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here are two words that sound the samebut are spelled differently the words are wreak and reek the firstspelling of wreak means to inflict or cause damage and harm on a large scaleor over a large area to cause damage and commotion is to wreak you wreak havocyou wreak chaos the hurricane is expected to wreak havoc tomorrow toexact revenge by inflicting injury or harm is to wreak you wreak your revengeon someone the other spelling of reek describes a terrible smell somethingthat has a bad odor and smells unpleasant can be described as reekingthe reek is the terrible smell the reek from inside the fridge made me feel sickwe can also use reek to suggest something unpleasant or undesirable thiswhole deal reeks, something is not right it’s time to wreak some chaos on theinternet now but I promise what you are about to see will not reektoo much because it’s Sunday afternoon it’s just after 2 o’clock here in the UKand this is live English doo-doo-doo-doo it is a hot one today itis so hot here in the UK there it is a live picture looking out over thelandscape and you can see it is a glorious day today it is absolutelyboiling hot needless to say the hay fever season is well and truly under wayas you can see a lot of the grass looks very dry in fact many of the farmers inthis area have been cutting their grass which has made my hay fever become quitequite unbearable so as you can imagine I have been sneezing a lot today buthopefully it won’t interfere too much with today’s live stream hi everybodythis is mr.

Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I hope soare you happy are you are you really happy I hope sohere we go again it’s Sunday afternoon the 24th of June we are just overhalfway through the month and also the year because last week we had the summersolstice did you celebrate it did you go out and wave your sticks in the air didyou put on your robes and dance around some rock formationswell did you would you like to see the sunset last night just to show howlovely everything is at the moment there it is the sunset last night lookingrather spectacular even though I say so myself and there it is and we had thesummer solstice last week on the 21st of June every year we commemorate thesummer solstice yes it is the longest day of the year on the 21st of Juneand you know what that means that means that from now on the days will onceagain get shorter that happened pretty quickly don’t you think so it’s Sundayand how are you I really hope you’re okayin fact it’s so hot today I thought it would be fun to have a look at somevideo footage that I filmed way back in March do you remember the snow that wehad in March we had a lot of snow and just to prove it can you see the snow onthe ground and there is a little squirrel looking for food so that wasthe scene in my garden way back in March when all of the animals were trying tofind food oh isn’t that lovely a little squirrel digging in the snowall I can say is I wish the weather today was like that because it is so hotand let’s have another look at the garden and there is a wide view andthere you can see the snow was falling and everything was white that was wayback in March but what about today well this is what everything looks like todayvery different indeed so there it is outside at the moment everything islooking very very summery the summer season has arrived I know that in somecountries it isn’t summer it is actually autumn so if you are watching in SouthAmerica then I think you will find that the weather will not be that hot becauseit is autumn a lot of things going on today by the way in the world of courseI suppose we should mention football yes football isplaying today lots of football matches taking place including a big one Englandare playing Panama and as far as I know the score so far and this is good newsfor all you England supporters at the moment the score is 1 nil 1 nil andguess who is in the lead yes England at the moment are in the lead the matchbetween England and Panama so that is also taking place today lots of thingshappening around the world also in Turkey they are having a big electiontoday president Agron is hoping to stay on in power so that is happening todayin Turkey so a big hello to all my friends watching in Turkey and have youvoted yet well have you I’m not sure because I’m not there let’s have a lookat the live chat very quickly doo doo doo doooh there it is the live chat is now up and running yes you are more thanwelcome to get involved let’s see how let’s see how many people are on thelive chat as we go back to the beginning of the live chat Wow Blue Thunder helloblue thunder I don’t think we have spoken beforewhere are you watching at the moment Blue Thunderhello mr.

Duncan I’m happy to see you and have a wonderful afternoon yes Ihope you have a wonderful afternoon where you are as well Blue Thunder butwhere are you where are you please let me knowJulie ji also Palmira is here hello to you Francisco also Alexand also flower flower I don’t think I’ve spoken to you beforeunless of course you are using a different name todayConnell also PL Alex sue Myra also mika ode is watching in Japan how is theweather in Japan at the moment I hope it’s nice and warm where you are as wellTran yay mr.

Duncan’s back yes I am here and we have lots of things coming yourway sweetness and also yeni and nish aunt ishere hello Nishant thanks for joining metoday Alex also Maria and I can hear mr.

Steve moving around I should remind mr.

Steve that the microphone is on where you are so be very careful not to maketoo much noise I just have to remind mr.

Steve you see because sometimes mr.

Steve likes to bang around he does he likes banging all around the house Olgahello Olga thank you very much for joining me todayfrom Egypt Mustafa is saying hello also we have Anna RF also GH Alto hello therenice to see you today Wow many people are on the life chat at the moment thankyou very much yes the World Cup is taking place and I just had a messagesaying that England are now in the lead by five goalsNishant says the score is now five nil the match between England and Panama soit looks as if England are well in the lead we will be talking about footballtoday but don’t let that put you off please don’t become upset or annoyedbecause we will be talking about football but of course it will besomething that will be done for fun because mr.

