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this is top 10 fantasy football tight ends edition of the sports get my podcast is presented by my bookie Dodd AG use the promo code sgp for up to one thousand dollars in bonus bets that’s my bookie dad AG promo code sgp to play win and get paid Russell brought to you by our SG pn college football tournament we’re simulating a real college football playoff that you can pet on games are live every Saturday and Sunday night and June go to sports gaming podcast.

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com slash c ft we’re also brought to you by a spur head ace is the leader in paper ed providers and they make it super easy to start your own sports book plus ace is offering up to six weeks free over at a spread calm such SGP lets a spread calm such sgp finally or brought to you by cushy dreams cushy dreams is a new company with a full line of premium smokeable seat beat d now shipping legally to all 50 states and if you use the promo code of sgp you get 15% off that’s K us hy dreams calm promo code s G hey welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast I’m Sean sack in the money green with my partner pics right real money Cramer what’s happening Crime Dog shoutout to you Sean shout-out to the Kramer gang I’m sure there’s some fathers and they’re happy Father’s Day happy Father’s Day indeed and you happy Father’s Day to you for being the sim guy there you go I I keep track of all my sim children’s I’m up currently 7 units but who knows when when you listen to this podcast it could be 11 units we’re taping this before the last game of the CFT elite 8 right now I’m up 7 units on you but who knows we’ve been doing 2 units per game two games tonight we have juiced it up we’ve doubled it down and then of course Final Four and the championship game Saturday and Sunday when you’re listening to this Final Four will be on Saturday and then a third-place game looking like army-navy early and then closing things out with a real college football playoff championship i like the RV army-navy angle well it really it a it’s gonna create a fun game or anything because I think the triple option is going to be perfect in the way the game flows but also it just shows how much we here at the sports gambling podcast sports gambling podcast network love America we did meet up to July 4th here on the sports gambling podcast network will be all about this some are me naming our Army Navy in the summer where do we play the game it’s a good question I I say Rose Bowl that’s where the championship game is gonna be played and I think we’re doing the final for neutral field as well so maybe we do I will find some neutral fields maybe Rose Bowl we can put again you got some suggestions tweet us at gambling podcast football right around the corner it’s fun doing these and I thought we were ahead of the game but I actually looked it up last year almost I mean this is gonna post on the 22nd basically exactly one year ago today I was in this very same seat well we didn’t have the monitor but similar set up breaking down the top 10 fantasy football tight ends so it’s it’s it’s crazy how that kind of worked out we didn’t plan it at all I was I nailed the fact that two Eagles tight ends would be in the top 10 got hurt number 10 hurts number 5 of course did miss out with my hot take of the year that George Kittel is not gonna be a top 10 fantasy football tight end so I was wrong about that Kramer but again I like doing these top 10 lists and I like to throw in I like to pencil in a couple surprises you do you can do this like a machine and just look at the numbers do your little algorithm plug it in act like a machine but again that’s not why people like Sean ii Lonnie green I bring an element of gut handicapping its spite of the fact that I’ve been dealing with some acid reflux my gut is what I use to base the gate I watch all these games and the benefit is I have opinions on all these players gut handicapper so you’re gonna see a lot of the the common it’s a mixed a lot of the guys you would expect to see on a top 10 tight end list and a couple surprises couple movers a couple guys lower or higher than you that you would normally think so strap in it’s gonna be a fun podcast Sean you pointed out that we are while we thought it was early and we I’m sure if you go back to last year’s version of the ten tight ends you’ll hear us say the same thing feels early to be talking about football before July 4th Sean you know they’ve spent many many hours studying the great white shark and they still don’t really know why it continues to go back to Mexico well much like the shark we’re just instincts baby we sense it where we’re finely tuned predators that just search out football content football gambling opportunity sends you the other day I was like man that that top-10 tighter or a top 10 quarterbacks episode was fire most fire we put down in a while we’ve interviewed some great guests and then I guess we were we were spitballing about football we’re just talking football my football juices are flowing and you know they got a reservoir to quench your football thirst over at my bookie dot AG use that promo code sgp to play winning get paid of course exclusive home to our Madden simulations