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guys today we’re gonna teach you five wicked skills that I usually done on the pitch by Philippe Coutinho now normally it would be Nate aka our own name ah okay one of the guys from behind the camera they would do this since it’s a Brazilian guy we’re doing and he kind of feels like he looks like a Brazilian but he said he thought I need a little bit of Samba in my life whatever he means by that so let’s put on our dancing shoes and learn some skills number five at the continual scoop now this move is great if you’re trying to ground the defender and then you find out halfway that well he’s kind of unto you what to do is that you start off by making a move to either side and ask the defender commits to stopping you you basically keep facing your body the same direction but then you use the inside of your foot to scoot the ball in the other direction and away from him and this way you keep your momentum while hopefully he loses his [Music] number four is called the fake shot boomerang which is great if you need to find yourself a bit of space in the box to get off a shot now what you want to do is cutting in from the touchline actually do a fake shot with your strong foot and then tap the ball a little bit and then quickly straight after that you use the inside of your other foot to take a touch back where you came from and if you do this quickly enough you’ve got all the time in the world [Music] number 310 is the chest and chip which is a pretty useful move but one I’d mostly do in order to show off now if you get a high pass in the end you got the defender rushing towards you from behind what you do is basically control the ball with the chest and then you wait until the defenders close to you to chip the bowl over him without the ball ever touching the ground now it doesn’t really take much power to get the ball over his head so work on your touch and you’re going to go and embarrass the complete life on it [Music] number two then is the soul roll chop which is in my opinion the coolest looking trick of the lot facing the defendant you do a soul roll with your strong foot and then straight after that use the inside of your weak foot to do a chop back from where you came from now you have to start practicing this at really low speeds until you can do it while running really fast and after that well it’s time to show absolutely no mercy [Music] number one and this step over dummy it’s very cool it’s very easy and it’s very very effectively having the defendant in front of you you basically use your Stopford to step over the pole thinking that you’re gonna accelerate that way and then quickly after that you simply step back over the ball in the direction you came from and if your defender falls for that trick or just literally just Falls well you can just basically wheel it away with a big cheeky smile on your face [Applause] [Music] so there you go my friends fire wicked skill moves then I usually done on the pitch I feel you big continue and hopefully you learned a thing but who or what should we do next you should let us know as always in the comments section or right down below now always don’t forget that you can go on gear up for the World Cup with Cuttino shirt or his vapor 12 by clicking the link in going to use both store.

com right over there also you can go and learn some more wicked skills by clicking right down here and then finally don’t forget to subscribe to our channel with the notifications on impose to be one of the first to see all our wicked videos and with that say guys signing off cheerio.

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