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here we are for another video whatlet’s go see today today we are going to see the fire stick tvwhy are we going to see this stick because practically thisthis stick this precisely this therapy in this key tina that goesconnected to the TV allows us to run a whole series ofemulators and games that to us old video game fans so muchso we like what in short we can do this would bepractically a one key from apply to our hdmi outputtelevision and that makes us television a smart forecast a smart tv thingas it then appears meanwhile I tell you that this little thing definitely costslittle because this has gone to take it with the various promotions that thereI’m on amazon sometimes it gets to you cost even 24 euros basic would gocost about 35 € 39 the basic version the full hd version whilethe 4K version starts, it costs twice as much it costs about 65 69 euros the 4K version isa little more powerful then we are talking about a key tina that upthis base is powerful let’s say about 1.

4 gb of processor while instead to a gb ofram memory while the version instead that 4k one and a half gb of ram memorythe processor that goes up to 1.

8 e we are therefore talking about a productdefinitely very very good and low cost that precisely allows me to doa whole host of truly remarkable things which I will show you later in thevideo then later you will also see the operation of this product as viI said this key then the packaging is quite minimalistas simple as we have of description thousands of channels says thatit is precisely the second party generationinside we have the remote control and so on and so onbattery now I’ve already unpacked it hereeverything I show you is already open just like inside the packaging nowe will find the various products because I was already pulled out then here we have acompartment where precisely ours was inside instruction booklet here we hadthe batteries here we had the first xtb the charger and remote controlthen promised that here is not here nothing I’ll show you the productsthen this is our tv fightstick as you can see it is a really small objectreally small as practically if were a kind of USB keyok just that the hdmi output here we have a port for feedinginside the package we will have a usb cable micro usb and a chargerwhich are already connected at the moment to the socket together with that we will also havethis this is a usb adapter there is an hdmi adapter that as you seeallows me to connect my five stick and allow it to movesay you have a TV that is attached to the wallwe must connect the tina key on the external socket and we can do soso we are not at risk of creating often rich then prevent me from doingwork my key tina what else we will find another is a self producedvery very interesting is the TV remotethe remote control which also has the function built-in alexa so if we goto long press this button yes knows the numer will light up a dot and uswe could talk to alexa and there it will also allow you to control theour television because precisely inside there was a receiver ainfrared that allows us to check volume and power onTV in such a way precisely transforms to transform our viewersin a in a smart TV indoors we have our aaa batteries so we have themmy price list this remote is a lot smart because it allows mepractically switchated so in some games you can also use it ascontroller ok so this is one directional cross considered a kindof directional cross with confirmation central so this is a button thatyou can take this as well ok and these our home buttons are variousgo back play pause etc.

