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to celebrate the return of the Premier League tpho is offering 40% off an annual subscription to the athletic for a limited time only please see the link in the description for more details Kevin de Bruyne o was recently a guest on the Athletics Ornstein and Chapman podcast Mark Chapman asked him if I asked you to give me your position would you just simply say central midfielder and he responds yeah I don’t think I play as a DM I don’t think I play as an attacking midfielder somewhere in between I think people would say the box to box before but I think these days with the way football is play this it’s more about covering spaces than just the position so it just depends what other teams are doing to be honest so while most people consider to broaden it to be an attacking midfielder de Bruyne er himself doesn Y is this [Music] [Applause] [Music] de Bruyne er is rightly heralded as one of the most potent creative players of the Premier League era he leads the competition this season for assists and chances created in his five season career at manchester city there’s only been one during which he failed to register at least 0.

7 goals plus assists per 90 that was last season when he spent most of it on the sidelines with injury but returned in time to see City over the line for the title and this season has been his most productive so far de Bruyne er has mostly been used in his City career in a central midfield role but one with a significant attacking function in city’s most used 433 he occupies the right hand side of the midfield three that gets forwards into the central attacking area or the right half space in the past this has been referred to as an 8/10 hybrid role a central midfielder who spends a lot of time between the lines initiating attacks in previous seasons de Bruyne er could often be found quite centrally with four city attackers ahead of him and he also has a superb ability to create from the inside right channel whipping in low crosses that bend into the path of on rushing attackers while this ability to create from through balls low crosses and driving runs is what catches the eye de Bruyne his overall impact on Manchester City can be missed he’s not an out-and-out ten he does too much elsewhere on the pitch for them so kevin 16 assists and eight goals personally feed this season how would you say your game has evolved over say the last couple of years well I guess a more complete player I know people see me as a creative player but there’s a lot of games where I just play like central midfield and I know I’ve I’ve got the dynamism in my in my game to go up and down de bruyne his dynamism means he’s not just a creator from further back in the attacking third while the whipped cross is a potent weapon he can also drive into the box of an assisting from a deep position where he gets him behind a fullback who’s drawn for words by city’s right winger de Bruyne er can also create from deeper should city’s wide players or forwards find space but he’s not a deep-lying playmaker in the Andrea Pirlo mode City play higher up the pitch anyway it’s more that he has the footballing intelligence to maximize opportunity wherever he finds himself being around the halfway line or deep in the penalty area and as de Bruyne himself notes it’s more about space than positions city have adapted this season having regularly had a field fernandinho in central defence with Rodri as the pivot in their favored 433 de Bruyne has seen less of the ball which makes his overall attacking output even more impressive he’s also pressing less and tackling less than last season but the areas of the pitch where he’s operating have changed subtly well his touches and tackling areas are relatively consistent over the last two seasons he’s pressing more in the attacking third this season de bruyne is positioning and defensive work has shifted with the team although city are pressing at roughly the average rate they did last season across games he is pressing less overall but closer to the opposition goal he’s adapted but without compromising what he does best and although he’s seeing less of the ball he’s seeing it in the same areas and doing more with it he is as he says himself a more complete player football is back and to celebrate tifo is giving away 40% off of annual subscriptions to the athletic that’s just three pounds a month for the best football writing online dedicated to your club and if you like today’s episode you can listen for free to the on steam and chapman podcast to go deep into the inner workings of the football machine thanks for watching today’s video and for supporting Tico [Music] [Applause].

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