Steve will be here at halfpast two and this is something I want to mention very quickly the live streamswill be shorter from now on so instead of two hours the live streams will befor what hour and a half so 90 minutes will be the length of the live streamson a Sunday from now on so not two hours just 90 minutes so don’t forget to getyour messages in get your messages in as quickly as possible so we’re looking atfootball idioms today football expressions and words that are used inthe game of football and of course we’ll be looking at the words in another wayas well the way in which they are used in other areas of the English languageso lots of things going on apparently better loose barrel lucia says we havesubtitles do we do we really have subtitles I didn’t know that oh woweven I didn’t realize that so are there subtitles on today’slivestream really thank you Belarusian for letting me know because I didn’trealize so yes the match so far between England and Panama is 5 niloh my goodness I can’t believe it wow that’s incredible so it looks as ifEngland has or will be on the way to winning yet another match because theythey won their match last week so hmm it looks like England are on the way atleast on the way to the next round so apparently according to Belarusian wehave titles on the live chat well I can’tbelieve it that’s incredible I’m a little bit shocked to be honest so yesapparently there are subtitles on the live chat so we are now talking live atjust after quarter past two on a Sunday afternoon and there are live subtitlesit’s amazing now YouTube has been promising to include live subtitles fora long time so it looks as if we now have live subtitles mr.

Steve will behere in a few moments some questions to ask today and also I would like to say aspecial thank you can I say thank you to Elizabeth Elizabeth Ramos in theNetherlands who sent this lovely photograph and can you see Elizabeth ismaking Jam and also watching me at the same time so this particular photographwas taken at the beginning of June on the 3rd of June so yes thank you verymuch to Elizabeth for your lovely lovely photograph and if you want to send aphotograph to me maybe to show what you are doing whilst you are watching mylive stream feel free to do so the email address is underneath thisvideo and of course today we have subtitles oh wow I can’t believe it Ican’t begin to tell you how excited I feel that we have subtitles today Wowthank you very much thank you YouTube it’s a beautiful day the Sun is out andthere is a live view looking out from the window of the studio and as you cansee it is a glorious day sadly we won’t be going outside today because of my hayfever for those who have been watching overthe past few weeks you will know that I suffer from hay feverI suffer with it during the hay fever seasonunfortunately so I won’t be going outside because if I were to do that Iwould be sneezing my head off so there it is a live view outside andof course we know the reason why it’s all because of the dreaded pollen thepollen gets everywhere so there it is the pollen that is the very thing thatgoes at my nose and makes me sneeze it’s not very nice not very nice at all thereare some chores that people like to do and a little bit later on mr.

steve isgoing to be doing one particular chore one particular household task but thequestion is can you guess which household tasks which chore he will bedoing can you guess which one it will be find out in around about 10 minuteswhere mr.

Steve joins us it’s nice to watch and hear you again Thank You Louiefor that mr.

Duncan you have progress the live stream nowhas subtitles amazing yes Vitesse we now apparently have subtitles live subtitleson the live stream oh my goodness I’m so excited I I think I might wee-wee myselffrom excitement mr.

Duncan do you like rainy days no I don’t I hate it when itrains I really don’t like the rain I certainly don’t like getting wet on arainy day I hate it so much a live update from the match between Englandand Panama apparently now it’s six nil six nil so England are in thelead and it looks as if unless Panama make a very dramatic comeback it looksas if the match between England and Panama is of course a win for Englandhow is your hay fever asks Anna my hay fever is not too bad because I havestayed in the house today I haven’t been outside so that’s the reason why my hayfever is okay but the problem is and this is a big problem oh sorry now it’sseven nil goodness me this might be the highest-scoringfootball match in the history of the World Cup actually that’s an interestingquestion I wonder what the highest score ever was in the World Cup does anyoneknow maybe you can find out for me and let me know on the live chatI think mr.

Steve is doing the dusting hmm Thank You sweetness for your yourguests there yes mr.

