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welcome to sensible transfers the video series in which we make transfer suggestions that suit the style of the club that we’re discussing if you’re unfamiliar with the rules or methodology you can watch our sensible transfers rules video as linked below today’s club is Manchester United Manchester United’s recent transfer business is a curious mix well Harry Maguire Erewhon berseker and Daniel James are qualified successes even when factoring in cost players like Fred do godello nemanja mattock and Alexis Sanchez have failed to deliver for various reasons although fred has improved in recent months Romelu Lukaku was sold for a loss and is now doing brilliantly in serie as part of a fairly classic to man striking team although his sale is perhaps instructive of socials preferred approach given the club’s recent dotted history in the transfer market inferring a sensible strategy in their movements isn’t always the easiest jump to make overseen by Ed Woodward manchester United have been largely hit and miss in the market prior to Sochi ours arrival the club was clearly bereft of a strategy that addressed weaknesses in the squad or engaged in much long-term planning how much longer the manager is given to implement his ideas remains to be seen so with that in mind more than anything United in a proper director of football look at Michael Edwards at Liverpool McKay’s orchid Dortmund Stuart Weber at Norwich City Ralf rangiku RB Leipzig or Monty at severe these figures set strategy oversee recruitment a liner manager with the design philosophy all the things that united seems a lack however this video is about players colligan Assoc ours United is actually not performing that badly overall fifth in the table at the time of writing their second four expected goals against this season a measure of the quality of chances a team give to their opposition and despite the team’s strikers playing well it’s in attack creation where they have issues social side tend to play a fairly organized 4-2-3-1 with an industrious double-pivot who lack a bit of creativity the full-backs will push high where possible and Luke Shaw has been a reasonable progressor of the ball on the left before being succeeded recently by prospect Brandon Williams due to injury but generally the game plan seems to use whoever is playing in the 10 position often Jessie Linga this season and sometimes under s Pereira to create disruption in the opposition’s defensive structure and then get the ball quickly to Markus Rushford Daniel James or Anthony maciel to create take on opportunities United are dangerous on the counter socials best results have come by pinning back opposition wide defenders and hitting teams on the break they have plenty of pace to use in behind teams but against deep sitting organized opposition they struggle with poor papa ransom for most of the season through injury united have found it hard to break teams down and they lack a passer who can progress the ball into dangerous areas and construct moves the unlock defenses this is clearly United’s greatest need and to address it we’ve looked for players 27 or under who’ve racked up more than 700 minutes so that there’s a reasonable data set and each player is either entering their peak or is still a prospect it’s always tricky and midseason so we’ve adjusted minutes played down from our summer benchmark these players could be used we’ll pick up so January but they should also be considered as longer term options as well [Music] now assuming that Scioscia sticks with this 4-2-3-1 this player could either be a deep playmaker or a 10 a kind of wide playmaker think okay at atletico madrid wouldn’t fit the system while lingard has failed to register a goal or assist in the league in 2019 he is still an intelligent player whose movement is off benefit to the team as seen against Spurs for example United would probably benefit more from a progressive passer deeper but we looked at defensive central and attacking midfielders for this section while obviously a well-rounded midfielder is best the key metrics under consideration are deep completed passes passes that find a teammate within 25 yards of goal and passes to the penalty area per ninety we’ve also looked at progressive passes as a good indicator of moving the ball forwards passes into the final third and smart passes which why Scouts slightly subjectively define as a pastor is cutting the lines and winning some advantage for teammates exactly the sort of pass that United seems to lack now of course there are some exciting players who would fit this mold but for one reason or another are probably unrealistic Martin urdhva guard is having a stellar season with Real Sociedad on loan from Real Madrid but is unlikely to be available a Kimsey Esch is more of a right winger though could probably play centrally but is not a natural fit Leonardo Fernandez a 22 year old Uruguayan at the luca on loan from Tigres UANL has only just joined Toluca and would probably not get a work permit but is a really interesting prospect in exactly this sort of month one player outside of Europe that should definitely be considered is Bruno Wimmer iose of atlético Paranaense a only 22 he’s yet to play for the Brazilian national side but according to transfer marked as joint Brazilian and Spanish nationality he’s had one league assist but his passing numbers are superb 2.

6 smart passes 11.

3 final third passes 3.

5 passes to the penalty area 2.

1 deep completed passes and 9.