exclusive home to our NCAA football 14 simulations aka the cow football tournament you can only bet on those over at my bookie bad AG use some promo code s G P and of course the casino had a little cold streak on the blackjack table had to reload but it’s very I sort of got use Bitcoin whenever you’re dealing with my bookie dad AG you hit refresh a couple times it’s in the account and lightning fast payouts with that Bitcoin couldn’t recommend it more if you don’t know how to use Bitcoin we have an article up on sports gambling podcast how to deposit had a withdrawal using bitcoin of course by bookie daddy G where you can play win and get paid let’s talk some fantasy football tight ends Cramer let’s go former tight end so I bring a lot to the table I’ll let you start who’s your number tight who’s your number 10 fantasy football tight end for the year 2020 Cramer well and you know I almost put your boy Penn State Mike kiseki he’s gonna be running around there hopefully it’s too I wanted to find a way to get him in I couldn’t get him in he’s certainly a guy I like right near the edge I like him a lot and we’ll get to that later in the list as is as are guys like Hayden Hurst and Austin Hooper but my number 10 guy is a guy who in line with how I like the quarterback and I like the weapons on the outside with Courtland Sutton and Jerry Judi Noah Fant may be the tiebreaker was I wanted to talk about him more than the other guys and Noah Fant was a guy who flashed as a rookie not something you see all the time this dude’s a baller and with the wide receiver Talent Courtland Sutton by the end of this year you’re gonna be talking about in redraft years four twenty twenty-one taking him in the first or second round he’s gonna have Jerry Doody next to him this is gonna be a high-powered offense and the tight end is always the Forgotten weapon I really like to young like action I love Noah fan I wanted to get him in my top ten I think he I think he probably I think I think it’s a pretty good cut off maybe two or three tiers and include about ten guys for me so my first guy is gonna be no offense I like the upside here I I’m gonna I’m gonna end up with a lot of him in basketball I can feel that can’t did make my top ten list it as well I have a hair higher we’ll get to that in just a second my number ten and this again is a guy like to talk about get me Rob Gronkowski I don’t think he’s gonna have a huge year and certainly the injury concerns are a great reason and the target share a great reason not to love crock but 2018 you would think that was a horrible year for Gronk he only started 11 games and yet even in those 11 games 682 stones yards three touchdowns I think a 50-yard or sorry 50 catch five touchdowns season is very real for Rob Gronkowski and the reason I think he cracks the top ten is because of this touchdowns he has chemistry with Tom Brady everyone keeps talking about how Cove hit 19 is gonna impact the offseason the limited training camp he’s hanging out with Tom Brady now in Florida they’re getting their finger a bad thing also if you’re handicapping guy who may get covet 19 Gronk unfortunately hype the list but I love Gronk immune system the only thing this guy is gonna be catching this year is tight is touchdowns from old TTB tom brady and you’ll see a little trend here that when I’m what I’m handicapped and fantasy football Tourette’s which I love to do who do I look for I look at old veterans who are maybe losing some arm strength and need the easy completion they need that security blanket of a tight end and young first and second-year quarterbacks who again maybe they’re having trouble getting the ball deep outside they need the safe routes now or guys are gonna be involved in the bootleg possible mobile quarterbacks they like to find the tight end as well so those are kind of the quarterbacks I like to match to the fantasy football tight ends and that’s why I got Rob Gronkowski number 10 and yeah yeah there you go Cramer who’s your number one and I’ll just it’s great transition stuff my Gronk’s my number nine guy and the reason he’s only nine for me again I put 300k on this guy in our season-long props episode go look that up we put a million dollars out there on the line my mega whale play was Grunk to go over five and a half touchdowns and I think if you like him to go and score touchdowns this year you know to be at number ten number nine tight end I’m not I’m not needing a ton here and with the talent all over the field we know what’s gonna happen Gronk might not be the weapon he was but he’s going to be the weapon he was around the red zone and ten touchdowns completely illegitimate thing if he can stay healthy you throw you sprinkle in what 50 yards a game completely realistic yeah so hard to not I think that the counter-argument to Gronk is that injury or Target chair well and you’re gonna have to probably take him to Earl I think us putting Gronk here at number 10 probably leads him to not being drafted by us because people are gonna grab him he’s a name yeah he’s a name brand people are aware of the relationship with Tom Brady and at the end of the day and he’s fun to have on your team let’s be honest he’s funny on your team so I think for us to have him at 9 and 10 respectively we’re telling