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10 weeks.

>> And one day.

That is coming up fast.

We are continuing our wide receiver conversation.

Earlier this morning I spoke with gunner Romney on the desert first credit union hotline.

I had to lead off with a comment on his hair that looks like in midseason form.

>> I appreciate it.

It is early morning, just hopped out of the shower.

Start the day.

>> We try not to have bias.

I always say my Mormon colonies guys, the Romneys, those are my guys.

My mom said your great grandma was best friend with the Romneys grandma.

I don’t know all the connections, but I feel like we should hang out more.

Is that a fair assessment? >> We should go on a lunch date to get to know each other better.

Our families are tight.

>> They are.

You are not as tight, of course, you and your brother Baylor, the first brother to brother TD in BYU history.

We are looking forward to the season a lot.

Let’s dive into a bunch of topics.

How many more of those are we going to see? If Baylor plays, I’m sure he is going to throw to you again, right? >> Yeah.

The quarterback situation, we don’t know who is going to play and who is going to be the guy.

Whoever it is, if it is Baylor, I’m hoping you’ll see a lot more tds this year.

>> Do you look back and think how crazy that is? For him to come to BYU and walk on is awesome.

Let alone to start games and you could argue the biggest win of 2019 was beating Boise state with your brother at the helm? >> Yeah.

Things don’t hit you in the moment like that, but when you are looking back you realize how cool of an experience that was to enjoy.

So I’m really glad Baylor made the decision to come to BYU.

I know it was kind of a hard decision for him to do that.

But just the fact that everything worked out the way it did, it is really cool.

>> Is he or you even the best athlete around here because Baylor’s wife Elise is elite with the track team.

She is a legit athlete.

I have that question.

What do you think? >> I mean, that is a topic that gets debated a lot in our family.

It gets pretty heated.

Elise holds the school record for pole vault.

Our younger brother who just signed with BYU, too, is a freak athlete.

Our younger sister, she honestly might be the most athletic in the family.

She runs track and stuff.

We don’t know.

Only time will tell, I guess.

>> That is awesome.

And we are really looking forward to Tate getting to BYU.

I have a son named Tate.

There is another connection.

I’m already a fan of your brother.

>> That is awesome.

>> He is a linebacker.

He is on the other side of the ball.

Where is he going on his mission, again, first? >> He left on his mission today.

We said goodbye to him last night.

So that is pretty cool.

He is assigned to go to Argentina.

With the whole covid thing he might get reassigned.

We’ll see what happens.

Tate is a safety/linebacker.

So he plays on the defensive side of the ball.

He’s the type of guy that will give his body to the play.

A ruthless defender.

Just wants to kill you on the field.

Nicest guy off the field, on the field you do not want to go against him.

>> Do you have a similar personality, you seem very chill and yet focused.

Is he different from you guys or similar? >> No, me and my brothers have similar personalities, quiet, laid back off the field but on the field it changes a bit.

>> Where do you get that from? Mom or dad? I believe your dad played basketball.

I think he played professionally.

I heard he played football as well down there? >> He played basketball most of his life.

He did play football in high school.

Honestly, the personality comes from nowhere because both of our parents are pretty outgoing and pretty social and talkative, but none of us are.

So I don’t know where we get that from.

>> Let’s talk about journey to BYU and talk about the off-season.

The Mormon colonies, pioneers come west, they go to Mexico and essentially farm, right.

So your family has ties down there.

My family has ties down there.

Walk us through the journey where you were born and where you move and how you end up in Chandler, Arizona.

>> My family has been in the Mormon colonies generations.

My dad and grandfather were born down there.

My dad moved here to go to college in Arizona.

My dad moved to join the family business and that is where I was born.

I was down there many years.

I went to elementary school down there.

It wasn’t until I was 13 years old where we moved to the U.


, to El Paso, Texas.

Where Baylor finished his career.

When Baylor graduated we moved to Arizona and I finished my high school junior and senior year.

It is a unique thing to grow up in a different country and then move to the U.


And still experience that.

So it was really cool.

>> I assumed you moved to el Paso for athletics.

You are not getting recruited out of the Mormon colonies.

It is tough down there, right? >> I credit my parents for this.

They made a huge sacrifice.

My dad would commute to work every day.

He still works in Mexico.

Yeah, there is not a lot of organized sports or organized clubs or activities in Mexico for us to be able to reach our true potential.

So they had to sacrifice.

We had to go to Texas.

That is where we really got into sports heavily.

We played it here and there, but there was no organized sports in Mexico.

To get the opportunity in el Paso was huge.

>> Jsa all the way, that is how it goes.

>> Yes.

>> BYU plays at Arizona state this year.

How many Romneys are going to show up to that one? >> It is going to be a packed stadium.

Probably half will be Romneys.

I’m not going to lie.

Our family is pretty loyal when it comes to coming to games and supporting.

We have a huge support system.

And most of them are in Arizona still, so it is going to be hard to find all them tickets.

>> It is going to be awesome.

You are going to be asked for a lot of those.

Let’s talk about how the off-season is going for you.

What are you working on? >> We are doing voluntary workouts for football, but I mean, that is not enough.

We always talk about how doing the minimum isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Everyone else in the country is doing their same workouts.

We do those and we all get together and do more one-on-ones, individual drills, more lifting, more conditioning.

It is pretty much an all day affair working out all day, every day.

It is a grind.

You have to sacrifice your summer but it is worth it in the end.

It pays off.

>> Last year was a senior heavy group among the sieves.

Matt bushman as a tend is a separate conversation.

Micah Simon, talon Shumway, alevo hifo, do you feel pressure to step up to lead in catches and yards? >> I do.

It is a great opportunity to step up and fill the shoes those guys left.

Me and Dax Milne two guys returning who have experience.

We are excited to get in there and see what we can do.

We also have a lot of younger guys.

A lot of younger talent that will be able to help us out.

I’m excited.

It is a pretty inexperienced group but at the same time a really talented group.

>> That is the fun part about this, the expectations are up in the air because we are excited to see you and Dax and some of these others you mentioned I want to dive into here in a second.

We just don’t know.

Which is exciting.

A little scary, perhaps.

Dax, a former walk on would be, got a scholarship, had a tremendous season, two great catches that were top 10 plays.

Tell us about some of the other guys you expect to have an impact like Keanu hill and Kody Epps and others.

>> Yeah, like you said, Keanu, he is a big body, really solid hands, runs good routes.

He should be able to step up.

He is coming off an injury, but should be able to step up and have a big impact.

Kody Epps is a really talented guy.

The coaching staff is excited to get him on campus because he has a huge potential.

Also guys like Chris Jackson, a juco transfer.

He has been working out with us and looking really good.

He can burn.

So really excited to get him into the mix.

Guys return like Neil pau’u who we didn’t have last year.

I think we have a lot of weapons and we are going to be able to use a lot of people.

>> Certainly opening the season as the only college football team to play four power fives in a row is challenging.

What excites you about the opportunity to show what BYU can do? >> I personally love the schedule and I love playing tough teams because it is like every week you have a new challenge.

You should never look at smaller games as being lesser, but at the same time, it is fun to be able to play those games and get more excited when you are playing big-time teams.

I look at it as a challenge for us and an opportunity to be able to show how good of a team we actually are and how good of a team we can actually be.

>> We are 10 weeks and one day away which is crazy.

Good luck with the workouts.

Stay safe and no product needs in that hair.

Don’t forget.

>> Appreciate it >> Gunner Romney one-on-one with.

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