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Why IPTV Has Become So Popular in the Middle East

IPTV has made its way to the Arab World, where it thrives. The World Wide Web has become one of the primary sources of information. The Internet and its fast speeds have brought a revolution to the Middle East. The advent of high-speed internet has allowed people in the region to access television stations that they previously could not see. Thanks to modern technology the cost of accessing satellite television is much cheaper than ever before.

The latest technological development in the Middle East is the availability of broadband Internet through a service called Arabian Digital TV or ALD TV for short. This service has become so popular that it can be purchased along with a satellite dish and a traditional receiver/transmitter setup. In addition, an IPTV system can be added to this system for an even greater IPTV experience. These systems provide an excellent home entertainment experience that incorporates both music and videos.

The latest invention from the Middle East is the use of IPTV for communication by means of a mobile phone. A group of young men in Yemen was so impressed with the technology that they were able to create their very own IPTV system using a mobile phone. This IPTV system not only broadcasts audio and video but is capable of streaming live videos as well. When this IPTV system was first tested in Yemen it provided users with high-quality audio and video experience. It is unknown at this time how far this IPTV service will carry and whether it will be successful in establishing itself in other Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and the UAE.

The UAE has developed its own IPTV system and dubbed it the UAE Secure Digital Live. In doing so they made their system based on the Libyan Investment Network (LSN). The UAE is working very hard to take advantage of the growing Middle Eastern market. As we have mentioned before the economy of the Libyans has been phenomenal producing high consumer demand for IPTV services. The youth of the Libyans have expressed a tremendous interest in IPTV. The youth love to watch videos and are continuously making requests for IPTV programming through social media websites.

There are many IPTV providers in the region such as Tele2 and Mediocan as well as UAE TV

The future for IPTV in the Middle East is a bright one.  One indicator of the direction things is going in the Middle East is the development of satellite TV channels from countries such as the UAE and Egypt. If the trend continues IPTV and chat rooms will become extremely popular amongst young Arabs.

However, due to the nature of the internet, IPTV is still not that widely used in the Middle East. Due to security concerns, there are very few Middle Eastern IPTV providers. The only one that was mentioned was the Dubai Mall’s application. Although it was mentioned it still lacks the other features most IPTV service providers offer such as secure web-based interface, video quality, sound quality, and chat rooms. Apparently, the UAE Mall is offering only free software that will be needed to access their IPTV network. Since the software has not been released for the general public there is no way of knowing whether or not it will provide adequate security and if the servers used by the mall are really secure.

Another indicator of Middle Eastern IPTV popularity is the fact that the brand name has been changed from Jamahiriya to Libyan. Many companies have changed their brand names to make them more marketable in the Arab world. If you look at Jamahiriya you will see that the letters Q and R are missing. This could mean that they decided to change the name to Libyan because they are located in the “Libyan” part of the country.

Even though there are no major Arab competitors for IPTV, the Middle East is already an IPTV hotbed. With the many Middle Eastern telecom companies expanding and growing in size and customer base, IPTV will not be an isolated technology in the future. This is another reason that you should consider going with a reputable Middle East IPTV service provider such as Sky Digital TV or VR Technology. They have been successful in the region and have hundreds of IPTV channels. If you want to take advantage of this growth now, go to the internet and research Middle East IPTV.

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