people that we were not gonna buy in on this type while I I do believe he’s going he’s good for those touchdown probably over him we’re not drafting him Kramer we mind milled right now I had no a fan as well my listen I had him at number nine and you brought up a great a number of great points why we should have him in there I think he has real real chemistry with the quarterback true lock and if you look at it here we go if you look at candidates that can make that jump from year one to year two we’ve seen it in the quarterback position certainly but it also happens in the tight end spot Mark Andrews was a great case last year he really came out of nowhere had a decent rookie year 34 catches three touchdowns no a fan had a better look here forty catches two n three touchdowns so I think you could really make some noise great chemistry with the quarterback and he only started 11 games and seemingly he got some good production with Trulock there at the end when Locke was making his run a four and one as a starter so again it’s a good system I think they’re gonna give drew Locke some easy throws and the only I think the argument against him is they brought in a bunch of weapons so and you have Courtland Sutton one last note is they do have Melvin Gordon so maybe that takes away a little bit from his touchdown share near the goal line something to consider but number nine feels right for me who’s your number eight fantasy football tight end well and this is maybe where we get into hot take territory because I I’m extremely curious as to why this guy is so far down the board I feel like we saw a lot of potential and the only reason we didn’t see more was because the quarterback situation was a disaster is a disaster and that’s TJ Hawkinson really my ultimate man okay so again I think my list is gonna be a little non-conventional too because the tight ends you always drop in and out and I think this is maybe the start of my like whoa really tear and you’re not gonna hear me like number one guy that I think people are fuckin crazy for putting in the top ten Tyler Higbee yeah I saw I think the fantasy prose or I saw him in like tier two what what what alright I get it they were in this they were hanging out together in hard knocks maybe they’re BFFs but Shawn McVeigh has forever been trying to get a second tight end involved there yeah and and he doesn’t and the system doesn’t really rely on the tight end they’re more likely to go through the slot receiver if they’re if they’re doing stuff over the middle so my case for hoc again he’s that perfect case of the rookie making the jump second year he had 32 catches last season but that was with no Stafford and his season kind of got cut short there at the end didn’t play a full season still had 11 and a half yards per catch that’s a good number for a tight end he plays in a dome Stafford’s back ideally healthy and Matt Patricia he’s an old-school guy he’s coming from the Bill Belichick system which loves tight ends I mean look at look at what Belichick did for the tight end position yeah Bill Belichick loves tight ends Matt Patricia loves Bill Belichick they they’re ago the eg Hawkinson is loved by Matt Patricia and I think Stafford’s gonna love thrown to the kid and and you saw his big games early where one staffer was still in well I mean opening game of the season granted it was against Arizona but he was he was electric and I do think what would i look for in the tight end position especially when I’m drafting so that in this range now what I’m basically saying is I’m not taking the top tier guys but I’m willing to take this guy may be in the middle rounds depending on the format FF PC leagues especially they get juiced up a bit because the one and a half PR but I’m stepping out on a limb here the number 17 consensus tight end according to fantasy pros he’s no my number eight guy your number eight guy – TJ Hawkinson who do you got number seven Kramer well number seven let’s go back a little chalky head over to my New York Giants na Evan Engram he did not make my list and that to me is the reason II didn’t make my list is they seemed like they were trying to get rid of him the trade issues and injury issues but athleticism is there what’s your case for an Ingram I I think it’s just the Cher he’s the target cher could be good we’ve highlighted that the passing attack could be inflated due to a bad defense there are a number of I know the schedules tough again another reason they might be behind a lot and throwing the ball I think there’s a lot of reasons to look at the Giants schedule this year and be terrified as a fan looking to win games but be delighted as a fan looking for fantasy perspectives because while they do appear to be going more towards a consent a more conservative offense I do think they’re gonna use Evan Engram in better ways yeah and and they’re gonna get garbage time where the Giants look at both Freddie kitchens and Jason Garrett tight ends are heavily involved in those offenses yeah and anyway you will about how good they are the tight end is it’s all can shine box and I think was so so good that we don’t have to get rid of that trap here’s the thing with Evan Engram and I am a fan but the reason that you’re okay taking Evan Engram at the same time you