etcso point we can also use this and what else there is to say about thisproduct to that however us this tina key we can safelyuse with our classic joypads bluetooth so here we have joypadof the playstation classic with modification of the 8 bit god that allows us preciselyto turn them into a bluetooth joypad and lo we can after I will show you we will not havethen connect to the key play all of our classicsvideo games directly with this but not onlywe can connect it with various others joypad so we also have this toothis works perfectly because why to lobluetooth standard this remote control e bluetooth while instead for whatis about controlling the volume and it power off to a dr receiver that isplaced here as you see then buttons and control work via bluetoothand this is definitely very good and therefore nothinglet’s go and see the street for a moment proof of this of this callslet’s call it stigma let’s call it too console because I will truly show youhow effectively this product can be useful to play on the economywell here you see this is the menu of our tv stick file ispractically with the joypad of joy because I showed you before thenhowever, one of these is a joypad bluetooth or this here we canquietly interface with the tv and go in a moment configureso our controller to do it we go here then we go to controllersee here we already have our list d functioning controllers we will go hereadds controller we do the pairing then the peeling nowyou will see that the moment we here we gohere you see below is practically connected device appearedhere and we now have ours game controller with it though there isthey are two connected so one we can also remove we turn off ok this has been turned off so it shouldappear that it was turned off here it is you see device disconnected us nowwe are simply moving with the ours means the playstationyou see ok let’s do that we want to come back to the home and let’s see for a moment therunning some game just for understand momentarily the actual capacityemulative of this tv stick of this precisely android televisionthen of this yes of this controller androids this as it is called of these this cubeOh well let’s choose a game and now you willI’ll show the ones I downloaded in the meantime, let’s make this Msgsaw that initials made a collection officer made a collectionofficial what are its games of his mega drive gameshere we are mainly at the screen main as you see it is divided into severalprecisely various types of platform classic action sit down gamesremastered multi multiplayer for the whole family puzzle gameand then all down as you see we have several optionsthen general options the possibility to set the music language conditionsof customer service regulations on privacy we go backI remember that I am now using my playstation joypad and let’s go tosee the remastered games for a moment let’s start sonic cd then I tell youyou have to go in a moment to configure i commands because unfortunately not allcontrols are optimized then button on the down button and let’s go to your ownnadia you see we go to configure it as if we were going to configure the sulretro arc back button we put point b button jump you see it was nottherefore configured start button e selection we select oursstart button now we have configured our joypadlet’s see the operation at vi I show in options game info at game info we have thenalso general information options are the commands nothing we play we are the fast game I remind you here we are on a TVLCD, however, you see the operation the video quality is very good thereI leave the intro in the meantime I turn it off lights here we are we go on seeing that the inter lotlong ok gives us a chance because nowhe says we paused the game let’s go on the options let’s seeone moment no it was not from here nothing I know that on this game is not possible butlet’s start then I’ll show you another laurel you see the quality of the emulationvideo is truly amazing the commands respond perfectlyso I can tell you that level qualitative here I have to be disconnectedunplugged wait a moment why not match see the buttons come onon command options let’s see what it is happened to the be la button to returnback do not create that’s why I was always pressing the button you see it is undeniable that the qualityemulative is really excellent and this was precisely sonic cd lacollection contains a now not me I remember it looks like a 24 games we go tosee some some more we come back to the main screen if we go out we go to see someanother game this remastered here the burn do not give us thepossibility to set what are i video parameters while instead iflet’s choose another game let’s go for example on comic soon that I play thatI really like it very much show you the fair optionswe should have them here as you see filters graphics filters we have the classicbeveled and scan lines then as if it were an old lc an oldclt we do classic and go up resolution you see there is a possibility ofalso post pixel perfect or four third and then we can choose the styleof the edges it gives us precisely what is possible opportunity to put him overwe put megadrive make frame the megadrive tanning we go on megadrive we set the commands again is a good nuisance however I recommend youdo it at least the first time then start button select button buttona button b button ex we put y that I was actually born yes so it can be ok ok now we canstart the game it came out a moment let’s see if icommands remained correct yes here we are select who has thisthis collection also allows us to play with multiple players already withtwo so it’s kind of the point if you have two bluetooth joypadyou can play in two you see how very cute we put it nowa moment and breaks we go to change and put the one on the TV I want totv frame another thing i want you show that we have the opportunity torewind time in the sense if we are goneI don’t know we lost a life etc.