Steve is going to be doing something for us live on cameraand also he will be talking about expressions to do with football as wellso all of that coming up later on some new words were added last week to theOxford English Dictionary and I thought it would be interesting to have a lookat some of the words that have been added and here is one of them here is aninteresting word can you see it and this is one of the latest additions to theOxford English Dictionary impostor syndromecan you see the word on the screen impostor syndromethe meaning of this is the persistent inability to believe that one’s successis deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s ownefforts or skills so this actually comes from the earlier word imposterphenomenon so if you have success and if you have maybe success in business orexcess in your job or success in your lifeperhaps you feel as if you don’t deserve it so we call that impostor syndrome itis called impostor syndrome so if you don’t accept that your success isdeserved or has been legitimately achieved we can say that you aresuffering from impostor syndrome very interesting phrase that and that hasjust been added to the Oxford English Dictionary here’s another one now thisis a this is a very long word look at that look at that that might be one ofthe longest words I’ve ever featured on my live stream so there it is can yousee it micro aggression what a great word micro aggression and the meaning ofmicro aggression a statement action or incident regarded as an instance ofindirect subtle or an intentional discrimination or prejudice againstmembers of a marginalized group such as a racial minority also as a mass Niallone we can also use it as a mass noun so this behavior is generally frowned uponso this behavior can be generally frownedporns and it is micro aggression some people say that people have become verysensitive nowadays it would appear that people are so sensitive it’s almost asif you can’t say anything nowadays without someone getting really reallyupset he’s another one oh I like this one this is one that I’m sure many ofyou are familiar with spoiler alert I’m sure if you are a fan of movies orTV shows you might find that this particular word is one you might use ifsomeone is going to tell you what happens in the movie or the TV show sohere it is spoiler alert so maybe referring to a recent review oran online discussion of a film or television series and intervention usedto warn readers or viewers that an important detail of the story is aboutto be divulged or alluded to or given away a full warning of a plot spoilerfrequently used in a humorous or ironic way especially in wider use so if I wereto talk about the next episode of Game of Thrones I might say I’m going to warnyou that there are some spoilers this is a spoiler alert spoiler alert so if youare about to give the plot or the story of something that is about to be shownon television or maybe a movie that people are going to see you can sayspoiler alert look out I’m going to give away some of the detailI’m going to tell you what happens in the TV program or in the movie so thisis a spoiler alert so I hope you enjoyed that so some new words added to theoxford english dictionary talking of words we have a lot of words on the livechat oh I see Huang no juin I get the feeling that youare a fan of football I think so mr.

Duncan how do you speak so clear I don’tknow I think it’s just because that’s the way I speak English Thank YouPraveen for that Matt Boone is here mr.

Duncan do you mind making funny sounds Iwould like to see how the livestream subtitles deal with thatperhaps I could I could sing a song dooby dooby dooby dooby doo doo doo doobee doo bee doo doo doo doo there you go that was just for Matt I hope youenjoyed that Oh Ahmed says I hope you are well yes I’m okay not too bad thankyou apparently the subtitles only work on Android devices and HTML 4 so if youare watching on your PC or on an Android device the subtitles will work but ifyou are watching on an Apple phone or an Apple computer then the subtitles willnot work apparently that’s what someone at YouTube told me last week hello fromRussia mr.

Duncan I am enjoying watching your lesson thank you very muchalex says belonging or oh I see yes I see what you’ve done therethe absence of teeth a debt a dent a tattoo ‘this identity toothlessi can’t wait to see what that looks like on the subtitlessohe wang says yes lots of footballs there so is that the number of goalsthat have been scored I wonder hello Lena says Belarusian andhello to Belarus here as well mr.

Steve will be here in a moment are you excitedI I hope so because mr.

Steve is going to be doing something very very excitingI can hardly wait if you want to improve your speaking you have to concentrate onit maybe you can listen to your own voice so if you want to improve yourEnglish maybe you can listen to your own voice perhaps you can listen to the wayyou sound perhaps you can record your voice on your mobile phone and thenlisten to it and if you don’t like the sound of your own voiceyou can try and change it but of course if you want to change the way you speakyou have to do it over time you can’t rush it okay so don’t try to do it tooquickly or else you might have problems hello mr.

Duncan I am listening to youwhilst I’m feeding the dogs can I say a big bow-wow to you thank you very much we have someone watching in Venezuelahello from the USA I am a Venezuelan guy learning this fantastic language thankyou very much honk fan says I love you thank you very much for that bluethunder says please read my comment mr.

Duncan I will read your comment and infact I just have I’ve just read your comment I hope you feel betterbecause of that satury no is mr.

Steve watching the football no he isn’t heisn’t because he doesn’t follow football just like me mr.

Duncan what is thestrange sound is there a strange sound is that I’m not sure is there a strangesound on my livestream maybe there’s a strange sound at yourend hello sir how is your day going my day is going ok but I’m having to stayin the house because of my terrible terrible hay fever for those who’ve justjoined me you can now watch the livestreamwith subtitles yes there are live subtitles on this live stream if you arewatching live at the moment and if you are watching on an Android device or ona PC you can have live subtitles it’s incredible isn’t that lovely oh I seemr.

steve is making a strange sound yes he isI think mr.

steve is doing some singing upstairs I think maybe that’s what youcan hear I think it’s mr.

Steve I hope he realizes that he should be on now oneof the problems with mr.

Steve is he doesn’t have a watch he doesn’t he neverwears a watch and because of that he always loses track of timeso mr.

