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Hello everybody andwelcome to this weeks vlog.

This is the third episode in season one of these weekly vlogs, so without further ado, let’s just get right into it.

– [Arlisa] you see it? – [Isaac] No.

– [Arlisa] Ah, Jesus! – [Isaac] Try to getit away from this wall.

There we go you didn’t caught it.

You’re not trying to catch it are you? – [Arlisa] I’m not.

I’m watching you.

This is your administering.

You do that.

(plastic container slams) (paper and container rubbing) – [Arlisa] He’s gonna come out! – [Isaac] This is tough.

– [Arlisa] Let me see ifI can do it from here.

Let me see if I could pick it up.

Oh you know what, slidesomething else under the cover.

– Idea! (paper and container rubbing) It will live.

– [Arlisa] Yeah, it will.

– [Isaac] Oh, this is notgonna scare you, okay? – [Arlisa] I’m not running away.

I’m just trying to stay out of your way.

– [Rhonda] Please take it outside.

Alright, so its Sunday night, we’re getting ready toeat dinner, its 8:09.

Don’t worry about the time, okay.

Don’t worry about time.

Anyway, my sister made some dinner for me.

It’s leftover spaghetti, but she like warmed the food and made us do this and everything.

Look at how fancy this looks.

I feel so loved.

– [Isaac] Fancy? – [Arlisa] Do you have something to say? You obviously have something to say.

What would you like to sayat this time Isaac, huh? – I didn’t get that stuff in mine.

– [Arlisa] You’re not special.

If she had given himsome basil and Parmesan.

Is it Parmesan? – [Rhonda] Romano.

– Romano cheese.

He would’ve, “Mom, I don’t like basil, it taste too healthy”.

– [Isaac] I’ve triedromano cheese, don’t I? – [Rhonda] You have Gouda.

– [Arlisa] You got cheese.

You got Gouda, hush.

Alright, so I’m about to start cooking.

Isaac is outside playing with Charlie.

Not really playing with Charlie, – [Isaac] Really? ’cause charlie is right there.

– [Arlisa] I just wanted to kinda pop in on Isaac and Rhonda playing football.

Now, she’s out here in a skirt y’all.

She’s just trying to bond with her son and I think its so adorable.

Aw shoot, I let him out.

He’s gonna go and ruin the game.

(gate closes) oh close! Charley.

Charlie, what’s up man.

Sit, sit.

Ball thuds.

Butter fingers! What’s up with that? That was a terrible throw.

– [Isaac] How about you try? – [Arlisa] I can do it.

Let me put this down.

Show y’all what I’m made of.

(scoffs) I got this.

Okay, Isaac, I took my belt off so, move Charlie, you gon’ mess stuff up.

(ball hitting) ah! Okay, next one.

I can’t throw.

Charlie, nobody’s playing with you.

– He’s not gonna try.

– [Arlisa] He is, he’s in the way.

Okay, come on, inside! Inside!- [Isaac] Thank you.

– [Arlisa] All right go Charlie.

Sorry bruh.

(gate closes) all right.

(wind blowing) (record scratch) (upbeat rock music) – [Arlisa] That was right there.

Throw the ball to me not the ground.

– I’m throwing it to you.

(ball thuds) – Oh! (ball thuds) – Oh! (upbeat rock music continues) This is not soccer.

(laughing) (ball thuds) woo hoo! (upbeat rock music) All right, give me a high on.

Not on the fence! (upbeat rock music continues) (ball thuds) I did that softball kick.


(upbeat rock music) (ball thuds) (crowd cheering) (upbeat rock music) (crowd cheering) Anyway.

(upbeat rock music) Woo! Okay.

Well, but he caught it.

(Ball thuds) (laughing) You must be excited about the wave cap.

So he just opened his box from amazon.

That’s his thing, he lovesto open boxes, right.

He um.



Where is the wave cap? Oh, he’s hiding it.

I have multiple wave caps, so I don’t even know why you’re excited, aren’t you? – Mhm.

– [Arlisa] Show ’em your waves.

You already got waves.

So, the boy already got waves.

he’s growing it out a little bit, but he already has waves, you know what I’m saying? So, he’s gonna be walkingaround in a do-rag.

I’m not ready.

I’m really not.

– [Isaac] How do you use this? – [Arlisa] You don’t know how to? You put it around your head and tie it.

– Oh, what? – [Arlisa] Oh lord.

– [Isaac] like this? – Ten minutes later.

Wow, no.

You look like a pirate.

(laughing) Why is it tied to one side? (Isaac humming) – Arr.

– Lets bring it back.

(Isaac humming) Okay so, I am going to modify the recipe.

I am the queen of modification.

Crown me now.

(royal music) #QueenOfModification.

But I’m going to add someblack beans to the recipe, because when I was discussing the recipe with my sister yesterday, she didn’t feel like itwould a filling enough meal with just sweet potatoes.

She thought adding the beans(Isaac humming) would be like a complete protein.

So, why are you humming? (Isaac humming) Okay.

So, I was cleaning ’causemy friend is coming, right and I went to move this thingover here so I can sweep.

And I think it’s a frog.

