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Rangers and Celtic these two Glaswegian football clubs contest the Old Firm derby one of the nastiest rivalriesin world football and to say that it’s nasty is an understatement because theplayers absolutely hate each other and the fans they hate each othereven more and the reasons why they hate each other have certainly beenwell-documented but is it as bad as the media makes it out to be what happenswhen you wear one team shirt in the opposing team stadium tour the Old Firmderby has been contested for well over a hundred years and the honours betweenthem are roughly equal but what’s it like to actually go around each otherstadiums now regulus of my channel will know that I’m a Manchester United fanand I have been for quite some time and if I’ve got to be honest I don’t reallyhave much of an opinion on Rangers or Celtic I barely watch Scottish footballI promise in an old firm game probably what twice in my life and I don’t haveany preference to any team one way or the other I’m not religious and not aunionist or a Republican these two teams are about as neutral as you can get butI’m curious to know is it really true what people say about Rangers all Celticand do they hate each other so much that the share sites at their colours andfills them with rage well I’m here to find out now a few guideline rulesbefore we get started number one no antagonizing I’m not here to pissanybody off intentionally I just want to see what their reaction is going to benumber two confession if for some reason they figure out that I’m not a realranges or Celtic fan mainly because of my appearance and accents if theychallenge me on it I will confess and say no I’m notactually a Rangers or Celtic fan and number three no fighting whilst I ama trained fighter I don’t want to be spending the afternoon and evening in aGlaswegian hospital or prison so no fighting am I going to get stabbed bywearing a Celtic orange shirt in the opposing team Stadium let’s find outI bought Stadium Celtic shirt alright let’s get this over and done withI bought Stadium the home of Rangers Football Club this rather imposinglooking building is the third largest football ground in Scotland and has beenthe traditional home for Rangers and when you walk around the ground redbrickwork traditional style architecture and you can tell almost immediately thatthere’s a lot of history behind this Football Club and everywhere you look isa sea of blue and red guys I’m literally 1 minutes in 1 minutes and already I’vegot angry car drivers blaring the horns at me so yeah I’m gonna start so farthat’s what actually begins on the side of the stadium that’s next in the mainroad at that Club reception and almost immediately I noticed that the Rangersfans don’t want anything to do with me in fact they making a conscious effortto keep that distance away from me hello sir how are you I am so sorry say it soyou didn’t see them – they’re not Jesse I might not get back out shit is itreally that bad in here anyway once you walk through reception it’s sad to gointo the press conference area where you actually get to see where they do alltheir press conferences once again I must have a really bad smell cos no onesitting next to me you get put through a video presentation and the tour guidetells you a lot about Rangers Football Club you even get a chance to go up onthe stage and have your picture taken and the tour guide actually offered totake my picture on the stage as a shame well at least you tried soafter you’ve had your picture taken up in the press conference area it’s timeto go up a flight of stairs and you’ll notice that the inside of this place isvery ornately decorated this is the Blue Room and there’s a lot of historicalsignificance in this Blue Room which the tour guide tells you a lot of bounce andit’s kind of interesting to learn about the history of Rangers because I didn’tactually know all that much and wow that’s actually cool mural if you hangaround till the end there’s plenty of cool photo opportunities this is themanager’s office you’ll notice that everything is kept very traditionalwhich I kind of like because it actually shows off the history of the club righttime to walk up a few flights of stairs and into the directors box where you getyour first view of the pitch and this place really is as big as you see on theTV the tour guide tells you a lot about thestadium what goes on here on a match day etc and it’s cool to take photos outhere as well so you get led into one of the corporate hospitality lounges andit’s very Scottish Lee decorated with red and blue and tartan I quite likethat it’s got character once you’re walking through thecorridors you’ll notice a lot of historical caps the Scottish are veryproud of their caps and it’s kind of cool to see some of these on the wallshey it’s Andy Gorham man he was a hell of a player you let into the trophy roomand there is a lot of silverware here these guys have seriously want a lot ofstuff and you get to learn a lot about what Rangers have won whether youbelieve that they’re the