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Welcome to an all new episodeof “What the Fit, ” where we motivateand inspire people simplyto get up and move.

I, of course, am your hostKevin Hart.

And I’m excited about thisepisode because I’m picking up a famous YouTuberthat is so great, has such a vibrant personality.

I’m talking aboutEmma Chamberlain.

I see her.

( honks ) – Hey, Emma!- Hi! Well, nice to meet you.

– How are you?- Are we gonna act like we know each other? No, we’re not gonna actlike we know each other.

You’re meeting mefor the first time.

This show is real, this show isn’t fake.

You hit me right offwith coffee.

Well, how are you supposedto work out at 6:00 AM? But this is not a shot.

I mean, this is a bucket.

– You got a bucket of coffee.

– That’s the only way.

Is this gonna have us bothlooking like crackheads.



– Yep.

– .



out there today? Just talking real fast? What are we gonna do next?Guess what, we gonna do it.

– Yep.

No, that’s it.

– Yes.

“Are you okay?”You’re like, “Yeah, what about medoesn’t look okay?” Okay, I got it.

Do you work out, Emma? – I do.

– You do? – Every day.

– What time? – Well, it used to be 10:30.

– Uh-oh.

10:30? Well, when do you work out? I’m a 5:00 AM riser.

Okay, I respect thatand I wish thatthat could be me.

Why– why couldn’tthat be you? You’re about to doa lazy thing right now.

You don’t have a reasonwhy that couldn’t be you.

– I wake up at a nice 9:00.



– Okay.




feed my cats, and then I work out.

– I’m sorry, go back.

– I feed my cats.

Emma, you’re too youngfor a cat life.

– I need— You can’t do this at this age.


I need companionship.

I live alone, Kevin.

Emma, you’re going downthe wrong road.

– I know!- You’re going– by 30, do you understandwhat you’re gonna have? No husband and dead catsthat you forgot about.



– I know.

– .



in your place.

You can’t do that.

So, here’s the thing.

My daughter loves soccer.

– Okay.

– All right? She’s constantlyasking me things, testing my knowledgeand my ability.

But I’ll be honest, I’m not that good.

Which is why I have ustoday playing soccer with the L.



( music playing ) – ( crowd cheers ) – ( whistle blows ) – Oh, no!- What do you mean, “Oh, no”? I don’t know.

I never played ballsports as a kid.

I was always, like, cheerleading, gymnastics, figure skating.

That was my realm.

Thank God that we’reboth on the same level of just not knowing( bleep ) about soccer.

We really don’t.

The other thing I gotto tell you is this.

If you’re gonna do something, you need to know all about it.

One thing that I feelsoccer players do a lot of – is flopping.

– Okay.

– Soccer players do it all the time.

– Okay.

– They’re trying to get calls.

– ( music playing ) ( whistle blowing ) So I got us meetingwith a professionalflop teacher guy.

– Basically, he’s a stunt man.

– That does not exist.

Well, it does ex–it’s like a stunt man, but they’re gonnateach us how to flop.

I feel like I mightlike that more than soccer.

– You’re gonna like it all, Emma, because you’re with me.

– You’re so right.

– Okay.

– Right now, let’s go learn how to flop.

Emma: Let’s do it.

– Kevin, how ya doing?- I’m good, man.

– Good to meet you.

– Hi, Emma, nice to meet you.

– I’m Stuart Wilson.

I’m a stunt guy here.

– Hey, Stuart.

Specifically, Bruce Willis’s stunt double.

Wow! – Wow!- Yeah.

‘Cause I love all the movies.

Did you do basically all of it? Does Bruce do anything? He probably doesn’teven do nothing.

– He does what he wants.

– Such a ( bleep ).

– Have you ever hurt yourself?- Yes, the last “Die Hard, ” a compression in juryon C5, 6, and 7.

– Nerve damage in my right arm.

– ( gasps ) You know it happenedto me, too.

I was doing”Secret Life of Pets, ” the animation, and whenyou’re in that booth, a lot of that stuffgets physical.

So I do a lot of.



( fighting sounds ) .



fighting, and I hit the mic.

– Mic hit me back.

– Mic? Wow.

So, production shut downfor about seven minutes.

– ( exhales )- Yeah.

So, I hear you wanna dosome soccer falls.

Yeah, we just wantto learn how to flop.

– I think we can do that for ya.

– Cool.

So, what we’re gonna dois we’re gonna get youto the edge of that mat.

You’re gonna get downin this position here.

And you’re literallygonna do this roll.

Oh, this is cake.

Do you want her to say, “Yippykay-ay, mother( bleep )”? Do it, ’cause that’s for Bruce.

That’s what’s Bruce Willis says.

– Okay.

– Do that.

That way you’ll do good.

– That’s what he.



– Yippy kay.



(laughs ) Say it, no, like Bruce Willis.

Like how he says it?I don’t know how he says it.

You gotta–yippy kay ay.



( low voice )Yippy kay ay.

Yeah, but make surehe sees it.

– All right.

– Yeah.

Yippy kay ay, mother ( bleep ).

– Yeah, there you go.

– There we are.

