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Beast IPTV 24h Test Why-Argentinian-Football-Fans-Are-Absolutely-Mental


copal fam welcome to wet outside it this is the city that got over 40 clubs plumbing which have been the first convention in recent years and the home for the Madison’s and world football [Music] once a year the city of Buenos Aires takes a pilgrimage for our South to the beautiful Mar del Plata with a pre-season competition torneo de Verano takes place this is the one time of year that sees Argentina’s most passionate fans sharing a stadium permitting Pepe a legend of the Argentine supporter seen now he’s widely known and respected for making the tillow news for supporters across the country Cannavaro DNA soup acción de su colores cada uno de su equipo su conscience Estadio y la convención ibaka cada uno fatihah la passione su colores d scientifica demasiado pour surah is a Suvari o soup on your ear es lo que yo te o nthe calibre exemplo be so simple scene in th Ogawa poor makino saga nunca Campion em primarily in da de soto fetish Amazon cinta [Music] Boca Juniors right now is not playing in town they’re playing out a lot then I plot the were headed they got a match against good Lloyd Cruz tonight so we’re gonna meet up with some of the local supporters have some beers play some drums it’s a masala it was good kokapetl Mickey amico mio mio mi padre y para me yarmulke s sentimiento assassin tomato you know no I must muniqi boy football boy Nomar de plata lago san contrar es la gente boca sem por ciento por que se SE que un partido de verano lo mismo que un partido Renea pero no career s special assume parte de parte de Guerra am worked a couple years ago River Plate not relegated in the millionaire in the city with over 40 grounds we obviously had to come to the Bombonera first we’re talking about la vaca the most famous ten in the world and it’s actually the 12th gate of the stadium which means that they built it with the supporters in mind you look up there you’ve got the history of the club 112 years 290 days 11 hours 34 minutes and 5 seconds to the moment I’m talking to you right now do you think about this neighborhood and the history of this club was talking about martín Palermo the Academy Tevez and the great Diego Armando Maradona all running on this pitch 14 international trophies Boca Juniors is the biggest club in South America [Music] vocaroo Nicky boy Messiah meant a orientation no necesita in are a retiree okay Hindi she taunted Gopal you Sheena soldier and all says la pista seven royal for clothing loca although the rivals river plate also originated in the Docklands of la boca in 1925 they moved to the more apple region of Nunez 13 kilometers north it’s here that they and their supporters call home Independiente a trabajar sim press tratando la Norma chaotically AMERICA AMERICA Moselle River yes significant will do delicate for the Tennyson I mean I wouldn’t be odd I wouldn’t it alchemor really I don’t blue Kama River River fans also known as of sriracha Spector blowing we’re gonna bring it to Lagos to this weekend and it’s gonna be a bad both understand and on pitch condo location party oficial Lindo para nosotros que no gusta la fiesta no butyl official uhuru nadine hoss togashi contigo gashel and Erica sherry mundo de cosas de Chasseur important isomer analyst Rosa Maria Anna Massey embrace into siempre the person laganja no solamente steady bold action Aquino hoon Thomas a Khmer asado rebel Riverwalk a commercial LD a Domingo sino también la fille a lays a central host riario’s in a penal marinade Oh Sabrina a Commodore is as a missionary Kostas it’s a replica toe and River so we’re just rolling up on the two grounds of the first the two games were gonna be singing in Mar del Plata this is resting and independent these two stadiums are the two closest in the world don’t see people’s the Mizpah barrio cancel Avedon Estadio it’s una conferencia Rada sorry okay while Kirin cha que no se le noir US Canada and official entender la conferencia gay say one entry Quadra tenemos la Doce Taleo los dos o muy appassionato for super Nora see you any compartir Mario sooner poco Castro in Argentina kiddos enchilada fluid Layton and me Mario something I’ve always loved about this ground is that because it’s completely circular and completely round rather than putting too many seats just pushing forward this way because you wouldn’t be able to see look what they’ve left five aside pitches and when you’re watching a game here there’s children having their own game while watching their heroes play on the pitch can’t beat that yo como in China watch Ogawa in China neutral para es una receta o Mahesh Yogi and western sector they did it Cali Oh Tiffany Samuel parties away perfect amend and as I said these two grounds are literally a block away on Darby day the racing players marched from one side to the next this independently right here the most successful Club in South America the stadium was refurbished thanks to the money they got for transferring it when I wear off they won’t let me into this place after trying and definitely not getting into independent to stadium we decided it was time to make the four-hour journey south to the fixture against frosted oh you tell me AHA Oh muchos in chakra and the Calatrava harlequin enough Emilia p.


Plata placed upon a pony stallion river Volga la Cantina muchas ano he not anymore visit and simply left a leotard on college ended we were blue hurry where la ilaha il’allah la locura una cabeza la fatal fool our latino rushed him to the ground you guys five-hour road trip to make it a martyr Atlanta healing her for stadium Athena has poor gas a tanto Sonny okay no no se convierte dose in Chadha todo india pasion ADO’s tempered and ese momento para poder erie demostrar que la sebastiana su fiesta a hassan chop or very volatile experiment [Music] [Applause] [Music] you’ve been dent adding 1/4 arrivals expensive the second division you never want to go to the nationality in Veritate your oppressive as fans been dependent and wrassling retired from the night before the beaches mutter plata were now overrun with thousands of book and river fans a happy Amish goes on oh my god you would think I’m using never and welcome on my shoes [Music] I actually bought that sets the guns inside that super a samosa I see so much realize it but you’re not amigo but still I got winged I mean I made a bunch of wars I hunted up in so Nadia Oregon oh good idea to lobby study real experiential intercom well we’re so lucky man well victim a little cooler waters honestly is about to be iconic ain’t no broccolis it’s time to be on top it ain’t no stopping me no stopping we at all now trying to be involved be the audience for a decade of never being able to see your rival in a game in which are playing each other nothing beats the opportunity of being able to face off here no it’s not [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] in the end the stands were electric fireworks a non-stop wall of noise from both ends people falling into moats these people have been added to Phillip on his arse at 5:00 this morning then they hit the beach and beer and the Summer Sun still didn’t stop them in the ant river pulled it out one nil but the real story was even after the matchbook with sports remain in the ground refusing to let River have an uncontested party of their own [Music] thank culture here in Argentina is something distinct because it bases itself on the minut and it bases itself on little subtleties that people are trying to rate difference out of where you might have an old traditional understanding of different culture within England here these distinctions come out of it as a product of football and then they use that distinction to then create local pride and create a sense of self and civic understanding that’s as good as a guess

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