world’s most successful football club or not onething’s for sure they’ve worn a lot of stuff and it’s cool to seecheck out that thing of beauty in the middle there hey it’s Gaza spike wellnot his actual bike he made it infamous you could probably guess the reasons whyit’s time to go down the stairs and at this point I think the fans suspect thatsomething’s up this is the home teams dressing roomwhereby it’s a traditionally decorated dressing room full of wooden claddingthey’ve got cardboard cutouts instead of shirts but overall it provides you somegreat photo opportunities there’s also the bathrooms which are alsotraditionally decorated in the away teams changing room as well so yeahthat’s kind of cool but no stadium toys complete without a tunnel walk there’sgreat photo opportunities here but my advice is to wait for everyone to clearout and then take your pictures here because there’s some pretty cool thingsto take pictures of but once you’re done taking the pictures it’s time to walkthrough the tunnel in amongst some music the view of the stadium here at groundlevel is actually quite good and I highly recommend that you take lots ofpictures here guys because there’s a lot to take pictures of whether it’s thestands the dugouts or the tunnel entrance you won’t be short on things totake pictures of and if you get bored obviously you can sit in a seat if youwant to but overall guys this is actually quite a pretty stadium and onceyou’ve taken your pictures and stuff that’s basically the end of your tour soyou disappear back down the tunnel and when you go if you want someunobstructed photo opportunities wait for everyone else to clear out beforetaking it yourself okay where do I begin well firstly nobody wanted to stand nextto me that’s how much these two sets of fans don’t particularly like each otherbut did they want to stab me in the face well if they did they didn’t actually soeven though I got a few death stares to fly that other than that it wasn’t thatbad and at the end of the tour I ended up talking to our tour guide who wasactually a very reasonable guy he he explained that even though both sets offans generally hate each other there is that mutual respect so that’s alwaysgood to know right it’s time to hop in the car andhead across the city to the other Stadium Celtic Park the home of the CelticFootball Club this stadium is the largest football ground in the countryof Scotland and is sometimes referred to as Park head or paradise no seriouslythey printed on the side of the stadium and around the ground you’ll see statuesof their heroes brother wall freed the great jocks Dean and arguably theirgreatest ever captain mr.

Billy McNeill but am I going to get similar treatmentshere at Celtic Park santak Park Rangers shirt the tour actually begins insidethe club reception which is here on this side of the building and for some reasonthey’re leading me all on my own down the side of the building um is thisnormal am I going to get shot around the backnow as it turns out this is a perfectly normal part of the tour and one thingthat was abundantly clear everyone was super nice they all shook my hand andwelcomed me to Celtic Park and this guy right here I am pretty sure that herumbled me straight off the bat I am fairly certain that he figured out thatI wasn’t actually a Rangers fan but even if he did or he didn’t he was incrediblynice to make this is my tour guide David and once again he was also very verynice to me lots of smiles very polite and you noticed that as soon as you comehere to sonic pop you’re given a warm welcome by literally everybody which isfantastic the tour actually begins here at one of the corporate hospitalitylounges but after you’ve had a quick bite to eat etc is now time to stop thetour before me the treble run-up buddy with adouble treble the hole now at this point I’m pretty sure he’s doing this just toshame me but you know what I found the funny side of it and the funny thing isthey all actually laughed and accorded me for wearing a ranger shirt to behonest they all saw the funny side of it and I’m actually in shock at this pointas to how cool everyone is about this all the fans didn’t mind that I wasthere and they actually wanted to stand next to me here’s the boardroom wherebyyou’ve got the busts of brother Wilfred and Jacques Steen this is where theyconduct their business but one of the interesting things about this particularboardroom is the trophy cabinet you get to learn a lot about some of thetrophies especially here I learnt a lot from this but David Ashley gave arousing speech about how each other I totally bought into what he was sayingfootball is not about racism it’s not about secularism we’re here toenjoy the game and not hate on each other and even though I got ripped quitea lot it was all in good fun it’s interesting to see some of the accoladesthat they’ve worn particularly the medals of their best players includingthis man mr.

Billy McNeill and speaking of Billy McNeill you get a fantastictalk about the 1967 Elizabeth Lions arguably their greatest ever teamcaptained by mr.