are like TJ Hawkinson for different reasons went right like one you know I think he seemed to take a big step forward for everything or I just think the volume could be so massive that we’re looking back on this and how many of these guys have the capability of walking away with with you know 10 catches for a hundred and forty yards I think we’re gonna the forum and not to split hairs too much but Ingram is a guy I would be more likely to having a best ball league because that high that super high senior with though is there and maybe the consistency staying on the field week in week out productive starter is not there my number seven Philadelphia Eagle star of all in one of the stars Dallas guy that you were waiting what do you mean I thought you were gonna wait wait watch it oh no I well I you said you didn’t want to jinx football well I considered football coming back away Carson Wentz started throwing to jaylen dragger I consider that the opening of camp so I allowed myself to watch Godard coming off a good season 58 catches five touchdowns and he was number ten for a you know overall in fantasy rankings number seven feels about right there get the added speed to the outside it seems like 12 personnel is gonna be their base personnel package so he’s gonna be out there for the majority of the snaps now he’s gonna probably be facing easier coverages him and went seemed to develop some chemistry if you saw the news he was at some bar hanging out and South Dakota and subdued walked up and just sucker-punched him that dudes fired up and he saw these teammates rally around about social media this guy is coming in with a chip on his shoulder and and and I have a couple guys in this window the second to third year jump I think he makes a jump up and I think Hertz probably similar numbers to what he did last year maybe maybe slight decline I’ll reveal where I’ve here maybe acted what I mean they had number 10 to number 5 so to have him number 7 I think he’s realistic but they added timing these guys are gonna take away some of that production that they had to step into last well and that’s probably good that’s a good point that may be bringing in these legit receivers again I mean I kill hurt it’s a red zone thing as well five touchdowns and of course he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles you know I got to get him in there Kramer and and I’m a sucker for tight ends can I get Jon Gruden yes which one my number six guy Darren Waller see Waller didn’t make it really and how does he not make it yeah I get the case for him I get the kid he’s the perfect player for that system we knew he was highly touted he finally got his shit together he’s in again great system he has two quarterbacks that have no idea how to throw the ball down the field past ten yards yeah and maybe maybe a little bit of an oversight because you’re right like the type of quarterbacks that like throwing to the tight end is is certainly Darren Waller to me I want to go against a guy that has that random out of out of nowhere insane production he had three years before last year with a combined 18 receptions and that last year is 90 receptions but it feels like to me it’s a bit of an outlier but I guess the case for it is even if he regresses tremendously and only gets you 60 catches he’s still probably cracking the top he’s just outside my top the important thing to remember is that if you have a data point that is an outlier as long as it’s explainable and it is right like the it’s a very logical thing to understand well this guy used to be a drug addict right got his shit together found a coach who believed in him got in the right system right time right place cocks and he was electric I mean that dudes gonna have a career in the national football you tell him based on that one season coat every coach in the league saw that he could do it so number six and honestly this is kind of where I strike the end of of my like like this tier so Waller down to Phantom you know I’ll draw another line in front of Gronk two tiers there but wah Waller is definitely a high upside guy but I think still putting him here I’m not drafting him because he’s going in the top five I believe yeah I think he’s a bit overvalued I made him number 11 official but just just outside but you make a great case they’re my number six Mark Andrews Oh low on him well again I just don’t think the Baltimore Ravens offense in that system they put out there everything went right that remark oh right injury wise I mean they did they didn’t have some bad injury look when it comes to the oh no that was the 49ers everything just went right for the Ravens and and Mark Andrews was that second-year breakout guy 64 catches what really to me while I have met sixes 10 receiving touchdowns I just don’t think he’s gonna get that number again I don’t think they’re gonna score quite as much as they did and I think you saw that Lamar Jackson offense that the Ravens put together it was very it was great it was you know got him an MVP season I just don’t think they have that again this isn’t Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs that are just gonna keep putting out high octane numbers year after year after year I think Mark Andrews is gonna be a solid tight end but I tend