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hey guys a varsity policeman and I’m back if you were watching live I apologize for what just happened I’m not sure what happened so but anyway we’ll start over again so the live video is going to be part of this video is going to be over how to

install Exodus and sports double smashed repo I get this only everyone knows I always give this guy props he does amazing work and we could always check out Cody apps calm and he has the latest in TV shows movies sports builds add-ons and apks and so he does

a lot of good stuff so and by the way my build is on here I will leave it in the description below which is what we were on just a few seconds ago and if you would just click on that link below and it will nominate me for

the day so that way we can push it the I’m built to the top of the list I would appreciate that guys so let’s hop into the video on how to install the smash repo I’m just going to open up our coding the this is Cody 17 and

I so this is Kody 17 stock and so I’m gonna show you guys how to install it from here so you’re gonna click on this little gear right here and we’re gonna click on the system settings and then go to add-ons and click show notifications so that might

only install that add-ons or repos it will show us that they’ve been installed anytime the update they’ll also show us they have installed and then click on unknown sources this is gonna give you this is a third-party add-on so this is dis Cody’s warning of what could happen

and just click guess and then go back just one and then go to the file manager click on add sources right here it says done click there this window will open up and type this out I’ll give you a few seconds to check it out that’s kind of

a long URL okay so once you do that we’re gonna click okay to this and then you can name this whatever you want I’m gonna name it smash theirs so I know and click okay and go back one you know back to now you’re back at the main

screen go to add-ons and then click my hat on oh I’m sorry click on this box appear and I’ll take you to this screen and then we’re going to go to install from zip file and then we named it smash so there is the smash repo and click

on that or give it a second to install it there it goes it shows that installed and updated so what we’re going to do now let’s we’re gonna click from install from repo and we’re going to look for the smash repo and we’re gonna click on videos now

as you guys can see there’s a lot of stuff that came from a lot of stuff there’s a few things from TV add-ons and so what I want to show you now obviously as exodus that’s the one everyone once let’s hit install there okay and installed let’s go

ahead and do sports double as well that’s a popular add-on there everyone likes give us something here until of them update and like I was saying on the other video before it crashed I really wouldn’t do a review of I build and I really like to do someone’s

build that watch one of my videos to help them how to make a build or how they make a wizard or to see in my videos even my the people could watch my videos to learn how to do stuff okay so now that we have those installed let’s

go back and go back and go back into your back to this screen and then we’re going to go to my add-ons and then we’re going to go down to video add-ons and now we have lovelies installed so let’s take a look at x2 this and let’s go

to open and then let’s go to movies lets you know the search function was the thing that wasn’t working in has it been working so let’s look in here and see what we see if it works hmm okay well at least it’s working so let’s look at most

popular that’s what like this is usually the stream that I have playing in my in my build that’s why I was showing full let’s look at John wick let’s see here I be getting live messages lately like hey it says those no streams available and I showed you

guys how to update if you have it one build how to install reinstall and then updated so if I wanted to show people who don’t have I build how to do it so then it’s like I’m moving and their yard is playing so I’ll close it out just

because I’ve been hit with a couple of my videos I’ve been hit with the violation of piracy so I just want to go ahead and get out of that so let’s look at sports double I don’t know exactly what sports we’ll be on currently but what you do

is go to live sports and it kind of gives you all the different websites to choose from my personal favor if I check out I use a tree house video I pay for I pay for my live TV which comes with sports so I’ll use sports level because

I don’t think it’s reliable enough but if I do use swartz tell if I do Drexel and who doesn’t want to pay for sports I do direct them to first row eat you I think that’s the most reliable when I think baseball might be just any month day

there you go excuse me let’s see if the live TV channels working okay so the answer is no but since there’s no game on right now there’s no way for me there okay so hopefully whatever this goes back this will all be one good good video I keep

losing connection to the to the live stream I apologize if you’re watching live but anyway so they tell me that this first level has been updated and it’s working really well as you guys see that the new version of Exodus is three point one point two two and

that’s the current version we have and that’s and I just I just want to go back and and highlight some things from here so the repo total finish videos and again one channel I think this I never thought this was a good ad on it’s the one you

gotta sign it for I did a review if you guys wanna check it out I I thought it was a garbage add-on but whatever this ad on a live other add-ons used this add-on as a dependency so it may be worth being a stalling icefilms as long as

I’ve been doing Cody I’ve never used this one I didn’t think it worked well Sports access this one knows I paid supports add-ons I’ll it’s really popular it’s in my build actually I don’t use it but I’ve had a lot of people asked me to put it in

so that’s why it’s there assaults it’s been updated and working pretty well I’ve never used oil I never found it to work – maybe I never installed it I don’t know I mean this is a great add-on for an adult and this is also a great at all

for adults so if you’re looking for adults it’s either both or one that either one of these two they’re both really good I’ve never tested this one new music and course also YouTube is great so so there’s a couple of the add-ons that you can get from this

and so if you’re using Exodus or you need update access because you’re you’re getting the no strings available that’s is how you would install it if you’re not using my build and again I really want to have built review so from you guys my viewers who are watching

if you have a build that you’re working on or you want to you’ve completed and you really want to share it with people please message me I really like to do a review from you guys your build and check it out and I was you know helping people

who make builds I’ve had a lot of people message me now I think a lot of people who have bested me to get me to help them with their build they just doing it for themselves or maybe for them and their family so now they’re not trying to

get large exposure to to the build but what I sell boxes and they want to build for them for their for their boxes or whatever but but if there is someone who is watching you guys you do have a build you really want to get some exposure to

it I love to do review also if you have a build that you like and that you have and that you want to publish on this guy is super nice I get a douche reach out to him via Twitter that’s how I found him and I reached out

to him I told him made my own review video of course I can do review for the video for you if that’s what you like and then he’ll add it to the list of a build so just an idea for any of you guys who watches this will

conclude this video and I hope you guys like it if you do please give it a thumbs up as it does help and if you’re new to the channel and you like the content that you watched today please hit the subscribe button tell your friends and family about

it I do have some maybe videos for upcoming movies trailers so if you like maybe trailers check them out I have flight for you there give them a thumbs up as well if you like to maybe and there’s a epic kind of movie that you want to me

do a trailer for leave me a comment below and I’ll be glad to do it thank you guys for watching and I hope everyone has a wonderful day

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