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Ninh explains:- The Rules of XFL Football The object of the game is for your team toscore more points than the opposing team.

The XFL, is a new American Football leaguewith modified rules that is played with teams of 52 players, with 11 players takingthe field at any one time.

The field is 100 yards long by 53 yards wide, with two 10 yard endzones at each end.

White markings on the field help players, referee’s and spectators keep track of what’s going on.

The game starts with a kickoff, but unlikenormal American football, teams stand 5 yards apart at the 35 yard line.

Once the ball is kicked, nobody can move untilthe receiver catches the ball.

This opens up space for this player to runwith the ball.

The team with possession of the ball is knownas the offense, and the team without the ball is the defense.

The job of the offense is to move the ballup the field and score points.

This can be done by either running forwardswith the ball, or by throwing it up the field for a teammate to catch.

The offense is given 4 chances (or 4 downs)to make at least 10 yards.

If the offense manages to move the ball 10yards or more, they will retain possession of the ball whilst given another 4 downs tomake another 10 yards.

On your TV screen, you will see this graphic.

This tells you what down the team is on, andthis tells you how many yards they need to make.

If you’re also watching this on TV, theywill also show the line they start from known as the line of scrimmage, and the line theyneed to cross in order to make their downs.

Unique to the XFL, two forward passes areallowed behind the line of scrimmage, as opposed to just one in American Football.

The defence’s job is to stop the offensemoving the ball forwards by tackling.

This includes pulling them to the ground, stopping them from moving forward or forcing them off the field.

If the offense fails to move the ball 10 yardswithin 4 downs, the ball is given to the defending team at that point.

The defending team will then bring on theiroffensive players and try and move the ball in the opposite direction so that they canscore.

You will most likely see an offense kick theball away on fourth down (known as a punt) to make it more difficult for the other teamto score.

However, bad punting in the XFL is punished, and on punts that go out of bounds, the receiving team gets the ball at their own 35 yard line, OR where the ball left the field – whichever is closer to the goal line.

The teams will usually have three differentunits of 11 players that come on the field at different times.

They include: The Offense.

These players will usually come on the fieldwhen they have possession of the ball.

The offensive unit consists of these positionsThe quarterback is the most important player on the field as he’s the one who decidesto pass the ball up the field, hand it off to a teammate so that they can run with it, or run with it himself.

These offensive line positions are usuallyresponsible for protecting the quarterback.

The wide receivers are responsible for runningdown the field to catch the ball thrown by the quarterback, and the running back is responsible for running with the ball up the field.

The DefenseThese players will usually come on the field when the other team has the ball.

The defensive unit consists of these positions– The defensive line is responsible for movingpast the offensive line.

The line-backers stop running backs comingthrough the defensive line and they also are responsible for attacking the quarterback.

The cornerbacks try and stop the wide receivers.

And the safeties try and stop a pass up themiddle of the field.

Special Teams.

Special teams are specialist players thatcome on the field when there is a kick involved.

Within the special teams is a mix of offensiveand defensive players mixed with either a punter or kicker for offense, or a punt returnerfor defense.

Now you know what all the players do and howthe game is played.

But how do you score? In American Football, there’s four differentways of scoring: 1.

Touchdown:The main way of scoring is via a touchdown.

If the ball is carried into the endzone area, or thrown and caught in the endzone, this is a touchdown and is worth 6 points.

Unlike in Rugby, you do not need to touchthe ball down on the ground, all you have to do is cross the line with the nose of theball to score.


Extra points.

Unique to the XFL, once a touchdown has beenscored, you do not kick through the uprights for extra points.

Instead you have the chance of passing orrunning the ball into the endzone again for extra points.

One extra point from your own 2 yard line.

Two extra points from your own 5 yard lineand three extra points from the 10 yard line.

Be wary though, as the opposing team can grabthe ball and run towards the opposite endzone for the same score.


Field Goal.

At any time, the team with the ball can kickthe ball between the posts and over the crossbar.

To do this, they must hand it to a teammatewho will hold it on the ground ready for a kicker to make the kick.

A successful kick scores 3 points.



If the defense tackles an offensive playerbehind his own goal line, the defending team scores two points.

The game is played in 4 x 15 minute quarters, for a combined playing time of 60 minutes.

Highest score at the end of 60 minutes wins.

If the game is tied in the XFL, a shootoutis used to determine the winner.

Both teams will be given 5 chances to passor run the ball into the endzone from the 5 yard line.

Each successful conversion scores 2 pointsand the team with the highest total after 5 rounds wins.

If still tied, sudden death attempts willbe used to determine the winner.

So why is this different to normal AmericanFootball? The XFL was created as an alternative to regularAmerican Football.

It’s largely the same game, but the differencesin rules are to eliminate some of the more redundant aspects of traditional AmericanFootball.

The game still is filled with lots of otherrules, and you’ll need to understand a few more of them before you watch or play a game.

For example.

FUMBLEIf a ball carrier or passer drops the ball, that’s a fumble.

Any player on the field can recover the ballby diving on it or he can run with it.

The team that recovers a fumble gets possessionof the ball.

INTERCEPTIONAn aggressive defense can regain possession of the ball by catching (intercepting) passesthat are meant for players on the other team.

Both fumble recoveries and interceptions canbe run back into the end zone for touchdowns.

SACKIf the defense tackles a Quarterback whilst he has possession of the ball, this is knownas a ‘sack’.

This is detrimental to the offense, as a downis wasted and it usually results in a loss of yards.

INCOMPLETE PASSIf a pass intended to a receiver hits the ground first, it is ruled an incomplete pass.

A down is wasted and play restarts from thesport of the last down.

PENALTYIf a player breaks one of the rules, referees will throw flags onto the field.

They will determine who made the foul andhow many yards his team should be penalised.

TIMEOUTSIf a team wants to stop the clock to regroup, take a break or discuss strategy, they areallowed two time-outs per half.

Each time out lasts 60 seconds.

Players get a break of 10 minutes at halftime.

This is all a lot to take in, but once youstart playing or watching XFL Football, the rules will become clear.

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