2 progressive passes all per 90 he’s not the most robust player defensively but he has a nice range of passing and could be worth a look and he’d likely not solve United’s problems in the short term though we’ve gone there for for two clear options one is a deeper creator and one is more of a 10 Lazio’s Luis Alberto is having a stellar season and Simeoni and sakis Lazio lasya also feature a player previously linked with United Sergei Milankovitch Savitch another excellent midfielder who shows up very well in these metrics but would cost considerably more 27 year-old Luis Alberto who was one of Liverpool’s transfer committee acquisitions before leaving for Lazio in 2016 has probably the best all-round the creative numbers in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season 0.

55 assists per 93.

1 smart passes 11 final third passes 4.

3 passes to the penalty area 3.

5 deep completed passes and 10.

5 progressive passes or per 90 playing in a 3-5-2 with Lucas Leiva usually shielding behind Alberto and Milankovitch Savitch the Spanish midfielder doesn’t have to worry too much about his defensive duties although he’s still serviceable in this regard but his great strength is his passing which is elegant inventive and would provide exactly the sort of go forwards that United need from midfield he’s valued at 40 million euros according to transfer merked but he’d cost more creativity doesn’t come cheap prior to our next pick it’s worth mentioning that at the time of writing Bruno Fernandez is heavily linked with a move to Manchester United but if it’s going to happen it hasn’t happened yet with that in mind the other player worth considering is Roma’s Lorenzo Pellegrini he plays more as a 10 in Roma’s 4-2-3-1 under Paulo Fonseca but that’s ahead of a fairly workman like double-pivot much as would be found a United he’s managed 0.

49 assists per 92.

1 smart passes 6.

4 final third passes lower because he plays further up the pitch 5.

1 passes to the penalty area 2.

6 deep completed passes and 6.

7 progressive passes all by 90 he’s adept at finding space between opposition lines and whether he’s playing as a traditional string pulling 10 or a roaming advance playmaker he has superb vision and the technical ability to thrive in transitions seeing and executing defense splitting passes under pressure he’s only scored once this season but he times his runs well and could be a goal threat from a deeper starting position again he’s valued at 40 million euros according to transfer marked and again this would be higher he’s only 23 and has a higher ceiling than Luis Alberto having played in Serie A consistently since 2015-16 but if United want more of a 10 than a deeper creator he would be an excellent acquisition despite offering Ashley young a contract extension Luke shore looking reasonable and fits and starts but perennial e injured and generally far from living up to expectations and Brandon Williams coming through the ranks impressively Manchester United should also probably look for a long-term left back option someone who is defensively capable but also creates through progressive passes and deep completions make sense and United can afford to get some one more attacking as one by soccer adds balance by being more defensively minded on the right left back though is a tricky position to fill three of the best young left backs in Europe Verve assist opinion a loose wanna luca Pellegrini at Cagliari and sergio regulan as severe are all on loan from parent clubs unlikely to want to sell them Porto’s Alex Diaz has good assist numbers by he’s twenty-seven likely very expensive and playing for a dominant Porto side Alex Burks Phillip Max and Aaron Martin at mines are worth considering but we found two players we think United could look at more closely Bonzo’s rayon eight nori is an intriguing prospect at only 18 on Jays recruitment is justifiably lauded and ain’t nori is a French youth international who came out of the paris area like many other excellent prospects before being signed by own jay in 2018 he’s got 0.

14 assists per 94.

5 final third passes 1.

9 deep completed passes or crosses and 9.

8 progressive passes or per 90 he’s dynamic with 4.

3 trebles and 1.

8 progressive runs per 90 intelligent on the ball and makes a successful defensive actions per 90 valued at 12 million euros bank nori is probably a risk as far as immediate first team action is concerned particularly with Brandon Williams impressing but he should certainly be considered one of the brightest left back prospects in Europe RC Strasbourg Anthony kechi is a little older 22 and he has four assists this season in Liga we mentioned him in passing in the Arsenal sensible transfers video but United have a greater need in this position so we’re recommending him more firmly here he’s played 730 minutes so far this season so at the bottom end of what we’d like to look at but in that smallish sample size he’s managed eleven point one final third passes three point eight passes to the penalty area two point eight deep completed crosses or passes or per 90 he’s also managed fifteen point eight progressive passes per ninety the best of any left back we looked at in Europe’s top five leagues he gets the ball forwards and he does so with a good range of clipped passes down the line deeper crossing and inventive through passes he’s essentially two footed and could play on the right as well as the left though the latter is where he’s playing for RC Strasburg he’s also quick tenacious and defense and always looking to move the ball on after he’s won it back he looks like a future starter for a top European side confident physically capable and technically proficient and here is how our team could line up [Music] you [Music].

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