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well here we go very exciting night indeed this is our 10th Friday night football coming up this evening but this one we’ve got playoff football some big-time games on the way this evening Moline sterling Bettendorf in the North Scott Lancers as well dan Vasko you know he’s there

he’s ready for action at Lancers Stadium Dan take it away AJ we are ready to go here the fans are ready to go as well as they’re starting to file in here at Lancer stadium North Scott getting ready to take on Cedar Rapids Savior I’m joined by a

couple of the seniors here at North Scott we got Braden and Thade Braden how much you looking forward to this one man you already got all the fans out here ready to brave the elements you know I’m very excited for this moment we got amazing defense an amazing

environment I’m just ready to win this thing theyed how do you feel about how this team’s been playing really towards the end of the season here five wins in a row now they’re ready to take on the defending champs you know our team has really really made through

this and they’re ready for a dome dome is Helen baby there you go that’s right that is the big goal obviously here for the North Scott Lancers can ready take on those defending state champions and Cedar Rapids Savior so guys got to get some predictions here I know

it’s not ideal weather conditions but two great defenses as well they’d what’s your prediction for the score here I’m going to say ten three Lancers Lancers all right Braden how about you I’m very confident a 14-3 victory north Scott Lancers there you go fairly close game overall but

nonetheless the Lancers getting it done according to these guys North Scott seniors thank you guys appreciate it and as we said man these Lancers fans are ready to go here got about a half hour till kickoff seven o’clock North Scott Xavier ready to go we’ll have those highlights

tonight on local 4 News at 10:00 and we’ll send it over to Princeton Dustin’s got more with the top seeded Tigers Dustin yeah I’m out here at Princeton High School for the first round of the Illinois state playoffs both teams are on the field warming up right now

I’m joined with the head coach of the Princeton Tigers coach thank you so much for joining us this is a great matchup for the first round of playoffs what are you gonna have to do to come in here and make sure you get to W against North Bend

probably the biggest thing is we just have to play our game you know obviously the weather conditions are not ideal but you know both teams have to play in it and so you know number one thing for us is ball security make sure we take care of the

football and and no little mistakes on our part you know limit the penalties and things like that that get us playing behind the chains and if we do that I think that we’ve got a shot and you mentioned the weather this is not ideal for anybody it’s kind

of new you get snow everybody got snow this week it’s kind of wet muddy out here what are you guys gonna have to make sure you do to deal with these conditions well I mean we told our kids you know make sure you’re cutting within your frame I

mean oh it’s something that they’re gonna have to come out that’s what we’re doing on right now is working pregame you know getting their footing out here and on the field conditions and you know biggest thing is it’s it’s you’re not gonna be able to cut like you

normally do and so you know it’s important for our kids to cut within our frame and and keep our feet as best as we can but I know that’s gonna be tough awesome good luck tonight coach first round of the playoffs Princeton taking on North Boone we’ll have

highlights tonight at 10:00 on local 4 News but for now reporting in Princeton I’m Justin own we’ll send it back to you in the studio Jay all right Dustin thanks very much nice job out there nice job by dan Vasko of course all your football highlights coming up

tonight at ten o’clock we’ve got a crew at in Moline up in sterling as well in the Bettendorf Bulldogs also a part of our coverage all right finally tonight


July 22, 2020



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