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>> The top 10 BYU football players in nine years of Independence counting down beginning at number 10.

>> Takitaki, he is in year two with the Cleveland browns.

237 tackles, 32 1/2tfls, two forced fumbles.

His senior year he started to play middle linebacker.

He was a force.

>> At number nine, ky nacua.

He had three interceptions in the 2015 win over Boise state and after that game was a Heisman trophy candidate according to one random site.

He had such a good game he was on the Heisman trophy watch list.

>> He was fun.

Fourth in picks all time.

Number eight, Mitch Matthews, he would be top three.

>> Oh, Mitch.

>> 152 catches, 2, 083 yards, 24 touchdowns and one memorable hail Mary catch.


Matthews was awesome.

BYU hasn’t had a receiver as good as Mitch Matthews suns he left.

I hope BYU does in the future.

He was awesome.

>> Number seven, Bronson Kaufusi.

Bronson Kaufusi had 11 sacks his senior season.

That is what got him drafted in the third round.

Bronson, a couple of interceptions.

He was a tackle for loss machine.

>> Fourth in BYU history, unofficial.

>> I think he is an underappreciated player at BYU.

He was productive every season.

>> He was.

He blocked a bunch of kicks >> Six pass breakups one season.

>> Number six, Matt bushman, lead in receiving yards at last Lee season, 1, 719 yars nine touchdowns without a senior season.

He is the only active player on this list, by the way.

Spoiler alert.

>> How about a guy that knows a thing or two about leading BYU in receiving yards, not on in seasons, but career.

Number five, Cody Hoffmann.

>> He is awesome.

>> Whenever I think of Cody Hoffmann, I think of the incredible catch against Georgia tech.

And his five-touchdown performance against New Mexico state.

Some epic touchdown grabs and plays with Riley Nelson.

Cody Hoffmann at number five.

>> He is one of the few power five talents at receiver BYU has had recently.

Could be on any five number four, Fred Warner.

He was like the next version of Kyle van noy.

Didn’t quite get to that level at BYU, but in the NFL, Fred is doing great things and we are souper proud he has become the starting linebacker on a super bowl runner up man.

>> Federico at number four.

How good is the defense in Independence era.

>> The offense wasn’t good enough.

>> The defense is so good.

At number three, and here is where we are going to have some people chime in I’m sure with opinions.

Taysom hill.

>> Ooh.

>> If, we were playing the if game earlier in the show.

>> My favorite game.

>> Taysom hill stayed healthy 2014 or 2015, he is probably higher on this list.

The injuries played such a huge role in limiting what he could have done for BYU.

>> His sophomore year and he ran for 1, 300 yards, threw for 2900 yards.

He almost had 1, 000-3, 000.

He is so electronic.

He could score on any play.

He never got blown out which is a three score los.

He was awesome, dude.

>> The most explosive player on this list for sure.

>> Number two, Jamaal Williams, 3, 901 yards, 35 touchdowns.

Five touchdowns in this game against Toledo, 286 yards that night.

Jamaal is so tough.

He could have left BYU but he came back and finished what he started in 2016.

And BYU had a quality nine-win season.

>> Ran for 200 plus in his final collegiate game as BYU became the forever pointsetta champion.

>> Against Josh Allen, for the bills.

The number one player is of Independence Kyle van noy, 221 tackles, 62 for loss, two touchdowns, name them both, go.

>> San Jose state and San Diego state.

>> Utah state is the other one.

>> That’s right.

>> BYU lists two.

Did he have three? >> I thought he had a pick six? One at Utah state.

>> Let’s say he had three because he is number three.

Sechk picks, 11 forced full R fumbles, 17 pass breaks and 25 — you could argue that Kyle van noy is in the conversation.


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