we can returnback a few seconds to avoid to have lost that extra lifewe can save our progress go ahead see now this isthe image of an old crt we do because the game we play a gamefast let’s give a moment a check to those whothey are the video filters that you do so also account of this we saidclassic bevel see how everything how much more much more mixedthe image then we try the scan lines that I will tell you is not really at allthe maximum and finally we’re going to put our image backclassic and we’re going to put pixels barefoot you see pixel perfect the frameis restricted therefore precisely we have a smaller hair image though awhat was the original image so the original image sizeas they were foreseen by the well developers go ahead andlet’s play like this here too you see the emulative quality isreally really excellent you can not say nothing because that criticism thatthat is equivalent to that ke beautiful the quality of this productso just this classic collection of the saw was made by cdefinitely good okand this is precisely our then if we let’s rewind what timeI wanted to show here you see we are when I came back I made a nice windand so we avoided losing maybe a life then come on we can do theour rescue there are three slots see we have saved one nowwell let’s go back to the main screen and let’s go right back to the beginning ofour TV says it has to come back to us let’s start and leavethis game what else can you do precisely what this allows usto emulate what kind of games we can start on this consolethen let’s start this virtua tennis a version in this case ofvirtua tennis output directly to therefore android is an apk versionthe standard format optimized for Androidlet’s start our game fast performance just to show youhere too, the emulative quality ok we choose blue soil that Ilike more it gives us some information just look at the quality for a momentto video of this of this game you see that it also leaves my footprintsof the ball on the pitch of the court from tennis and also footprints ifmake particular movements there is this type of game is about this typetherefore remarkable television on this tv stick and this is precisely virtua tennis toohere we have the opportunity to return to main menu return to the game etry again in more as we go on then there is thepossibility of doing the tour worldwide there are summed informationthis too is definitely a game full let’s go to the home page let’s go tosee another very interesting game here we have carmageddon this game mememory released for pc and playstation 1 I want to show you there for a momentquality of this remaster for always android these are all of themgames made and developed mainly for android so in short they have beenall optimized the big say defect of thistv stick is memory is the memory of the available in thein the stick just now you see for examplehopefully it brings me but it might not to leave because I think he has somethinghave fulfilled the available memory in the stick therefore fails todownload me here is me now has started so I have had amoment of certainties, however, now it works let’s go ahead let’s do a quick race you control rover these things here and not thereinterest we go on 5and also in Italian, here too we can just go see the replay wait that are not the commandshere we are I remind you that this game was a lotmore within the goal of the game was that to destroy the opposing machines butactually you see they could be crushed pedestrians and this allowed us to haveof the bonuses you see therefore more spurs yes they went to crush and more and more bonuseswe had look at the video quality of the gameI remember they being a game released for playstation 1 and then alsoprecisely for dc this one version remasteringliked and you can see it from video quality here is this is exactly what theversion of armageddon let’s go to another game to this I will show you someyou play because in my opinion it is one possibility to resume some of oursold low-cost consoles definitely valid so in short thereI want to show a lot in depth all of them playthat I have available for you to understand instant quality this crisis crazyTaxi let’s make arcade normal versionhere we also have the bows while the arches invent you if you have seen thenwe have goals we choose gina it explains how it works here too look how beautiful it isgraphic definition this too is a game developed mainlyon ie for android here too you seethe game runs smoothly maybe there is some uncertainty in the framerate butnothing striking in the game sense is perfectly usable you can playwithout problems here is this note was crazy taxilet’s go see another game there double dragon collection i want to make youto see here you see this is a game i havejust downloaded and then just me asks to downloadadditional data we hope to have enough memory this too is definitely a gamemolto is a decidedly much collection very good here is it started we have 33 double dragon dragon1 double dragon 23 with note also above you see it says the year ofproduction we go with the first we go of stations we can choose thebutton configuration and video options which is what we are interested in choosingif it looked full screen ratio then pixel perfect or ifnote and four thirds have a filter video we are going to remove and linesscan change we go to remove even those video filter I recommendto remove it because unfortunately it always goes to mix a little the image is not thatthere are big we are not allowed big things, however, just to kate or historyso we have two choices we make you the arcade here too you see the excellent emulationbut precisely on this type of games it wasn’t that we had big doubts that therewere there could be a good one emulation in the sense it is agame that however it was not required great resources let’s go see if they are theresettings regarding the window aspect ratio hereyou see this is peak and perfect therefore practically the original imageoriginal size now I’m taking it a lot here is nothingand this is the double dragon there I show the others that I amidentical in quality we go back to the pageessential we look at another game of those that I have available and that is pocketrally we keep another gem at the end because it is one of the mostinteresting in my opinion this is not a game emulated this a proprietary gamethis is a specially created game for android and it’s definitely a thingvery very interesting as it is poses as a sort of clone ofcigarettes let’s say so, however, he definitely didwe definitely go for a ride and I’ll show you the quality for a momentI’ll show you your back precisely being a game that recalls yesgarelli is done very well in my opinion it deserves a lot fluid and clean graphics as you seeas regards the track the graphics are very very 90’s 2000while instead giving away the machines are definitely done very well and will haveeven the reflexes are however, just repeat one of agame therefore independent an indie madewith criteria and here we are, we went aroundwe won the race and this I told you it’s a game that I would takemuch in consideration above all taking into account that they went todownload will cost you 99 cents so it costs significantlylittle and it’s done well let’s go see the last game I have available andthis is then auto vice riff grant city ​​so in short we are talking abouta challenging game from the point of view graph from the point of view precisely alsoof memory etc.


in fact I tell you this game occupies agb 6 because it is very very large though but let’s see how it works initial loading is always a bitlong ok this is a game released for playstation2 in this version we have it version of da pc as you see in short thegraphics that are settable one hundred per one hundred in the sense that if we go upsettings and let’s choose video settings as you see uswe can choose all visual effects brightness away from vieweffects and shadows etc.


limitation framerateetcetera etcetera therefore in short we we can set the graphics likewe want no here is better than I go down because betterI change cars that I already have ruined butok you see the quality of africa isdefinitely excellent here too the sweaters so in short, nothing I wantedmake it clear that the le anyway possibility of this of this couponyes of this of this full key android and they are really reallyremarkable if you then have the possibility of tinker with glass toobecause however they can be done these things is not that they are not allowedyou can do it being android you can do everything is possible even spreadsof the memory because it is still the memories can be expanded to installso just allow other Roma etcetera etcetera they cannotinstall applications on memory however, it can still be donestarting roms from external memory so if we are going to be righteousalso then we go to put some rom on the external key lepossibilities are endless and indeed this is what I wanted you to understandthat of this key tina fey and steve tv this is the version of plastic tvI remind you the base and then it also exists from 4k 4k is more powerful than one gigabytegiga 5 i think clock is a circus e ram memory medium whileinstead this seems to me to have 1GB of ram memory and a jig and 4 of difrequency so in short we are talking of a software as if we had onesort of from nothing hopes and with this it is all for this video I remind you ofsubscribe to the channel to put likes if you liked the video and ussee you in a next review Hi everyone.

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