet the crowd here because King crowdis dynamic loud boisterous you have got to do something I think it was a greatplay call in that first series let’s see how they do it here become second seriesright now the Great Oak Wolfpack may be king last year 22 seven of the defensivegame but both offenses appear to be clicking to start this contest to somedegree especially for Josh hansteen and the great old Wolfpack who will spreadit out with an empty formation to begin the game jet sweep to Lucas he heads tohis right a flag is thrown this should be a hold on the Wolfpack number nine for King David Adams justthe Safa war at quarterback was one of the first ones there for King on thetackle yeah that was kind of an unnecessary holding right there that wasone you just gotta let go cut off your arms don’t hold the man yeah by thatpoint it’s gonna send them back quite a bitten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul it’s just a mental mistakes thatyou’re gonna get early in the season you know they’ve they’ve got to shore upthese penalties those will cost you I mean early in your downs early in the inand the quarter here you gotta play smart football first and 25 Charlie lieyou scored the touchdown he flanks Hawn Steen to the left and takes the handoffand shimmies ahead for a 2 yard game Jr had spoken with the head coaches thathad mentioned that these quarterbacks should have a fine performance today asfor King they bring in a Noah Brown if he was able to throw that third downpass on target we have a king Drive brewing how do you see thesequarterbacks in this matchup panning out today I you know they’re they’re bothkind of inexperienced in a sense that they you know they haven’t thrown to metouchdown than in their career but they’ve got to get something going justbecause like I said the league’s are so tough we are gonna see some a mixture ofpassing I think more from great ELCA live with an inside run he needs answersfor a couple drops by Devon Mesa which brings out third down along barring adisaster King is set to get the football back we would assumeas they’re preparing for third and nineteen is great oak you know and Ihonestly thought coming into this ball game I said hey game starts at sevenboth teams are gonna run the ball every single time we’d be out of here by a5855 but it looks so far I mean teams are bad throwing the ball around alittle bit here playing smart football we did see great oak run a hurry-upoffense here early though that broadcasters jinx it’s about undefeatedhon Steen with a straight drop he goes deep the pass is tipped and nearlyintercepted Robert Salona knocks it away and great open suffers a three announcethat talked about Robert chillon ik before the game coach McArthur’sMcCarthy said nothing but great things that always alert on the field like yousaw on that play had his head on a swivel nearly intercepted the ballalmost got the second touch there but that is a great play from the runningback linebacker we’re gonna feel a lot of guys playing both way for for Kingtonight right yeah as we saw in our depth charts especially for King as wella couple of dual threat players King brings a blitz after the punter gets ridof a downfield towering fair catch is signaled and made by Donovan Brady atthe 41 yard line flag is thrown back at the great oak end of the field and whenyou are king and you are coach McCarthy you know you you can’t really run thesame thing the entire game you’re gonna have to mix it up that’s what I talkedto him about this he said you know we’re gonna run up some power offense we’regonna run spread we’re gonna run you know some wing T we’re gonna run a lotof different things and you’re gonna see a sub a lot because he has so many guysplaying both ways they have to they have to rest certain guys on certain seriesso look for him to kind of come out here in the second half if all goes will theykeep it close to run a ground and pound second half here yeah and it is just thepreseason purse a couple weeks left before even conference play begins soI’m sure that’s the message that these coaches are preaching to the players arethey not yeah they are I mean if you’re King you don’t have the luxury of sayinghey I can pull this guy this guy this guy and we’re gonna play one way whenyou don’t have a giant group of guys we looka huge depth chart here guys do have to play both ways so you got to kind ofconserve your energy you look over on the other side of the ball Great Oakthey seem to be playing a lot of one way guys which could help them later on thisgame if it gets down tight it’s a seven nothing lead for Great Oak right nownearly midway through the first quarter a 1 yard scoring plunge from juniortailback Charlie lie but great oak the visitors from Temecula California on theball board triple option formation for King jet sweep right is to Drake Dustinand he finds some blocking of field and is out of bounds at the 46 gain of fourfor the junior wide receiver I’ll tell you what last year I really enjoyedwatching Drake Dustin is that a great namesure I’m telling he sounds like he should be part of the double-oh-seven hesounds like part of mi6 are you you see you’re not a movie guy he sounds like heshould be a spy in a James Bond thriller now I know that you’re hip with today’snew music oh yeah yes yes that I like I’m a swifty I like Taylor Swift hey I’mwith you I’m with you on that jet sweep to the left this is to Brady that heturns the corner out to the 49 yard line one of Great Oak lost the helmet yes her name on it