I don’t know if is a dead frog or what.

You ready? I’m not ’cause I’m I’m gon’ run.

– It’s dead.

– [Arlisa] Oh, it’s dead.

– It’s a big one too.

– [Arlisa] Yeah, he wasjust sitting there chilling.

– [Isaac] He’s dead.

Unless it move.

– [Arlisa] Hey look, don’tbe scaring me like that.

– [Isaac] How am I scaring you? – [Arlisa] I don’t know.

I don’t know how you’re scaring me.

Well, that the Lord for that.

Crisis averted.

What is this Hockey? Look at this boy.

(sweeping) So my best friend, Lindsey, made it.

I’m so excited.

(Lindsey cheering) We’re about to go out to this festival and grab something to eat.

So, I don’t know what we’regonna get into specifically.

We have two options.

Either Mexican or Tai food.

The Mexican food is cheaper, so I’m leaning towards Mexican.

Well, this particular Mexicanrestaurant it’s cheaper, but yeah, there’s suppose tobe a little festival out there.

I think they’re gon’ have food trucks and all that other kind of stuff and I’m not sure whatelse they’re gonna have, but we’ll see what it isand how easy it is to park and everything like that, but we’re about to headout so.

(squealing) lets go.

– Alright.

(door opens) – [Arlisa] What we didn’t anticipate is that it is full on raining outside.

Like it’s pouring.

You can’t tell ’cause its super dark.

Lets see if I can lighten it.

Yeah, its pouring.

(rain clattering) Like great, you know.

It’s all good though.

It’s all good.

We didn’t end up you gon’ hold it for me? Alright, see I got a videographer.

Thanks Lindsey, you’re awesome.

We didn’t end up going to, well we might still go.

I have to make sure look at the hours and what not of the festival, but the restaurant thatwe were gonna go to, the two options that wehad were both closed, so now we are at Denny’s.

We’re gonna get something.

I’m probably gonna get fish.

I don’t know what Linds is gonna get.

You know, I might get some pancakes.

We’ll see.

Kinda bummed though.

(restaurant chatter) I’m gonna eat her fries.

She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m gon’ eat all her fries.

Look at this.

Man, see that’s what friends are for.

You know what I’m saying.

I’m put her to work though ’cause I’m gon’ try my food real quick while she’s holding the camera.

Okay so, you gotta try the salmon right.

(restaurant chatter) Alright, let me pray first.

Jesus wept.


I’m headed to the waxwhisperer to go and get waxed.

I have only gotten my eyebrowswaxed one time before.

I’m not gon’ tell youwhat I’m getting waxed, but I’m scared.

You know, I’m kinda scared anyway.

So, we’ll see how this ends up going and then after that we’re going to a Sabrina Claudio concert in Orlando.

So I’m super excited about that.

I just got turned on to hermusic and I think she’s dope.

Alright, so we made it.

We are walking, we’reheaded to the concert, we parked and everything.

I’m excited.

I’ve never been, well, Lindsey and I were just saying that we’ve never been toDowntown Orlando ever.

Which I think is a problem’cause we’re Floridians – Right, and we’re so close.

– Right.

But, you know you live and you learn and you experience things.

So, this is a first for the both of us.

Oh! Look at that.

It’s a cool little area right over here.

The slideshow.

I guess that’s all apart of the slideshow.

You got that little area there.

The concert is at thebeach, which is right ahead.

They’re gonna be turnedup after we get out of this concert rightover here to the right at the Wall Street Plaza.

We’ll see.

We have some plans to go to somewhere else after we leave here, but Ithink we’ll play it by ear.

All right, so we decided to eat at this Jamaican-Englishplace, I think it’s called.

Right here.

(reggae music playing in background) And I got some jerk wings.

Lindsey got the jerk pattyand the wings are delicious.

So are you excited for the concert? – I am super excited.

I love her music so I’m superexited to hear her in person.

– So, I don’t know if you heardthat but hopefully you did.

(Band playing) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (music starting) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) (Sabrina Claudio singing) (crowd cheering)(Sabrina Claudio singing) well yeah, we just left theSabrina Claudio concert.

She did a good job.

I enjoyed myself.

What about you, Lindsey? – I enjoyed myself.

She was good.

Her newer stuff she was kinda off on.

– Yeah – but her old stuff she killed it.

– So, we just got back from out neighborhood Halloween party.

Number one, our neighbors are amazing.

Number two, last time, we didn’t really go on like the trick or treat walk whatever, But this time we went it was cool.

Like I said, I have amazing neighbors.

Probably some of the best neighbors, well, I had some great neighborsin Korea too, so yeah.

I wonder like, what it’s gonna be like when I actually have a houseand a family of my own.

I hope I have neighborsgood like the neighbors that I’ve had in my life so far.

Alright, so you made it to the end.

Thank you so much for watching.

I would really appreciate it if you would number one, like.

Number two, comment.

And then number three, subscribe.

And I will see you in the next one.

(upbeat music) let me pray first.

Jesus wept.


Don’t do it.

Look at Lindsey.

– Hey girl! – Hey! – Lord Jesus! A lot of.

(exhales) I’m tired.


(upbeat music).

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