Steve often loses track of time because he doesn’t wear a watch whatabout you do you wear a watch do you have a watch on your wrist mr.

Stevewill be here in a moment doing something very interesting Bert first of all we’regoing to have a look at one of my full English lessons one of my full Englishlessons this is an excerpt from one of my full English lessonswhere I talk all about household chores then after that we are going to join mr.

Steve who will have something very special to show us you can you see what I’m doing hereI’m hanging out some washing this is one of my weekly chores that I have to do itmust be done regularly to be honest I do not enjoy doing chores they are such achore we often use the word chore to describe an unpleasant or laborious tasksomething we despise or dislike doing can be described as a chore there aremany different types of chore that must be done washing the dishes I hate havingto wash the dishes mowing the lawn I hate having to mow the lawn putting outthe rubbish I hate having to put out the rubbish vacuuming the carpet I hate having tovacuum the carpet but for me the worst chore of all has to be ironing myclothes I cannot begin to tell you just how much I despise ironing especiallywhen there are so many clothes that need ironing yes I’m pretty sure that myleast favorite chore has got to be doing the ironing do you enjoy doing choreswhich chores do you hate doing the most so there it is a little teaser becausemr.

Steve is now on his way doo-doo-doo apparently we have livesubtitles now so if you want to click on the subtitle button there are livesubtitles who remembers last Wednesday do you remember a conversation that wehad last Wednesday mr.

Steve and myself just my standard white shirts for workyou know where were the tie I never ironed them because I bind non ironshirts and they’re very good as long as you take them straight out of thewashing machine don’t spin them too much and put them on a hanger put them on aclothes hanger hang them up all the creases will be gone and I mean theydon’t look at quite as good as a fully ironed shirt but they’re good enough forwork as you know I hate ironing you’ve never owned anything well that yeah yesI’ve dwell as I just explained I hate ironing that’s why I don’tthere’s a subject to talk about on Sunday what do you I am what do people Iam oh wow I’m sure people will be queuing I hope YouTube has enoughbandwidth okay and I just can I just warned the internet they think that thewires the cables on the internet might melt on Sunday because of all the peopletrying to watch let’s talk about what do you normally I in thank you iron shirtsto iron underwear not iron jeans so there it was last Wednesday and now herehe is live doing the thing that he promised to talk about and actually giveus a demonstration of its mr.

Steve doing the ironing live hello mr.

Steveoh hello thing mr.

Duncan oh you interrupted me I’m extremely busytoday you know I can’t afford to spend toomuch time live with you today on air because I’ve got so many chores to doinside and also outside I’ve got all the gardening to do so if you don’t mindthen I can do the live lesson with you today but I’m just gonna have to carryon doing my jobs particularly the ironing so is that all right mr.

Duncanyou don’t mind do you I don’t mind because last week youmentioned this didn’t you you said wouldn’t it be a good idea to talk aboutironing we can ask people if they iron their clothes and I was a little bitsarcastic about it but mr.

Steve insisted he said look I want to do it Iwant to do the ironing live on YouTube I think this is the way forward forYouTube it’s more about the fact that I just haven’t got time to appear today soI’m just really doing this at the same time so we’re gonna be teaching Englishand at the same time I’m going to be doing some ironing so I’ve got all mywords prepared here that the phrase is the idioms so we can still do those butI’ll just have to carry on if you don’t mind and I hope everybody at homedoesn’t mind either so what what are you ironing at themoment that’s what I’m buying at Mike one of my tops from Pedram last week whowas mentioning my tops my polo shirts so I’ve got one on and that one is nowready I can wear that one so that’s done you got very excited last week becausePedro was saying xed Pedro was saying some very nice things about your clotheshe was I don’t have Pedro’s on today but I don’t normally do socks by the wayit’s a bit of a waste of time doing socksI think Pedro’s watching the football he probably is but to anybody else who isinterested in ironing so this obviously this is an esteem honorso I can give a little squirt of steam because the designing process goextremely well that is a steam iron it’s a steam iron yes mr.

Duncan so what doyou mean talking about today I’d have to shout let’s know you to shout Steve whathave you been talking about today there mr.

Duncan today we’ve beentalking about the weather because it’s a beautiful hot day it certainly is not aday for being inside the house because it’s so hot it’s beautiful let’s have alittle look outside because there you can see a live view outside at themoment it’s a absolute beautiful day now that is a live view you can see that theSun is out and everything is very very hot and I think Steve wishes that he wasoutside at the moment in the garden don’t you oh yes but the problem mr.

Duncan is that if we go outside you will suffer from your hay fever this is trueof course we can’t have that so that’s why we’re staying indoors and it givesme this opportunity to get all my ironing done at the same time which isgreat I’ve got all these phrases here do you know what I’m gonna talk about todaymr.


July 22, 2020



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