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Kentucky pro football players are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend as the induction ceremony is being held at the Opera House in Lexington and that’s where Lee Cruz joins us live with a couple of former NFL players one of the great nights of

summer is dedicated to the game of football because the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame has a special recognition ceremony where they bring inductees in and I got Frank Minnifield and Steve Parker where they go to see lately Steve how are you sir good to see you guys

you were telling me Frank I already know one of the names it’s gonna be here to help with the ceremony but it looks pretty exciting this year well I think it’s pretty remarkable how we continue to put the ground yeah these great inductees every year it seems to

get better and better this year we have Wesley Woodyard we have Jerome Bettis gonna be coming in helping us out he’s gonna be receiving the Blanton Collier award and and you know one of the guys that I really hope people come out for is guy Morris guy Morris

was a football coach here in Lexington tucky and so consequently he’s been tagged as a football coach but really he was one of the greatest football players to ever play in the state it can’t not play in the state of Kentucky that his half ties to the state

of Kentucky I mean he played in over 200 plus games and NFL won the Super Bowl wasn’t all-pro but most people kind of judge him on his wins and losses the coach and but the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame really want people to understand how great of

a football player it was it’s a great night of recognition and for the casual fan I think they’re gonna take a lot away from it because one of the great stories that you’re going to see and and I think if you get a ticket you’ll really enjoy it

I think so I think you every year that we put together a really good program and especially and we’ll have like I said God mores to be here and Bettis would be here Tim Lester for the Pittsburgh Steelers also would be here Ernest givins Houston Oilers we can

go on and on we’ve had people like Gale Sayers here we’ve had field Sims people like a Jim Brown one of my heroes back in the old days far too many we’ve we’ve had our cheese we had our cheese come and his wife came to the program so

it’s been a really great event for Lexington and but particularly the Boys and Girls Club has our beneficiary right and that’s the mission of this is that you guys do good with this gathering for remembrance but mainly to be looking forward for the kids that is right I

mean we got always remember why we’re doing this and and so the main mission of the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame is to help organizations that have kids as a as a mission here in central Kentucky so that’s that’s been a winner for us and and that’s

what we really want to do in the future we canõt winners Frank this all-pro when you played golf last year with the fellow what was the outcome of that well I really kind of drew a blank I know I lay it most of the okay anyway Steve we

know how that ended don’t we that’s right I don’t I don’t play golf and I do I need they need to put me in jail again if you want tickets Frank one of the what they need to do we need to go to the Kentucky Pro Football Hall

of Fame website and there you can click the link to the Opera House and you can buy tickets tickets up for $25 and we invite everybody to come out and see some of these great football players great venue here in Lexington coming up Friday night ladies will send

it back to you okay Lee thank you so much a great event and well deserved honor for those pointy


July 22, 2020



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