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Landry is with us today personal trainer company I’m fit enough and today it’s pretty cool we’re talking about a workout that’s inspired really by NFL athletes when you watch the game you’ll notice that well they are really good at what they do area all different types of physical

attributes yes and then today we’re learning about this exactly still like I think you see it a pleat you see a NFL athlete you’re just like okay they’re just like huge right and they’re fast and those are like the most important things to be and honestly there’s a

lot more behind it and when we think about training for athletes we think about speed agility and quickness so speed guess how fast you’re running how fast you are you you can’t get pretty much anywhere without that right but then there’s the agility appointed of it how fast

can you move switch directions change like if you’re covering someone up field you know like how far can you get from one person to the next person in things of that nature and then the quickness piece of it is like how fast are you reacting like your head

six can you grab it fast can you change directions that’s can you look around fast like those things so it’s really a component of all of those things that’s really gonna make or break you as an athlete I’m a congressional level a lot of times people they overlook

those type of movements so they’re not being a functional so for example you could go running for a long period of time but you’re not changing direction exactly you’re not recruiting different muscles so the athletic portion of it is totally neglected and for a lot of people you

could scale all this down but the idea is to be balanced and a track automatically exactly I think just well-rounded athletes is what we hope to be in so if you train an only one thing or do only one thing your body’s gonna only know how to do

that one thing and if you’re a professional athlete you need to have know how to get around and going way more than just one thing for the non-professional athlete again take note of some of these and you could modify them and start to incorporate them into what you

do because you will get some benefit so my kids do this with us like we do we throw this out on our driveway and they like love like doing the drills with me and their dad of course they’re dead he played football so it really matters especially for

my son but yeah alright so what do we have here then right now we just have we have agility ladders on this side and then here we’re set up for just to do some tee drills tee drills okay so obviously we’re about body movement you want a good

stance yes and it’s one of the things that again you should really incorporate this into your workout exactly so you like right now we’re gonna focus on like a burst of speed that you would spread it out a little bit more at home but for the sake of

this environment yes you spread it out you’re gonna run forward you’ll touch your 5 shuffle touch side shuffle touch back and then you’re gonna pedal because you know back peddling is a big deal for defensive and the other thing too right away you get into it and athletic

stance exact lot of people forget about that part of it well you do have to and then if we want to move here this is all about quick feet so you could just high knee you could do it ickey shuffle where you’re going in out in out in

out there’s so many ways that you can use this agility ladder if you’re not an athlete or if you are an athlete like this is just great cardio if you don’t want to get to a gym throw out an agility ladder do them speed run in and out

high needs you can just do like jumping jacks there’s so many things if you wanted to do like quick walks in between the steps there’s so many things you can do with them agility ladder that will literally kill your entire body and this is like $7 like you

know for all the viewers at home you know you might be a little intimidated by this but there’s ways just to start out with it either when you did high knee you know I’m raising you’re engaging you’re out exactly up cones for a small price so maybe it’s

just a way to start out you start out slow yeah and then you kind of work your way up exactly exactly and so if you’re thinking about for beginners even if you’re just doing this move which is great athletic training it’s still opening up your hips you’re still

using your obliques everyone’s got to start somewhere and everyone’s not gonna be you know automatically an athlete but when we’re thinking about football in this fun weekend we just really had to get it this time right I love it now if you want to learn more you go

to the website I’m fit enough calm Dominique you offer obviously classes that you do personal trainings for your corporate wellness I kind of do it all online personal training in-person training group tray corporate wellness corporate event let’s in March I’m headed to a conference do some combat classes

and some bootcamp classes for the people at a conference so I got to do it all we’re gonna have you back for that well thank you so much stick around more to come right after this


July 22, 2020



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