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to celebrate the return of football tifo is offering 30-day free trials to the athletic the home of the world’s best football writing from the 1960s until the 1990s for the best part of four decades the most important room and field was a small dingy broom cupboard under the main stand it wasn’t a room filled with innovative new technology or anything that suggested it really mattered at all it was simply a place where six of liverpool’s greatest minds came together to talk they were joe fagan bob paisley ronnie moran roy evans tom saunders and reuben bennett together their discussions in what became known as the boot room propelled the club towards success in the 70s and 80s fagin writing in his diary described the decor of the room in time it would become furnished with luxuries like a rickety old table and a couple of plastic chairs a tatty piece of carpet on the floor and a calendar on the wall that would later be adorned with photographs ripped from newspapers of topless models there was little evidence to suggest this room was even part of a football club but it was a key part of a football club that would soon become one of the most successful in europe when shankly was appointed as liverpool’s manager in 1959 there were concerns amongst the backroom staff that he would bring his own team with him instead he chose to stick with the incumbent coaches some managers bring their own people with them shankly told them not me i have my own system and it will work in cooperation with you now the origins of the boot room can be traced back to fagan who taken to storing crates of guinness where the player’s boots were kept the stout was provided by the chairman of guinness exports whose runcorn works team had been using liverpool’s facilities naturally staff gravitated towards the alcohol and before long the boot room was where coaches convened to plan for the future to discuss tactics and strategies that they were occasionally mildly inebriated didn’t detract from the important work that took place in this crammed unglamorous space the boot room was never really about a place it was never about bricks and mortar wrote peter houghton in his book the boot room boys it was about an alliance of people who had a common goal common values and the people who created the philosophy of liverpool football club the people who created the liverpool way [Music] the room kept its name because it was despite its other uses the place where the boots were stored there was a small double-doored cupboard at one end which invariably contained a bottle of whiskey the hard liquor was saved for saturdays specifically for post-match conversations opposition managers were often lured into the boot room unaware that liverpool’s shrewd coaches were about to extract key tactical information they sat on overturned laundry baskets and talked for hours absorbing detail and discarding anything that wasn’t of use you’re always interested in what people think about your own players said paisley quoted in ian herbert’s book quiet genius they tell you more about your own players than you really know yourself or vice versa now liverpool’s coaches were careful not to dispense too much information ensuring that everything that took place in the boot room served to take the club forward what went on was kept within those four walls paisley said fagan who like paisley would later become liverpool manager began to keep his diaries and accounts of training in the boot room it became a place for him and his colleagues to discuss and to develop new approaches economist stephan zamanski and business consultant tim coupes wrote in their book winners and losers the business strategy of football that liverpool’s latest success under shankly paisley and fagan was a consequence of the structure and organization put in place during the sixties and at the heart of that was the boot room shankly rarely attended meetings in the boot room instead drawing on the expertise of his coaches he guided liverpool to three first division titles and a uefa cup victory before his departure in 1974 but those who’d been working in the background in the dimly lit room next to shankly’s office knew there was a need to evolve and that’s what happened under paisley who replaced shankly and won three european cups as well as a further six first division titles during his nine years in the job fagan added another european cup during his two years as manager and by the time the bootroom era had ended liverpool had won 29 major trophies kenny dog leash who succeeded fagin in 1985 was accused of phasing out the boot room but he disputed that it’s utter rubbish that i dismantled the great boot room he wrote in his autobiography it’s an institution one i would never have meddled with by 1998 though it was truly over ronnie moran had left and so too had roy evans liverpool headed into the 21st century towards a new era at the height of its influence the boot room had once hosted elton john during his time as watford chairman the legendary singer asked if he might have a glass of pink gin but the only alcohol in sight was guinness and whiskey john later admitted that the boot room made him nervous there was an aura a mystique about the place and the room that proved such a key part of liverpool’s success for decades doesn’t exist now when graham souness became manager in 1991 he gave the go-ahead to extend the media interview room behind it the dark pokey cubbyhole off the dressing room corridor was no more but 20 years later its legacy lives on at anfield [Music] essential reading for liverpool supporters the story of how jurgen klopp walked into anfield and turned liverpool into title winners james pierce and simon hughes of the athletic bring you the complete account and to check it out you can get a 30-day free trial get access to james and simon’s writing insight behind the scenes information and even their fantastic podcast the red agenda that plus every other premier league club and even 10 other sports all covered with the same attention to detail so visit the athletic.

com forward slash tfo football to sign up and thanks for watching today’s video [Music] you.

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