receiving touchdowns he doesn’t get near that so I got him number six here and if you look at the way he played last year a lot of that way a lot of his damage was in the first half of the season where he was essentially a lock for eight targets a game yeah and teams kind of adjusted to him down the line III just think it’s in the same way I think Lamar is gonna regress a little bit I think it’s it makes sense to expect Mark Andrews to regress a little bit there as well we’re getting jacked up about football win totals already out you could be booked in that action that’s right if you’re wanted to become your own bookie all you gonna do is go to a spur head comm /s GPU use that link and get up to six weeks free a spur head comm /s g P again ace makes it very easy to get set up you can become your own sports book it’s pretty easy you don’t know I need to know how to run a website how to come up with lines they do all that for you very plug and play great customer service couldn’t recommend them enough just go to a spread calm slush SGP a spread calm slush sg8 second half of the list Cramer who do you got number five well and my my next guy is the guy you just talked about Mark Andrews and and here’s the main reason why well you said I was low on I mean you got a bet 5 so it’s annoying because I think we’re all we’re high and low in the same people here and where our hot takes are all the same but when you look at his consistency game to game and perhaps baby a better target in best ball for this reason he he just had some he had games we didn’t bow put anything because there are on first team six games he only went saying he didn’t get into double digits in PPR points you can’t do that if you’re drafting a tight end in the firt liked it and in the FF BC you’re taking Mark Andrews in the first three rounds well yeah with maybe two rounds with that point a half PPR in FF PC but again to me he feels he’s not gonna have those same numbers people are drafting him office 2019 production it just doesn’t I just don’t see it on the flip side I do think there there’s versions of this where he gets more involved in the offense because that’s more of Lamar Jackson’s game that off the running game Mark Andrews in the past action yeah I just don’t I think all these other guys that I have ahead of him just have much higher ceilings perhaps that it like I think Andrews is a high floor high ceiling guy who is gonna have a lot of variance and that’s maybe why I’m gonna steer away from him so my number 5 guy mark mark Andrews my number 5 guy kept him off the list last year out of spite he is uh his suspension has been lifted he’s back in the top 10 list you’re welcome you George Kindle number five you can say my bad you can really build yeah you know I watched that guy he’s actually a real beast he’s exactly what I was trying to be as a player Wow come on right but his appreciation he won me over last year when he discussed how much he loved blocking in the Super Bowl so Super Bowl interviews leading up to it so Kindle I was wrong I was a bit of a hater I looked in the mirror I said no more hate and I got him in there pretty consistent past two years 88 and eighty five catches five touchdowns both times granted he shouldn’t have been an all-pro that one year in 2018 I’m not gonna I’m no longer holding that against him he wasn’t involved in the voting process Zach Ertz should have been the owner out there that’s big of you it is big of me and yeah there’s not nothing major is gonna change for that 49er system there’s still want to give Jimmy G those easy throws they still don’t trust him putting the balls you know downfield I mean they only eight throws in the NFC Championship game so maybe limited production in the passing game but 80 catches for five touchdowns sign him up for that again his yardage dropped off by about 300 from 2018 to 2019 so a slight drop off maybe he gets you yeah maybe gets you still that 900 yards 70 catches only six touchdowns to balance it out so number five feels about right for George Kittel Sean my number four yes Zach Ertz okay I mean I think it’s foolish to go any higher with hurts I think the emergence of Goddard the reason you have him in the top 10 list is the reason I can’t put it any higher on this a ceiling is too low and I think you know I was a guy who greatly benefited from the 2007 season where he was just an absolute monster and consistent I believe it was something crazy like 14 games he was he was a top 12 tight end which is insane like no down games ever and since since then it’s not been the same thing and there’s been more duds and last year well he he had a number of duds last year because goddard was so goddamn good but also even with those duds he was still fifth overall in football tight ends and that’s what’s missing two games so I’m still I’m still fairly high and I’m just because clearly Carson Wentz like that’s his he likes the tight end well you know we well maybe we’ll learn something later in life in a biography or something but for now we just know he really likes thrown to the tight end and so I can’t put Earth’s any lower than four and I can’t put hurts any higher than four so he’s stuck at number four poor sounds about right I don’t have him at number four this guy may not even