McNeill and you get to learn about some of the greatest placeto ever dawned poops but what’s the tox ended you then getled towards the home teams dressing room and check out the mules on the wallsthat’s actually kind of cool when you enter the home team’s dressing groupit’s actually kind of nice these guys actually have the shirts onthis place and we’ve got some cool photo opportunities and they don’t mind youactually picking up the shirts and having your photos taken with thebutchers I thought was actually carrying of cool the shirt and that looksfamiliar but you get to learn a lot about what happens on a match day hereand even the fact that famous people when they do this tour they actuallysigned the inside of the lockers which I found really really interestingcheck out the signatures I don’t know who they are but yeah coolonce again the Celtic fans know how to have a bit of a laugh and a joketo be honest I actually enjoyed my time here it wasn’t at all threatening therewas no animosity and everyone was up for a bit of a laugh but now it’s time towalk down the corridors towards the place tunnel and this is the point wherehe picks somebody to lead the team out onto the field guess who that was aftera bit of Rangers shaming all in good fun of course I actually led all theseCeltic fans down the tunnel towards the field wish they all saw the funny sideof I thought you were gonna play the otherone the one that I hate so much but you get a fantastic view of the stadium fromhere guys and even though it’s getting dark and you’ve got the grass lights onyou can still see most of the stadium it was actually kind of cool there’s plentyof photo opportunities open around here including in the dugout seats they evenhave one of those Instagram selfie boards which I totally did and yeahthat’s the one I saw on Twitter and you get to spend some time taking in thesights and taking lots of pictures and videos if you want to this stadium isactually pretty pretty big and it certainly looks like the size that yousee when you’re watching the games on TV but after you’ve taken your photos andvideos it’s time to disappear back down the tunnel and up a flight of stairstowards the directors bit now you get some fantastic views of the stadium fromup here and you get to learn a lot about some of the people who actually come tothe games here for example this seat belongs to Billy Connolly and this seatbelongs to Sir Rod Stewart’s I thought that was actually kind of interestingnow at this point of the talk I’d like to talk about our tour guide David hewas probably the best tour guide that I’ve ever come across when doingthese Stadium tours very knowledgeable about his club very passionate and alsovery educational even though I got her a ribbing for wearing a ranger shirt itwas all in good fun and we could have a laugh in a jokethere was no ounce of animosity here so if you do get David as your tour guideconsider yourselves very very lucky and if your Celtic Football Club seriouslygive this man a pay rise he certainly deserves it once you get a final talkfrom your tour guide everyone’s still having a laugh and a joke so taking your last views of the stadiumguys because this is pretty much the end of the tour what the stairs you go andlots of handshakes from the Celtic staff before they give you some free swagoverall I was made to feel very very welcome here and I’m highly grateful ofthat if you do want to do a bit of shopping the Celtic superstore isliterally across the way there so you can actually buy quite a lot of stuffand at the end of the tour I actually revealed to both tour guides then I’mactually not arranges for Celtic fan future in hereI’m obviously back home here in sunny languages trying to edit this video foryou guys and there’s something I’ve got to getoff my chest both Rangers and Celtic were very verynice to me I concluded though the hatred isn’t real and it’s grosslyexaggerated but then I went to the car and turned my phone back on my phone hadlittle like a Christmas tree and it turns out that pictures of medoing these tours had circulated on the Internet to the point where by the localnewspapers were actually reporting this as news man in Celtic top does Rangerstour than physics Parkhead in a light blues jersey you see I don’t even deemthat to be news as you could tell from my channel I actually do this a lot inmy man Chester United shirt and in all honesty nobody really bats an eyelid noteven at Liverpool so the fact that this made the newspapers I’m actually quiteastonished Rangers and Celtic mystery solved as YouTube star visits ground inrivals tops why Thank You Daily Record but I’m honestly not a YouTube star Ibarely have any subscribers if you want to help me out subscribe of course butto be honest nobody really watches my video so I’m surprised you’ve come outwith that but thank you very much for the compliment but then I started totake a closer look at some of the comments some of them accuse me of beingsome kind of attention-seeking whore I’m not and I’ve just explained thereasons why some of them think that I was some kind of confused Chinesetourist which I could understand where you’d get that from and I even got ahandful of compliments so yeah thank you very much for that very kind of you butI’m sorry to report that most of the comments were overwhelmingly negativepeople reacted really badly to me