– How was that?- That’s a good fall.

– All right, trip me, trip me, trip me.

– You ready? Here we go.

Three, two, one.

( screams )Goddamn! – Ah!- Emma: Yo, I was, like, convinced.

Ah! – I think you hurt him.

– Ah! Now, Emma, act likeyou gave me the call.

Ah! – Call!- Thank you.

That’s all I’m saying, see? See, when they get their call, then nothing’s wrong.

They’re like, “Thank you.

Good eye, make a call.

” – ‘Cause they get up and walk around.

– “Yes! I’m good!” What’s another good fall?Give us another one, man.

– Maybe a kick to the groin.

– Yeah, a ( bleep ) kick.

– My favorite.

– Yeah.

– Ooh.

– So.



No, don’t–she doesn’t like boys, – so she likes cats.

– I like cats.

So, I am going to pretend, but I’m gonna come upand kick right here.

Ah, okay, and I got to sell it.

– Yeah, so ready?- Three, two, one.

( groaning ) ( sobs ) Yeah, walk like thatand then go down.

( groaning ) Me balls.

( snickers ) – Ask me if I’m okay.

– Are you okay? – Yeah, see what I’m saying?- No, that was great.

I’m gonna get a callout there, watch.

Okay, act likeI kicked you in the balls.

– ( exhales )- Okay, you ready? – Yep.

– Okay, so, feet apart a little wider.

Stand like you got balls, Emma.

Little wid–there you– – No, that’s— That’s just weird.

– That’s just not right.

– Okay, here we go.

In three, two, one.

Yeah, hold it.

– Hold it.

– Ask me if I’m okay.

Emma, are you okay?No, oh.

– I’m so upset.

– Okay, so upset.

Yeah, it hurts.

Aw, wait, Emma.

Good job!Good job, Emma.

I’ve never beenkicked in the balls before, – so I think that was pretty good.

– Yeah, that was good.

Well, if you guysever need a stunt guy.

I know I’m an actor, but I just want you to know that I do my own stuff, man.

Just letting you know.

I don’t know about you.

I’m ready to go flop.

– Yeah, let’s do it.

– Okay.

Oh, these are the guys?Oh, yeah.

Oh, my, God, I’m so scared.

– How you guys doing?- I’m so scared.

– Hi, how you doing? I’m Sasha.

– Very good to meet you, Sasha.

– Hi, nice to meet you.

– I’m Joe, nice to meet you.

Look at us, all out herewith amazing legs.

You know, my quadsare made for this.

They get you the rightsize shorts there, or.



No, no, no.

No, ’cause I’m lookin’at y’all legs and mine, – I’m at a big advantage.

– Right.

Amazing sport you guys are in.

My daughter plays.

I’m trying to get goodso I can impress my daughter.

I figure comin’ out here withsome pros, elevate my game.

Emma got cats, all right? – I need help.

– ( laughter ) She basically needs help.

So, throw it at us.

We’re ready to jumpfull in, okay?All right? We usually don’t wearour Rollies out to play.

We usually leave themin our locker.

– This is my game watch.

– All right.

All right, first thingwe’re gonna do is a little speed ladderand some dribbling skills.

– We’ll do a demonstration.

– All right.

– So, you do a two-touch.

– Simple.

– You dribble all around the cones.

– ( exhales ) And then once you get here, you dribble back to the line.

Whoever gets here wins.

Are the scouts, are the coaches out here? Yeah, they’re somewherethere on top.

Kevin: I don’t see–’cause the thing is I know when I put thisperformance on, somebodyshould be here to see it.

– They’ll know.

– Ready, set, go.

( grunting ) – Ooh, wait.

– You dropped a cone.

– Ooh.

– Oh, my God.

– Well done, well done.

– I think I won.

I don’t see the coach, guys.

Are y’all sure he’s up there? Daniel: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They don’t like to be seen, y’know? Got it, okay.

Well, I nailed that.

Yeah, you just got the onecone down there.

You know, it’s all good, though.

Obviously, you guyshave never played in Europe.

‘Cause that’s where it’s moreabout just doing the move, – but, whatever.

– You seem kind of tired already.

– Not at all.

Not at all.

– Uh-huh.

I’ve watched a lot of games, and, like, you guys doa lot of flopping.

You know, like, when you guys are like this.



( groaning )And you look at the ref, right? Yeah, yeah, you wantto try and do that? – Okay.

– Joe’s gonna try to tackle you.

Yeah, come get me, Joe.

Watch this.

Give hima real tackle, Joe.

( screaming ) What the ( bleep ), ref? Ah! You guys are like, “Hey, get this ballout of my face.

Hey, man, come on, man, hey, come on.

” Yeah, you gotta roll.


You guys.

( laughing ) So, this is how soccer is, huh? Emma, show themthe flop you learned, Emma.

But do the flopwhen he gets close to you.

– Flop!- Flop! – Ooh, there you go.

– Keep rolling! Keep going, Emma.

Keep going, Emma! ( laughing )Ow.

– ( laughing )- Yeah! – You get the foul every time.

– I’m so dizzy.

