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Hi and welcome to a new video! Today we have for you the ultimate penalty shootout that so many have requested 4 people are at the start But it wouldn’t be the ultimate penalty shootout if we didn’t have a special guest with us today Huge applause for MM10 Now we have raised the bar But today won’t be the last time.

Today we have an entrance fee, everyone who wants to participate in the challenge has to pay 50 Euro I don’t have money, i’m a goalkeeper You’re on the outside today 50 Euro As you can see, real money What’s that? I have the 50 euros in small bills.

As you can see, this are 50 Euros Entrance fee is paid The good news is The entrance fee, which has just been paid The money is donated to a good cause, so that people who have less at Christmas also get something But why an entrance fee also was necessary The winner of this penalty challenge The player scoring the most penaltys after 5 shots Gets this present .


Have a look What could it be? Did you see it already? Noo You can win the brand-new Iphone 11Pro with 256GB I have spared no expense and effort Can’t I join in after all? You’re too late, mate.


Entrance fee is paid When I save the most penaltys .


I’ll get the money He is only paying the entrance fee, he still can’t win *joke* Here is the entrance fee – 50 Euros If I save more penalties than the best player scores, then I win We will think about it, but Jan joined this game For a good cause And in the end we decide if and how he can win The entrance fee is paid Rules are simple 5 penaltys each Who scores the most, will win this challenge & this beautiful Iphone Or unbox first We are ready! Everyone is hyped! It’s the first time we have such a prize Normally we are playing for glory But today the winner will get this beauty – more than 1k So guys, let’s start! Let’s do rock, paper, scissors to see who will start I have to decide Felix, me, Tim and then Marco You haven’t been around for almost 15 years, so you have to shoot last If everyone misses first, there’s no pressure First penalty Pressure is high Where you gonna take your penalty kick No, I won’t say anything, or I’ll just have disadvantages Tension is high Save penalty The good thing about me, I don’t have to win because I don’t want to keep the Iphone Konstantin, first penalty What a penalty.


Is that enough? To clear things out – Martin knows my penalty My tactics – I try to wait until the goalkeeper decides on a corner and then I shoot in the other corner Jan, the goalkeeper, jumped in the other corner Let’s put some pressure on Marco, first round 3 goals? It must be said that the level without Lukas is much higher My first penalty in a long time What do you think of the quality here? Quality with these guys here is awesome Back then, there were players like Max Galys and Luca Homolca It was all a waste of time.

Are you ready, Jan? Need a break.

We need to change the battery Unlucky for me You don’t want these mindgames when you’re shooting I have 2 trys for my first penalty? Save one! Like he never left.

The shot slipped, tried to shoot him flat Felix, last words? Great first round, everyone scored.

Tension is high 3 superior penalties and a lucky one Felix is a fair player This one was really close After I hit the ball, I thought it was gonna be close The penalty kick should be a good one A solid penalty Unlike the shots I took, this one was good Konzi can only improve Oh my gawd This one was even .


Jan just stand still next time Like I told you, I see what the goalkeeper does, then I shoot.

My run-up is slow, but if I run faster, I cannot see where the goalie jumps to You could see the corner You have to make an early decision on Tim’s penalty kicks Marco – how badly do you want that phone? Marco wants the phone pretty bad.

There’s nothing else I want Marco is also leaving after the penalty challenge The Iphone is already on ebay Round 3 Great save! Felix is the one who wants the phone the most Who doesn’t want this phone? Tim, you don’t own an Iphone 11Pro? Sure, i already got the exact same one Tim got one Marco also got one?! No, i got a different one.

I got the Iphone 11Pro Max With 512GB? That’s right.

I also got this phone.

The only one, who doesn’t own it is Felix Now he faked a corner and jumped into the other The sidestep cost him the one meter Otherwise I would have shot it in the other corner Tim is like a PRO! I think I pulled a muscle.

Do we have anyone here who can treat this? I don’t want anyone to touch this.

Ready? I don’t believe it.

It’s a slow con.

Great jump Marco, I’ve never seen a goalkeeper get a penalty kick This is also a certain quality to score such a penalty This place is getting ripped off.

If the goalkeeper got close to Marco’s penalty kick, he will probably save the next one I had to score this one Konzi, solid penalty or lucky one? How was the last one? The last one was solid The goalie just won’t give you a corner I made the Lukas.

This isn’t possible The goalie just didn’t offer me a corner.

We have to restart the challenge I wanted to stay in until Marco or Tim fail Jan you have to save some penaltys I don’t believe it.

Best Youtube Penalty Scorer Alive Jan, what’s wrong? Did you two make an agreement? Yeah, I want Tim to win this thing.