be on your list Kramer but he’s another guy I’ve pissed off we’re gonna have the same guy I’ve eyed him I’ve thrown them in a DFS a number of times hunter Henry it’s too obvious the case for a hunter Henry injury risks are are a factor but putting them number four it just makes so much sense you either get a rookie like Herbert who’s gonna want to get the tight end involved it’s a very simple throw or a guy like tie rod what’s the knock on tyrant he’s too conservative he’s gonna be checking it down and Melvin Gordon liked it pointed out with no fat Melvin Gordon now in Denver so all those coal line carries the Melvin Gordon maybe those become red zone touchdowns to hunter Henry last last bit of nugget on one hunter Henry he’s played on the franchise tag so this guy this is the year if he wants to get into that top three top four tight end money he’s got to have big year number wise and putting him at four just makes sense hunter Henry I’m guessing you have him as your third no no I dunno Wow no I do not know so we do differ a little bit yeah you know here’s the thing I really I really worry about Kelsie this year and to take Kelsie you got to take him super early and I just he’s been consistent he’s been healthy and at some point we saw the way he went out of that playoff game at some point he’s dipping down I think this was my own way of saying you’re not like be smart don’t let Sean’s hate of George kiddo bleed into your ear because George kiddo is absolutely unstoppable and and I wanna you know I thought I was gonna come in here with a hot take with Hunter Henry pretty high on my list sounds like you beat me to the punch I’m going Travis Kelce here at number three Wow and but I can who do you have this is gonna get interesting Kelsie you have number three Kelsie three okay I mean I just to me I I I kind of played it this way last year I had an opportunity in both of my f at PC teams to take Kelsie over a running back or receiver and like the middle of the first round and I didn’t do it because I’m just terrified of taking the tight end just watching him go down and it feels like Kelsie is just we’re waiting for Kelsie to go down he plays violent he plays aggressive does take a ton of shots I know that I I don’t typically include this in my ratings but I want I didn’t want him to be my number one guy this year I don’t think he’s gonna fall the number one guy I think he actually I would go even this far Travis Kelce he’s the guy who I’d circle and say you know maybe not even a top-ten guy this year when all said and done yeah if you say not per game but end of the end of the season if you said one guy to maybe have a unexpected drop it you could make the case for Travis Kelce and maybe it is Edward Slayer coming in and get some balls out of the backfield maybe it is Edward Slayer or I’m playing the hangover card actually I think there’s just Super Bowl hangover maybe they’re just a little rust addition and fatigue and he’s had he’s been very very consistent over his career the last I want to say four years he’s been pretty much healthy and that that’s pretty impressive in the modern-day NFL for a tight end to do that my number three tight end Zach Ertz oh look at you trying to seem objective I love when you do this well it’s like when your dad goes 14 into instead of 16 you know you gotta throw a couple in there I realize possibly I jinx some people and and I’m making some realistic little adjustments there hurts should have by all accounts another big year he’s just a high-volume guy and the case against him would be like well they brought in some speed but really that speed I think is gonna help him because that’s gonna get that safety to move over to cover DeSean Jackson that deep safety yeah he’s gonna have to worry about Jalen Rhaegar’s speed so I think that’s gonna create opportunities for Zach Ertz and again you talk about quarterbacks and who they’re comfortable with yeah it fits like a glove right Carson Wentz Zach Ertz they already have the chemistry he loves throwing to him even last year which felt like a down year he’s still at 88 catches six touchdowns there are games where he’s gonna have two touchdowns so how many of those does he get does he lose out I think a 90 receiving or a 90 catch season when 900 yards seven or eight touchdowns very realistic for Zach Ertz he’s usually pretty good about saying on the field he’s gotten a little bit better about yards after catch which is kind of the only knock you could have of Zach Ertz and again I think the outside speed will open things up over the middle for Zach Ertz they love getting him involved in the offense they go they go out of their way to scheme things up for him so I’d be shocked if he’s not there in the top five Zach Ertz who’s your number two torrent gorge kid oh wow let’s go I think you know for the same reasons I worry about Kelsey Kittel you know he missed a couple games he’s certainly a guy who’s gotten hurt before and I also I kind of am excited to play the the fade both teams in the Super Bowl there’s gonna be a hangover on both sides but Kittel is such a big part of that offense I know they added weapons but look look I already got hurt I know you know he’ll be back but they added some weapons he knows Samuel you’re talking broke his foot