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today’s story is an adaptation from the athletic if you liked it go and subscribe at the athletic sarkodie UK /tphoe football to read more stories that you won’t find anywhere else [Music] eight weeks after the outbreak of a virus led to some Olympic women’s football qualifiers being moved

from one Chinese province to another the last football fixtures will remove from the calendar everywhere the 2021 Club World Cup Africa Cup of Nations copper America Champions League Europa League and Euro 2020 have now all been paused pushed back and provisionally rearranged on March the 12th a day

before Arsenal manager Miguel Arteta contracted kovat 19 and the Premier League was forced to suspend its season European football’s governing body UEFA invited it’s 55 member associations the European Club Association European leagues and world players union fief Pro to discuss how the game should tackle the corona virus

outbreak that discussion took place in three separate video conferences on March the 17th with the key announcement being the widely trailed decision to move the european championship finals from this summer to next and in a joint statement signed by the four presidents of the ec AEL thief ro

and UEFA it was also revealed that the Euro 2020 playoffs scheduled for later in March will hopefully take place in the now vacated June international window the nations league finals euro under-21 Championship and women’s European Championships that had all been scheduled for next summer will be rescheduled accordingly

as will the third and fourth rounds of European qualifying for the 2022 World Cup on the club side a commitment was made to complete all domestic and European competitions by the end of the current sporting season ie 30th of June 2020 the latest should the situation improve and

resuming playing be appropriate and prudent enough to facilitate this there will be possible limitations or drops of current exclusive calendar slots which means domestic games might be scheduled at the same time as European club fixtures and European games might have to take place on weekends but and this

is potentially very significant it was also admitted that further possible adaptions to next season’s qualifying rounds for the Champions League and Europa League which usually start in early July might need to be considered in case of late completion of the 2019-20 season ie after the 30th of June

2020 and it was also announced two working groups would be set up one to look at the fixture list and how best to completely current season in a coherent manner and another to assess the economic financial and regulatory impact of the outbreak and proposed measures to mitigate its

consequences elsewhere South America’s governing body combo ball followed you Ava’s lead by moving the 2020 cup of America back 12 months and the African Confederation postponed the 2020 African nations championship which alternates years with the Africa Cup of Nations indefinitely and later on Tuesday that week world football’s

governing body FIFA added its voice to the chorus of common sense by accepting the various postponements and agreeing to reschedule its new and expanded club world cup which has been penciled in for next summer to later in 2021 or some has yet to be discovered gap in the

calendar in 2022 or 2023 now if that sounds like the very least it could do in terms of leadership it did also commit 10 million dollars to the World Health Organization’s kovat 19:00 solidarity response fund and suggested setting up a global football Assistance Fund to help members of

the football community affected by the crisis and the need for such a facility was confirmed quickly when Barnet a former English football league site now in the fifth tier National League announced it was putting all non-playing staff on notice as FIFA Pro general secretary yonis bar hoffman told

journalists on a conference call on Tuesday our industry employs hundreds of thousands there is the potential for it to turn ugly very quickly the different football bodies have agreed to postpone their tournaments for the simple reason of everyone apart from those like West Ham United vice-chair Baroness Karen

Brady or Southend United owner Ron Martin who have obvious agendas agrees the priority must be given to finishing the season to do anything else will only spark rails resentment and reams of billable hours with lawyers and that might happen anyway but what was impossible a week ago when

Euro 2020 was still starting in Rome On June the 12th is now impossible of course nobody believes that football will be resuming in England or anywhere else at the beginning of April which is when the initial pause is programmed to expire in fact there’s almost no chance of

any professional football until May at the earliest and many are wondering if even that is optimistic given the prediction that the outbreak speak in the UK is still 10 weeks away teams in England have 10 or fewer league games to play eight of them are still in the

FA Cup and there are three EFL playoff competitions to complete which add another 15 games it’s a similar story across Europe where most leagues have about a quarter of their games to finish plus a domestic Cup and in UEFA stew club competitions 12 of the 16 last 16

games are yet to be completed with some creative thinking the best efforts of the players and a bit of luck that not too many of them will be self isolating at once it is just about feasible to squeeze all of that into nine weeks of non-stop football that

way Liverpool get their title Astrix free the relegation chips will fall away where they may Manchester City concealed the most litigious treble of all time Leeds United a given affair crackers scratching their 16 year itch the championships grand national size chasing Packer allowed to fight to the last

fence celtic received no gifts commentary city in Crewe Alexandra are forced to seal their promotions and all the other sporting questions are answered as the fixture computer intended though if Manchester City continued in the Champions League and FA Cup their schedule will be very tight a new afer

might have to drop the two-legged quarterfinals in its competitions and organize final four weeks in Gdansk in Istanbul and we might all have to get used to four different competitions being played on one day but after two months of board games and box sets we will be desperate

for some live sports so who knows it might be just what the doctor ordered finishing by that 30th of June target six days after the Europa League final is supposed to happen in Poland and three days after the Champions League finals new date and the headache of having

to persuade thousands of out of contract players to accept short deals to keep playing or the issue of returning money to broadcasters and sponsors can both be avoided but will it work well probably no as fief pros bar Hoffman puts it the players will not just be able

to walk out of their apartments and go straight onto the pitch they’ll need mini pre-seasons while Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt has talked about the resumption and even more sobering terms we could start playing again with quite a few of our fans missing now this brings us up

to the debate that nobody wants to have this week for good reason but everyone knows must be had at some point in the next month do we start as soon as we safely can and then just keep playing until the season’s games are finished whenever and wherever that

is or do we wrap up the season without playing all the games and dish out consequences as best we can now present there does appear to be a consensus in the game to finish what we’ve started in a call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon FA chief executive Mark

Billingham repeatedly said football is firmly of the view that the seasons should be completed while the 24 Championship clubs held their own video conference and decided unanimously to play on until the last kick of their playoff final even if that means continuing until Halloween it’s heartening to hear

that the commitment to the principle of competitive integrity and letting teams decide their fates on the field but it’ll be interesting to see whether that consensus holds if the lockdown lingers beyond may the contractual conundrum has already been mentioned and FIFA has said it will need time to

come up with solutions to its rules on registering players after certain deadlines and working out when to open and close the next transfer window broadcasters and sponsors will want certainty at some point too so far they’ve not publicly started throwing their weight around but have invested so much

in the football industry that they will be desperate to get back to normality while the recent outbreak of collegiate thinking is done is silence those whispers for a few weeks by removing the summers hard deadline for finishing the club seasons the game’s bosses have created just enough space

for a minor miracle to occur the script for this video written by Matt Slater was originally featured on the athletic the best place to read about football online whether it’s more behind-the-scenes insight dedicated local reporting about your team or rich storytelling from around the world you’ll find it

all in one place and if you liked today’s video you can follow both kovat 19’s impact on football and loads of totally unrelated and spectacular football stories so get a seven day free trial by visiting the athletic code at UK /tphoe football and get 50% off if you

sign up for an annual subscription to support tifo support the athletic thanks for watching [Music] you

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