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Beast IPTV 24h Test Interview-With-England-Over-50s-Walking-Football-Goalkeeper-Anita-Clarke


Good afternoon, could you tell theviewers your name please? – Yep, Anita Clarke.

– [Ian] And which age category are you playing in today? – The over 50s.

– [Ian] The over 50s, andwhat position do you play? – I’m the goal keeper.

– [Ian] Goalkeeper.

And do you play for theWalking Football clubs? – I play for Manchester City, yes.

– [Ian] Okay, well firstof all congratulations on being chosen to representyour country today.

– Thank you.

– [Ian] How are youfinding the day so far? – It’s been absolutelybrilliant the whole experience, the national anthem, thewalking out onto the pitch it’s a proud day, yeah.

– [Ian] And how long have you actually been playing Walking Football? – Walking Football about 12 months now, I used to play originallyfor Manchester City when it was 11 a side in’88 when we first started.

– [Ian] Wow.

– So obviously back playingWalking Football for them now.

– [Ian] So you’ve alwaysbeen a sports person? – Always been.

– [Ian] So what actually attracted you to Walking Football then? – Gail, who’s the current England captain, rang me because ManchesterCity had started a team up and they needed a goalkeeper so she thought of me and here I am, so thank you Gail.

– [Ian] So have you played any competitive tournaments, competitions, yeah? – The only one we’ve played the Dick Kerr.

We got beat unfortunatelyin the final penalties and we’ve had few friendlies but obviously this is sort of thenext stage up isn’t it? So.

– [Ian] Absolutely yeah, so what do your friends and family think about you playing? I mean what have they said to you? – Well obviously my mum’s really proud and my son is made up becauseobviously he was a lot younger when I used to play for City and now he can sort of appreciateit a little bit more, so yeah, very proud.

– [Ian] What do you actually like most about Walking Football? – Apart from the healthaspect because obviously like you said we’re gettinga little bit older now, so it’s something to do keep you active.

And daft as it seems it’sthe camaraderie of it, you know, I’m playing with a lot of the girls I used toplay with 30 years ago.

And so yeah, it’s just niceto spend time with them.

– [Ian] Do you thinkthere’s currently enough support to help the womenget involved in games? – Like I said 30 years ago, wewere classed as the pioneers when we started ManchesterCity and I feel it’s a bit of deja vu starting at the bottom again and hopefully with this tournament and the World Cup in Mallorca we can maybe get some sponsorship on board and take it to the next level so I still think there’s work to be done but I think we’re goingin the right direction.

– [Ian] What are the majorimprovements do you think and could help bringmore women into the game? – I think obviously the EnglandMax 80, 000s gonna do that but it’s the grassroots isn’t it? You know when I played inschool you weren’t allowed to play on mixed teamsor over a certain age and I think all that’s changing now and what people arerealizing that we can play.

– [Ian] Fantastic.

So if you can sum up thebenefits and the enjoyment that Walking Footballbrings you in a single quote what would your quote be? – Let me think.


– [Ian] Very good, yeah.

– Yeah, mentally andphysically as well, it’s good.

– [Ian] Absolutely.

From your football career andplaying Walking Football now do you have any tips ortechniques to stop you from going from walkingpace into a run or a jog? – It’s slightly different forme because I’m the goalkeeper so obviously I don’t have that and I think it’s justconcentration, is it? Just good practice, you know, when you’re mincing around the house in the eveningwalk a little bit faster and do it that way, so.

– And have you got any tips that you could tell the viewers about how toavoid and stay injury-free? – Again, a lot of it is downto your warm up initially, don’t just run out thereand start running about, you’ve got to take itseriously and warm up properly.

– [Ian] And so what areyour goals for the future in playing Walking Football? – Well obviously now, I’m sort of 56 now, so I’d like to stay with the over 50s and then maybe there’ll be an over 60s so and continue with England and hopefully sort of lift that World Cup.

– [Ian] Yeah, thank you, I’ve got one last question.

What advice would you give to the viewers that are watching younow that want to stand in your shoes and represent their country? – There’s lots of clubs that are doing it a lot of the big clubshave got Walking Football.

Google it, Walking Football’sa brilliant site to go on, it’s always publicizing different clubs and get yourself down there.

– [Ian] Fantastic.

And thank you very (coughs) excuse me, thank youvery much for your time, and enjoy your day and congratulations on representing your country again.

– Thank you, cheers.

– [Ian] Cheers, thank you very much.

– [Anita] No worries.

(dramatic music).

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