turning up to a stadium in a differentcolored shirt let’s make one thing very very clear I honestly don’t care whatabuse you throw at me I died a long time ago so whatever you say doesn’t reallymatter in the grander scheme of things you see this is the problem withfootball this unmitigated level of hatred and we can’t complain aboutracism when we’re coming out with comments like this and we also can’tcomplain about hooliganism when people want me deadfor wearing a different colored shirts think about that for a second you wantsomebody to die because they’re wearing a different colored t-shirt does thatnot seem a little bit overblown to you football is not about racism football isnot about secularism football isn’t about any form of discrimination at allwhat it is about is what’s on the field that’s it that’s all it should be aboutdon’t buy into all of this negative hatred you don’t have to hate anybody tosupport your local football team now at this point I understand that you may notlisten to me and if you have listened to me and still decide that you want to dothis then by all means it’s a free countryyou can write and say what you like but if you do just understand that you’repart of the problem so knit if I’ve only got time to do one stadium talk whichone do I go to Rangers or celtic celtic and it’s not even close don’t get mewrong the Rangers tour was actually very verygood the tour guide was very very nice to me and you got to learn a lot aboutRangers and it was very educational as far as the facilities are concerned theyhave that retro traditional charm where everything’s ornately decorated actuallyquite that it screams character it screamshistory I like all of this stuff and if you are around the eye brats area ifyou’re a neutral or if you happen to be around Glasgow and you do want to do thetour I’ve rocks I highly recommend that you do but if you’ve only got time to doone tour out of the both of them go to Celtic the stadium is bigger it has amore modern appearance which might appeal to some and technically there’s alot more stuff to see but the real difference is how you’re treated I wasso shocked literally surprised that they were sonice to me even though I was wearing a ranger shirt they welcomed everybody andthey were super super nice about it and once again shout out to David possiblythe best tour guide in the country but honestly either or guys seriouslyforgot time to do them both do them both Rangers and Celtic are fantasticfootball teams they’re fantastic organizations of course they are youknow they’ve dominated Scottish football and it’s not even been close soobviously they’re doing something right visit them both if you can but if youdon’t and you only have time to do one pixel tick over Rangers okay Nick andsold what do I do well you need to either get a box orCeltic Park both of them are easily accessible by public transport ordriving and they’re very well connected so they’re not particularly difficult tofind the cost to do these tours well to be honest really not expensive you knowthey’re actually one of the cheaper tours I’ve actually done and they’redefinitely value for money is there anything else I need to know yestechnically at Rangers you cannot video anything whilst theyallow photography they don’t allow you to video anything I know I record thiscovertly whether if that was right or wrong I do apologise if anyone’soffended by that but it was the only way to show you what the Rangers tour wasactually like but there was no such restriction at Celtic and they actuallyencourage you to take as many photos and videos as you like which I didwhere does this rank in the hierarchy of your stadium tours well Rangerssomewhere in the middle but I’m gonna put literally there at thenumber two spots I won’t say it’s as good as the one I did at PSG which thevideos coming up soon sorry these things take time to edit so I’m working on thatbut Celtic is pretty much at number two in theory you could call it 1a and 1band the main reason that’s up there is mainly down to the customer service ofDavid and his crew so guys if you’re a football fan and you’re in Glasgow Ihighly recommend doing the stadium tours if you’ve only got time to do one go toCeltic Park but if you’re Nick I brought go in yeah seriously it’s a good tourand if you have enjoyed this episode please be sure to like share andsubscribe comments on the comment section below and if I get enoughsuggestions for more bucket list ideas feel free to tweet them at me you forgetno suggestions I’ll go ahead and do that so guys thank you very much for watchingwe’ll see you in the next episode I’m running it’s all my videos on YouTubeand if you are going to be um completely lost my train of thought Ijust bumped it to one of my fans here who’s actually sitting my YouTube videothis is your sorry what’s your name Alex Alex Alex so what are you doing here I’mjust visiting the stadium yes I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know whereall the fans have disappeared to today there’s a some kind of Scottish nationalholiday that I don’t know about so yeah and are you going to be wearing a Celticshirt today no not for me thanks appreciate thatthank you very much so guys I’m here outside Glasgow CelticI’m not out Celtic Jesus God don’t get that wrong though just push my head in

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