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so do you want to get the largestselection of 4k entertainment on your firestick the app that streams the most4k every day we’re going to show you in this video in time you will know what it’s like tolose to feel so desperately that you’re right to read it just

text what’s good YouTube you back in thebuilding with the all-knowing all-loving all feeling I’m saying all powerful justdamn while everything that’s sex is Hell host we’re bringing you a life gank orcutting video and we’re going to talk about getting the YouTube app back onyour fire stick and why

I’m covering this video but first I got to put on the+7 glasses of the sexy as hell cuz I’m working on skilling up my craftbringing you a more informed experience something better to look at no sponsorfor this video but if you would would you please go subscribe to

the life gamefitness & finance channel I’m doing all my real estate money-making on YouTubehow to build a YouTube how to get your abs how to get them cuts for the slutson that channel and if you want to catch up with me I am doing 15-minute phonecalls with some

subscribers the link is in the video description if you sign upfor the email list so if you want to cover core cutting you want to coverfitness and finance start in the business everything I cover on bothchannels check that out so I’m going to show you guys how to

get YouTube in 4kbecause a lot of you all have this new 4k firestick a subscriber wrote in to meand said that they had a Smart TV and they had that used to have the YouTubeapp which I know YouTube and Amazon got into a big fight with each other

andAmazon basically said hell to the no on the YouTube app and so this person hadan app that would send him to the web browser silk the Amazon has and for somereason on their 4k fire TV I’m excuse me on their Smart TV if they didn’t useYouTube and they

just like left out the house and just left it on YouTube itwill blank out on their firebox and they want to know how could they just get anapp to put up there and i’ma show you how to do that and what you would dofirst and foremost if you

own your fire sticks go over to settings go into myfire TV oh by the way please subscribe to this channel and go ahead andsubscribe to my other channel and get on my social media links let’s get thatthing rocket and coming here to developer options turn on both of

thosealright and get out of there cuz we’re going to use the downloader app to getthis now let me just say this you don’t have to use to download an app you canuse a web browser to do it and I think I’m gonna do a video on this puffin

webbrowser that makes this thing really really easy but if you are on fire stickjust come in here you can Alexa download or you can type it in so I’m going to goahead and go to type in version just this one time and you see it is rightthere where

it says downloaded you will just simply click on that it’s going tobring it to this app if you don’t have it download it now if you’ve already gotit let’s open it up and meet at the home screen there’s going to be a link youneed to put in here

shouts out to my Man got squiffy I got the link from hiswebsite going subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already done so in thereyou’re gonna want to input VI T dot ly 4/2capital e lowercase R lowercase a the number 9 the number 4 and dubby and yougive

it a click and it’s going to bring you to my man dots Christie’s channeland before and when you get to his channel you’re gonna want to come overhere to where it says go to site and if you haven’t played around with hiswebsite he’s got a lot of great

content up here for my core cutters and folkslike that going up there and check them out you’re gonna want to come here tothe menu button click on that now when you first click on it it takes a secondto load so don’t sweat that give it a quick second

to load up and then it’sgoing to come to where it says download you give that a click and you’re gonnascroll down here until you see the section on his website that says getYouTube in 4k and we’re gonna do a little scrolling we’re going to scrollscroll some more scroll

keep scrolling where is it right here where it says 4kYouTube going ahead give that a click next thing you’re gonna wanna do is comeright here where it says download and you want to hit this download buttondon’t hit any other ones hit this download button you will click thatbutton

I’ve already got it but I’m gonna show you what pops up when it comes upall right so when it first pops up you’re gonna get this screen right hereyou just simply click down there you click install I’ve already got it I’mnot gonna do it again back out of

there delete this so it you don’t have anyextra crap on your 5 stick and get out of there now we’re gonna meet and openit alright I’ve got mine right here this is what the app looks like let’s clickit and you have it ladies and gentlemen you’ve got your

YouTube in 4k now if youhaven’t already done so you better bring your hot cross buns right on over heresearch for Lamont Tyson and go ahead and subscribe to that channel because manthat dude is gonna help you out a little funny at times dad it takes that longfor me

to come up with them and what am I doing wrong okay there we golet’s see here we’re gonna go click that that’s me right there that’s thischannel but I want you guys to click this channel plus subscribe to the lifegame financing Fitness channel so let me click on

this video I did just the otherday about New York Undercover coming back one of the best shows of the 90s soyou guys can see the clarity because I’ve done this one parts of the videowas done in 4k so there it is opening up and that is pretty much

it ladies andgentlemen for my folks that have been having that issue with their Smart TVthis is an excellent solution to that easy it gives you 4k and when you go inthere select your options for a 4k or 1080p if you don’t have a 4k deviceselect the 1080p version

and you smooth sailing that’s going to do it for thisvideo don’t forget to like my video please comment and subscribe go getyourself that damn life game shouts out to the beard gang nation shouts out tothe Steeler Nation who beat up a New England Patriots thank goodnessand until that

net sex is hell video I’ll see you

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