and broke his foot he’ll be back I assume in time to play yeah they said it’s not too serious but I mean the way that Garoppolo plays football Ketel is just a big part of that they run in the way that Shanahan coaches football Kendall’s gonna be a big part of that so hard to imagine Kittel falling out of the in the top like three tight ends this season yeah it’s a thing it would be weird volume thing as well it would be it would be touchdown variance if anything so my number two Travis Kelce I don’t feel amazing about putting him up here I add the more I think about it the more we’re talking the drop is kind of more likely but it’s tough to go against a guy with this much consistent production of just I mean he’s had over 80 receptions past four years the touchdowns have been pretty good for 810 five last year yeah five touchdowns ninety seven receptions so even if he only gets you six touchdowns and 85 like he just gets the targets I don’t think he’s gonna have a crazy year like he had in 2018 hundred and three catches ten touchdowns that feels a little out of the out of the norm putt just going through the year by year top three fantasy football tight ends he’s always there yeah and and you’re making a good case about being ahead of the curve and maybe not taking him because he’s gonna be going so high I like some of our sleepers I think you wait on tight end and take one of these sleepers unless for whatever reason unearths or a kelsey or even a kid will drop but what happens is these people value them almost as much as a receiver and take them really high so I would wait on the brand name tight ends this year my number one guy and you’re gonna say you’re gonna throw it back in my face like well you’ve just you’ve just said you don’t want to absorb the risk with injury with Kittel and Kelsey and now you’re gonna throw hunter Henry at me as your number one tie down Wow Cramer call me smitten I’ve had him before he’s done well and just look at the per game production when he was out there right that the quantity of targets yes different quarterback completely agree but as you point out where are the eyes of that quarterback gonna be when ty rod was the quarterback of Buffalo who do you think the most productive receiver was Charles clay yeah i dint when when Justin Herbert coming into the league sure it’s nice to have Keenan Allen and Mike Williams on the outside but absolutely Hunter Henry I would go on one of the more dominant pass-catching tight ends in the league when he’s at his best I would put him up against any other tight end some of the shit he did in college is like memorable yeah and he did this he only played in 12 games and he’s still at 55 catches five touchdowns maybe I was low on it but he is a he’s gonna be a sneaky steal and if you wanna I was watching the tape Sean if you want to watch just an absolute beat right in that it was Green Bay last year he just had this filthy catch in the third quarter Sean yeah III feel like it’s a massive hot take I I’m a little surprised it’s a big-time hot take but if this guy stays healthy sky’s the limit 100 catches is not is on the table like he could also have a massive touchdown here I’m loving I mean unfortunately I’m gonna be high on this Chargers team I think this year but you know I’m ready to go I’m ready to stand on a limb and say hunter is my guy Wow a lot of nice tighter who’s your number one guy my number one tight end can you guess it Ryan well I mean there’s one guy you’re very astute and I’m sure you’re going to but give it give your guess anyway I actually haven’t been paying attention to who you didn’t catch or who you didn’t pick but if I had to guess you’re gonna say sim God Jared cook no okay then then I don’t know Jared cook again was on the list in the mix and again I I think if you like Chucky or a maniac if you like Jared cook I think the aging arm of Drew Brees is why you like him what scared me away was the fact that they brought in Emmanuel Sanders and and what that could do for them so I think Jared Cook is is a top half tight end but he’s getting up there in age and a veteran like that with over 10 years experience to have that has that big year I’m a little suspect of him but you’re right Mike kiseki of the Miami Dolphins I expect to have a huge year you know again coming off a 51 reception five touchdown a game and a lot of that a lot of that was in the second half the five touchdowns came in the final eight games so ten touchdowns for this guy very believable and I think both time both quarterbacks if it’s magical it’s thrown tube and if you get two in there two is gonna throw two that tight end they’re gonna be bootlegging them in out play-action and they even throw the best part about kiseki they throw him in the slot in three receivers and I tell you what worries me yeah I mean III like the pic I’m probably higher on him than the consensus but the consensus is somewhere in like the middle tens yes but what concerns me is the Dolphins might just be a good enough team playing competitive low scoring games that he’s not gonna get all the garbage he got last year that’s the only thing that’s the only can maybe it was maybe it was garbage and maybe you know their defense led up a ton of points and they were playing from behind and