– You know who’s the best at it?- Who? – Joe, are you really?- No.

– Can you show me one, Joe?- Yeah, let’s go.

Let me seethe real flop, Joe.

You haveto take it away from me.

You don’t think I couldtake the ball from you? Yeah, no, I don’t think so.

You wanna do thisin front of your team? All right, let’s go.

If you guys want it, fine.

All right.


Daniel: Come on, Joe, take him on.

– Oh.

– There it is.

Joe: Again.

Oh, there it is again.

Joe, go down! Joe, go down! Joe, I’m tryingto make you flop.

– ( laughter )- Wow.

All right, that was red, easy.

What the ( bleep ), man? Hey, Emma, try to takethe ball from him.

– Okay, sure.

– Please, so I can rest.

All: Oh! Way to go.

I’m good at it, yeah.

Oh, my shoes were untied.

That’s the problem.

– That’s the problem.

– Yeah, that’s what it is.

Last thing we’re gonna dois a penalty shoot-out.

– Uh-huh.

– That’s five shots each.



– Yeah.

– .



against David.

– Okay.

– Whoever makes the most wins the entire day.


– Wait a minute.

– Are we going? Waitin’ for the crowd?There you go.

– ( imitates crowd cheering )- ( bird squawks ) Yes! Yes! He’s gonna goeventually, right? Don’t be nervous.

It is what it is, baby.

( whistles ) – Ooh.

– Damn it! God, I’m trying to bend it like Beckham.

– ( buzzer sounds )- Too much bend.

– Did you see the curve?- It had a little curve on it.

Did you see the– coach? I don’t knowwhere the coach is.

– ( blows raspberry )- Shut up, Emma, and try it.

– Come on, Emma.

– Kick the ball and you got it.

Players: Ooh.

Rolf:Just a little bit harder, but this was good.

This was good, Emma.

Every kick, huh? Emma:Oh, jeez– come on.

– ( sighs )- Emma, it’s about the fans.

Yeah, the fans want youto kick it.

– Goddamn it!- ( buzzer sounds ) – Still 0-0.

– All right.

Something’s happening, man.

I think I– You have this Beckhamball, you say, eh? Yeah, I got the Beckham.

That’s what’s happening.

Yeah, that’s why you needto do like this.

– I’m bending it like Beckham.

– You’re bending like Kevin right now.

You gotta do a little less.

– The pressure’s on.

– Come on, Emma.

– Hard, bap!- Oh, there we go.

– ( buzzer sounds )- ( cheering ) – Joe: This was good.

– That’s 1-0.

You’re gonna get that trophy.

Thought shewas going that way.

Kevin: No, you didn’t.

No, you didn’t.

After two rounds, Emma leads 1-0.

– I know what the score is.

– Emma leads 1-0.

1-0! Get it in there.


– Players: Ooh!- ( buzzer sounds ) Ha! Ha! Ha!( imitates machine gunfire ) ( imitates shotgun firing ) I pulled out a bunch of guns.

– That’s not so good.

– All right, Emma.

– Let’s do it.

– Third shot.

– Ooh!- Too much behind.

– ( buzzer sounds )- I’m figuring out the angles.

All right.

It’s 1-1.

Come on, Kevin.

– Players: Ooh!- ( buzzer sounds ) – Wow.

– He’s figured it out.

– Where did it come from?- He’s figured it out.

– ( imitates cocking gun )- Oh, he’s got another gun.

– Oh, he got another gun.

– He’s got another one.

– What’s he got?- Pow! – He’s got more guns.

– ( clicks tongue ) Pap! I had the two little onesin my socks.

Almost forgotabout those, huh? Yeah, forgot aboutthe ones in my socks.

– Kevin: Let’s do it.

– David: Kevin’s in the lead now.

2-1, Emma, come on.

– Oh, you– oh!- ( buzzer sounds ) Why would you block that?What a piece of ( bleep ).

I got it on purpose.

It’s 2-1, final shot.

If you make it, you win.

– The pressure.

– Super intimidating.

Just in his head.

But you’ve kicked itthe same way every time, – so kick it to the right.

– It’s part of my plan.

Ha! Yes, yes! I tricked him!I tricked him! I tricked him! He thoughtI was gonna go there.

I didn’t!( laughs ) – Wow.

– You suck! Pow! – Kevin, Kevin!- Kevin, well done.

Give me my trophy, man.

I won it.

First of all, Emma, you competed, you did your best.

Yeah, you did good.

You just had no ideawhat you were working with.

Yeah, I’m just a pro.

Major shout out to the Galaxyhere in Los Angeles.

More coming upon “What the Fit.

“You guys get on outta here.

What a day.

Where’s the coach at? I thought he wouldbe down here by now.

Maybe I get you guys’scell numbers and we justfigure it out.

– Are you guys.



?- We’ll– we’ll work on that.

I gotta go figure outwhich locker is mine.

See you later.

Wow! Oh, no! – Hey!- You broke it! Who the ( bleep ).



?What the.



? Kevin Hart here.

If you want to check outmore of my slide tacklin’ and penalty kicking action, I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube ChannelLaugh Out Loud.

Do it!.

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