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College football is wayeasier to watch without a traditional TV subscriptionthan it used to be.

But it is still probablythe trickiest sport to find a really goodcord-cutting option for.

But, if you are acord-cutter in the market for some college football, I’ve got the top five ways to watch it, an antenna, obviously, Sling TV, Hulu Live, ESPN +, and College Sports Live, or some combination of those.

Now there are pros and cons anyway you go, of course, so, we’ll need togo into some of the details on each of these options, before you can decide which one, or which ones, are right for you.

(upbeat music) Now, before we get started, don’t forget to subscribe and check the descriptionbelow for the link to the giveaways thatwe’re doing these days, make sure you follow alongthere, so, the first thing to note here is which channelsyou can actually watch college football on, andthen, we can talk about the best ways to get them.

Now, they fall intothree basic categories, your network TV channels, that’s ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, then, ESPN and FOX Sports, these are your cable networks, and then you’ve got yourconference specific networks, Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC, SEC, there are a lot of sub-channels within a lot these, butthose are your basics.

So, with that in mind, hereare the top five places to get those channels, so that you can watch college football.

First up, an over-the-airantenna, honestly, this is something that every cord-cutter should have regardless, but, an antenna’s gonna work great, especially if you can pickup your local ABC affiliate, ABC is owned by Disney, which also owns ESPN, so ABC gets some of the biggestgames, every week, so that’s a great optionfor you, FOX also carries quite a few, as does NBC, andNBC is the home of Notre Dame.

Next up is Sling TV, now Sling TV, for $40, you can get the Orange plus Blue package, and that’s gonna get you mostof the ESPN and FOX Sports channels, includingthose sub-channels, plus, Sling gets you somelocal channels as well, so that could take theplace of the antenna.

Now, you can also use anyother streaming service, they’re all gonna bepretty comparable, but $40 at Sling is the cheapest way to go.

Although, if you wantESPNU, the SEC Network, or the Pac-12 Network, then you’ll end up paying an extra $10 a month for the sports add-on to Sling TV, but at leastyou have the option to save those $10, if you’re thinkingabout forking over $50 a month for the Sling combo, plus the sports package, just go for Hulu Live, that’s our third option.

Now, Hulu Live includesalmost everything Sling does, minus the Pac-12 Network, but plus, CBS Sports Network, which has a ton of games on there.

And it does it for $5 less per month, then you would be paying ifyou got Orange plus Blue, and the sports package on Sling.

Now, there are otherstreaming services out there, and they work fine, Ijust think that these two are the best for their value, as far as what you’re getting, as far as the ESPN andFOX Sports sub-channels.

Next up, ESPN+, now, this isnot going to be a great option if you’re looking for big, marquee games, but, ESPN+ is only $5 a month, and it’ll get you some of the, kind of overlookedgames, some FCS stuff, that sort of thing.

So, this is not going to bea primary option for you, but it’s a cheap way tofill out your schedule, if you just love thegame, and you wanna watch as much college sports as possible.

Last up, College Sports Live, this one is $10 a month, so it’s twice as much asESPN+, it’s owned by CBS, and it is similar to ESPN+, in that this will get you a lot of smaller schools, andsmaller games, but it does have some big stuff too, likepartnerships with Notre Dame, USC, Penn State, nowthere is a catch though, this one only airsnon-televised games, so, if the game is airing somewhereelse, it won’t be here.

So, those are my top five waysto watch college football, if I missed any of your favorites, drop them in the comments below, I would love to hearthem, make sure you give this video a like if youthought it was helpful, a dislike if you didn’t, butalso, be sure to subscribe because we got a lot morestreaming content like this, thanks for watching everybody, I’ll see you next time.



July 22, 2020



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