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Woo! Yeah, I got it! – Woo! First try! (playful music) – Huh? What are my neighborsdoing over there now? Football, huh? I like football.

(running sounds) – (evil laughs) (air whooshing) – Aw, dad! What happened? – Don’t worry about it, