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hi everyone, welcome to my channel todaywe are reviewing the Cloner Box Turbo which is a video capture box in order for you to record any type of video for any type of source rightnow as long you have something that has an HDMI out but you can convert to HDMIyou can record anything live, stream channels video games, this is a commonknown int into the video game communitygamers like to use this type of box in order to record their game it comes fromcloners Alliance really nice box and like I said this is on a standalone boxright now you don’t need any PC or anything orders it to record you alsoreally need a 16-gigabyte flash drive in order to record or I’mmister a hard drive MC right now right here says that we could record fromcamera video camera or shooting camera or photo from PC from laptop on Mac fromDVD from gameplay this is for gamer and I like this one over here which isinfinity record so they mean that there is a lot of possibilities and a lot ofthings you could do with us to record your videos well for now one other thing that keptmy attention when I was buying this box is that it comes with a 3.

5 millimeterjack or microphone in which once you start recording your video if it couldbe live or any video that you have safe or anything you want to record you couldadd your comment that’s why gamers like this type ofpackets because once you start recording you could do any comments or talk toyour friends online about a mission if you are playingcold duty or any type of game like that this will record every detail and thegame and also the audio audio from the game that’s good to take everything inone shot that way you don’t have to record and then edit go to your PC editvoiceover it’s really really reliable so for now, you can see what we have in thepacks thank you alright so let’s see in the box thank you what we have here in the box right herewe have the power supply a 16 gigabyte flash drive HDMI cable this is the box is really really niceI would say is like three inches and a half by 1 square really really nice so we here we have the record on stop bottom you also could choose that resolution you want to record 720p or 1080p a lotof people even maybe you don’t know other people if they don’t know theydon’t even know the difference between the 720p and 1080P as well as the4k the only way you could be able to see the differences if you have two TV togetherwith different resolution but we have the logo this side we have the bottom on and off the power 5 volts that in HDMI in and the side we have the USB port for the flashdrive that we gonna use oh right now we have the mic 3.

5-millimeter jack for thea microphone like actually you could do your comments or if you want to do yourvideo and also talk about and do whatever comment you have it was really reallygreat that’s why most of the video gamers areusing this type of boxes because they do or be paying how you call that call of duty any type of those game that you have to doit online you have your friends over and you have all the audio stopped and youhave to tell them the trick and everything or learn how to do the trickand anything you say it will go straight up to the recording and at that pointthat you are doing the mission pretty good this is the micro USB port this isfor that computer if you want to go straight up to the computer instead ofputting the USB over here and then take it out and then go to the computer totransfer your file you could add your micro USB here and connect it tothe computer that way you could access your file without removing the flashdrive oh that’s it let’s do a quick set up andlet’s see what we have alright guys so let’s do a quick setup inorder to get some recording on the box and to see how the video quality andthe sound that you get out of it that’s really reliable and how good it isthis all right the box is really really nice it was likewhat three inches like I say and a half it’s really really small and so you cansee it’s a portable device you could take it to any trip that you have or sothat way you have you can record things that you want all right so let’s put thepower the 16-gigabyte flash drive HDMIoutput and on this occasion what I’m doing is I’m gonna use my fire TV inorder to record so let’s let’s that test everything on my monitor and we’ll seehow everything works all right so like I said so I’m using my firestick 4k all, right guys, I made the set up alreadyI am using the fire stick and as you can see the image from the stick is goingthrough my monitor time to check the video resolution and also plug themicrophone to box as you could see you could all you only have to on press hereand once you press it you have right now it’s recording you have a solid light and right now it is recording let’s go to the recording and we’ll seehow’s everything looks alright guys we are now in the fire stick we’rerecording with our cloner alliance box turbo and I could say the image that’sgreat let’s go on let me see a couple of thinks quality videos is worth it and like I said for a hundred dollars is agood price the quality that you get and also, you don’t get those black screen normally you get when you’re trying to record or I’ll captureyour video from any type of software now a feature that fire stick has is that youcould download any type of recorder or screen recorder for you to record thescreen and what you see but they have features in the fire stick that won’t allow you to record anything at all probably I would saylike 10 second then you will see a black screentrust me I know for a for fact but anyway we’ve not allowed to play audiobut due to due to copyright well the audio is good don’t you have anyinterference on you know and the audio from the firestick regular volume, I’m not going up or down with the volume and it is really really nice I really like it I think I’msticking with the box for a few years to do a couple project that I haveand like I say right now the mic that I’m using just connected it to the boxso the comment that I’m doing right now it’s at the same time that I’mrecording the video from the fire stick which is great that will save me a lotin order normally when you capture some video without audio you have to go onedit and then put the voice over the video is really really a time saver in that’s that situation, anyway guys this is that thank you for watchingand don’t forget to subscribe.

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