No, of course I want to save every penalty, but What’s wrong? I can’t save these penalties today Again with the fingertips on it Marco, it’s time Jan is in my head too, he knows where I shoot I cancelled the connection, but also lost my head-to-foot connection Last penalty for me – It’s out of my hands I just can score this one You have it in your hand .


no feet Jan jumped into the corner quite early I also have to score this one, but if Tim score his penalty i lost anyway Marco is also a bit insecure But it’s the same with penalties, you score four perfect penaltys and one is enough to be eliminated.

Like i’m doing now Solid penalty My chances are not so good, Marco and Tim have to miss both, so I am back in the game It’s very unrealistic Our chances are not so good Tim is very solid, I see no weaknesses so far Between goalkeeper and ball were always 5 meters That was really strong again The penalty kick was so accurate.



I always jump in the wrong corner? Yeah, but you move quite early Tim watches your moves No, he doesn’t Everytime I look one step before I shoot where you are going.

Jan, I don’t shoot five shots in the opposite corner and I’m lucky Tim you have to do a penalty tutorial We can do it after the challenge If Marco scores, Tim will do a penalty tutorial Just that you had the guts to show up here That’s true In this outfit With this moustache.

deserves respect And whether you score this one or not Jan, are you ready? I also get a lot of camera work done It irritates me.

Oh, boy Almost saved this one Marco lives at the limit Tim you start first? Yeah, because he was before you.

Can you distract him with the camera too? Tim was a little more confident.

Which actually means that I’m gonna lose Marco got the precision Precision was good, but the keeper was really close What do you think, Felix? I also think that Tim will win the challenge If you just got one bad penalty, you’re done Let’s do an experiment, Tim shoots 100 penalties, how many go in? Tim = 5 star penalty That was practically the same penalty kick The same shot.


Jan what’s wrong? You can’t save these penaltys Which one is more difficult to save? I don’t know if it’s so smart that Tim always watches my first move Then that would be a very strong reaction time I give him almost no corner Anyway, let’s save the next one Now he almost caught the penalty.

This was so close You had the perfect length The ball is passed under the hand through I thought he had this one This would be funny, if Jan saved this one If Marco also misses Could Konzi come back with a 50 Euro bill and play again Icecold This is Marco’s class, even after the 30th penalty he still does a Panenka We’re talking about 1, 000 euros and Marco acts like it’s nothing Solid penalty Give Jan some hope and then score the penalty safely again Or to make him try harder on Marco’s penalty This is how you know Marco Marco is just oldschool That was close, too.

If I hadn’t hit it point blank, you would have caught it with your foot.

Konzi, I don’t know who’s going to win I still think, that Tim is going to make it Penalty is also luck, one wrong shot and you’re out I think we hit the 10-minute mark, you can finish it now Marco, shall we share the Iphone? Let’s invite the boys for dinner Then you can also give me the Iphone, then we all have the Iphone 11 One chance to get what he wanted and then his nerves fail him Christmas is coming soon Great penalty Marco shoots like there’s no tomorrow This won’t work much longer, my nerves The record for consistently scored penalties was at Hildebrand – we scored 10 penaltys Not bad No words needed.

I have a feeling it’s not exhausting for him at all It’s mentally exhausting, not physically Stressful on the head You’ll have to decide where to shoot in a very short time Changing the foot position depending on where the goalkeeper jumps But you like the inner net Even if you know the corner, you can’t get to it Can’t save this one Even for pro goalkeepers We got the 10th penalty – now you need to refuel your power with KICK”RUSH This is the freekickerz performance drink, have any of you been drinking? I haven’t even tried it yet.

What? Take Tim for example, he’s been taking double doses, so here’s how he goes Short break, Tim just refueled his power Now you see what happens when you take KICK’N’RUSH during penaltys Like a machine Even Jan can’t believe this.

I’m thinking about quitting (Marco) I’m not sure what to do It’s frustrating It’s just not working today.

I’ve only saved one penalty kick so far, far too few I was up to four penalties with my fingertips You deserve more.

You need the Brofist.

Or maybe I just need some KICK’N’RUSH Did you have something mixed? Now he’s about to fly He knows how to do it Could be the turning point KICK’N’RUSH !! Winner! Great save! Solid performance, Marco.

But at some point someone has to miss.

That was our ultimate penalty shootout.

We hope you enjoyed it! And we also got a winner! You may hand it over, Marco.

I will hand it over to the goalkeeper.

Thanks! And unfortunately I have to give it to Tim Though I’d like to keep it.

This is the most deserved winner of a Challenge Me and Marco used to look at where the goalie was moving And tried to shoot into the corners But Tim was always so confident.

That definitely deserves respect Thanks to Marco for stopping by again and pushing the level up Normally we’re down here, now we’re up here Hit the like button, if you enjoyed this video Write in the comments when we should do the next ultimate penalty shootout And above all, what there is to win next time What should we give away next time? A car? I heared something of CUPRA? And who should be there next time Who’s missing from this round today? Write it in the comments Thanks for watching Stay sporty! See you next time!.

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