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HI GUYS AND WELCOME I THIS TUTORIAL special treat for some of you guys outthere I’ve found another working adult apk which is running flawlessly some ofyou guys are gonna love this so if you are under the age of 18 please switchthis video off now you hi guys welcome

back right so I have anew adult err PK a lot of you guys have been asking for a wacky one I haven’tmanaged to do a lot of research and finding one but I have just come acrossthis one it seems to be working really really well I can’t click

on any of thisguys this is entirely up to you to go and click on them do as you wish butbasically all you’re gonna get across here is websites these are video scriptsand websites so once you click on one of these I can’t click on them for obviousreasons you

go inside there you click on a video bang it’s on so this is how manyhave we got there we’ve got 15 different websites and I’ve been for a few ofthese and they all seem to be working so you guys you click away do what you dodo what you

do best right so all I’m going to do with this application I’mjust gonna show you how to install it and there is another one that you caninstall alongside of this but I will do that in another video but for now thisis called cum tube let’s get installing right

so whatyou’ll need to do you need to go all the way to the settings you need to go outto my fire TV make sure both of these are switched on guys and the developersoptions its ADB debugging and apps on the unknown sources so we’re gonna goback all the

way to the left we are going to be searching for downloader andthere it is just three steps down just click on that I’ve already got thisinstalled but you guys go ahead and install it so click on there and the URLyou guys are gonna be searching for is get

a file linked com I will drop it inthe description for you as well so once you guys have got the URL just click goand it’s just gonna download file linked to your device and all you have to dothen is just click install so install it from there and

just open it up so the code that you’re going to beinputting guys is a five zero eight five three nine eight five I will also putthis in the description so you guys don’t have to come back to this so if weclick continue I am now getting a hell

of a lot of messages about VPN andrunning VPNs they’re worth it are the free ones worth it if it’s me I pay formy VPN I do not want to try a free VPN as there’s no guarantee that it works soat the moment I’m running ipvanish I’ve used it

now for about six monthsit’s really good it does mix up your IPs it froze it from Spanish to French toAustralian so it’s not sticking on the same IP it will do this throughout thetime you’re using it so it’s pretty good idea to get a good one I highlyrecommend

that one so if you guys are going to go for one make sure you go forthat one there the guys have been up and running now for quite a few years andthey seem to know what they’re doing and if you want to discount kerb guys justgo in my

description and there is one down there click my link and then gofrom there there is six months free at the momentwhich is an added bonus so let’s leave that alone and the one we’re looking fornow we go all the way to the bottom into the adult section adult

app some reposwe are going to go for cum tube right at the top that’s the one there guys justclick the download button and then just install it from there what just pushthat one there install and then just open it up and that is ityou don’t need to install

any players alongside of it this has got its ownplayers built-in which are really good this seems to be fast working reallywell so this isn’t as I said before I can’t click on any of this due toyoutube and obviously it been 18-plus so guys

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