you know if I haveanother child I might have to name him DrakeDustin Gorham you might just add to what about Sara Bareilles you know that isI’m trying to you didn’t know who the Avengers were last week you and I hadthis conversation did you do your homework did you watch The AvengersI watched just a little bit of the first season I just and I talked about it withsome friends some of them didn’t even know then you’re I’m not alone okay Jeffno you are I maybe I am alone you are trust me on that one don’t know that theentire world knows that except for you it is the biggest grossing movie of alltime yeah of all time yes not not just forthis month all time my friend come on what’s your favorite part of Avatar ofAvatar yeah well they’re all blue guys they lookpurple to me I’m colorblind for God’s sakes oh so you’re gonna let’s take alook at this Punk real quick that actually soars out of play so you’regoing to ask me about avatar look at that that’s actually good good greatplay by King Jason Cobbs at the one-yard line60 yard punt that’s an NFL caliber distance sign thatguy up yeah great crowd here tonight though King high school they got there’sa good one of us those crazy student sections where they stand up the entiregame even pregame you know we’re out here an hour before and these guys arealready jazzed why not I think they were giving away free hot dogs before thegame anytime you give away free food you’re gonna get people showing upthat’s why I was here so early he’s eating with the the student body ofKing high schools they were giving away free hotdogs of Riverside that’s whatmakes them and you had talked to me about this maybe it’s one of the greateratmospheres in Riverside for CIA football yes sir a great place to watcha game Han Steen is in a pretty bad place to start a drive at his ownone-yard line they still spread out two receivers eachside does Great Oak right could this be is a flag estasdelay of game yesiree that bald the nose of it and it’scovered right now on your television screen but it’s touching that end zone this may be one of the first times I seea team spread out at their own foot yard-line on first intent hon Steen backwith good poise throws incomplete hard enough against the fearsome rush tostand back there but knowing that two points is up for grabs for King that’scertainly a good job of him standing strong and tall in the pocket I’ll tellyou what they get two points out of this we get we got a baseball score now theWolves certainly flex their defense of muscles last week and that tough contestagainst San Jacinto or against Temescal Canyon rather fromthe foot line haunts teen throws quickly and that pass is complete to know alinen great Dustin right there right guy therehe is Dustin had seven tackles last year but he may just have seven tacklesbefore this game is complete today or more his plan to spy on defense I’mtelling you the perfect name just one high safety Dustin’s therefore thesignal calling position blitz is on hon Steen flips quickly to linen who yetagain finds the seamen that defense Dustin and Brown combined for the tackle first down great oak I will say this coach McCarthy was wasone of the best defensive minds in all of football not just locally here buteverywhere you know he was with Ken batt Dorf a few years ago and Nord of this -made that CIF championship run vs San Gorgonio and it was his defense thatreally propelled him that farm defense is playing strong to start this gamesweep to the right for ly and he is taken down for a loss a flag is thrownlate three yards of the backfield excellent heads-up play by the kinglinebacker Jason Cobbs I will go against the wolves Cobb’scombined with Oh Dante annyeonghi fuh late in the first quarter great oak up7-nothing the Wolfpack came out like gangbusters with a 70 yard touchdowndrive Charlie lay capped it off with a 1 yardscoring plunge he’s out of the game right now as gradoyet again spreads out that King defense first down at 8 inside handoff gains a couple for LopezNathan arenas well 6-foot 175-pound linebacker on the tackle there by thisKing defense we saw that on the previous run for loss for lie they are quick theyare fast and they can pursue to each sideline they forced yet another seconddown situation for Grado fifth snap of this possession Hawn Steen dumps it leftand there’s Lydon again who dances across the line and his wraps up for the26 first down great oak if you’re watching that play it looks like thosedefensive ends got a little too inside they’re a great screen they were able toget that purse down I know Lin it is certainly better go to target throughoutthis first quarter for the Great Oak Wolfpack three catches last year he hasthree catches on this Drive and this has to be frustrating for King knowing thattheir defense remains on the field sixth snap of this possession first and tenfrom the roll 26 for great out here late first quarterAustin hands to the slashing and dancing Charlie lie and he is spill to the 32gain of 6 why the Wolves are already bringing insome substitutions King checks in Nolan Reynolds I’m sure in order to preventthem from getting fatigued during the first halfyeah back like say Cliff McCarthy really talked about that prior to tonight’sgame he said hey we’re gonna use a lot of guys who go both ways but you’regonna see me sub guys in when we change your offenses and defenses for differentschemes we’re seeing it so far here early hon Steen is back again rolls tohis right he’s


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