they were checking at dab but this guy is a he’s just a legit stud athleticism was very quiet rookie year 2019 his first eight games he wasn’t doing anything zero touchdowns up until the second half of 2019 something clicked for Mike kiseki and I think he’s gonna have a huge year now am I going out on a limb making him the number one fan in football today sure but that’s what you get from Shawn stack and the money Green you get some gut takes and can I tell you like serious talk yeah Pete like I look in the camera it’s so serious this is not the year to go take a tight end early but I know we should probably should say this every year and we started with quarterbacks similar thing maybe not the year to take the tight end early because there’s so much depth yes and I wanted to make sure we didn’t get out of here because we got to get out of here we’re gonna gonna call some some college football on the old sim Sean but there’s some guys that are pretty far down the board that you can get pretty late definitely last tight end in the draft type stuff that I think could end up being top easily top 12 guys number 1 Eric Ebron are you telling me Ben Roethlisberger’s not gonna love floating the ball up to that guy yeah suck everything up in the end zone I know this is gonna be really gross Sean but Blake Darwin well the offense is set up for him to have a big case against Blake Jarrah win’ is again he’s a streamer you can probably find him on the waiver wire right right the case against him is a volume thing but and Whitin last year was what 12th in fantasy football he was in the booth but the year before that he was he was 12th in fantasy football points no last year he played the year before I was in the booth Jason Wynn yeah he’s been gone forties been back last year he played the year before oh wait I’m not crazy you’re crazy yeah yeah you’re right Boger was all by himself yeah jason witten last year he was Jeff he was top 15 I’m saying I think that helps you with your Blake Jarmon case because he was a guy if you said Jason Witten fantasy last year you I mean you thought he was in the booth so your instincts would say this guy wasn’t a guy who’s getting a ton of it you know I’m just not I’m not a Jason Witten fan Jack Doyle again Philip Rivers we we proven track-record loves the I know II bran there yeah coming back to Mike kiseki guess what is ATP is Kramer I don’t know what it just gets round uh I mean standard ripe eight nine twelfth round okay so this is a guy you can get at the very end of the draft that could be could be putting up double-digit points every game that’s what I’m saying like hold off on tight end and then two more guys who you know could be maybe even further down the board one guy a post hype hype guy and that’s Herndon on the Jets if this offense can click like we saw it click a little bit last year earned in all sorts of athleticism he’s got a four at the end of his name that’s cool and then the last one we see him on the Sims every Thursday and Friday when we call a Packers game and that’s Jay Sternberg he’s the starting tight end in Green Bay Sean yeah you’re telling me the starting tight end with the way that Lafleur is playing with this offense and the running and being multiple the tight end gets involved I know Aaron Rodgers historically has never really publicly thrown to the tight end a ton so what you did there claim you can you can get like Sturm burgers like v tight end to my best ball team type of deep so and he’s out there and super deep DFS guy a Sean like deep into the title worth giving a shout-out to our boy Anthony Birk sir the second tight end you gotta see that guy is a sneaky touchdown yeah he I mean I wouldn’t probably take him in season long but I would look to play him in some DFS lineups depending on the situation and oh man we’re right around the corner talking about giving out DFS lineups of course before we wrap things up make sure you check out cushy dreams CBD yeah get you some of those CBD pre-rolls 15% off if he’s a promo code sgp sell a shipping legally to all 50 states cushy dreams calm promo code s GP and football Monday’s man we’re just gonna keep cranking these out trapping some new NFL podcasts every Monday from now until the season starts this is awesome make sure you turn into sim action we got it goin all week as always you must following the old twitter at gambling podcast check in say hi anything else you want to say Kramer the last the super deep the guy you absolutely are taking if you’re in like a deep 28 round best ball if you drafted Travis Kelce Rickey seals Jones been full of athleticism since back in the days with the Cardinals we saw him get a cup of coffee with the Browns now he’s on Kansas City Sean if he gets any sort of real playing time events I know you’re not supposed to handcuff tight ends but if you draft Kelsey you’re handcuffed and Kelsey in that offense because I do think the tight end position stays relevant Rickey seals Jones that’s it Sean let’s get out of here that’s it for the sports gambling podcast I’m Shawn stacking the money Green thank you for participating in the scale and I guess and he is Ryan I’m gonna miss talking about these tight ends Sean’s Kramer let it ride.

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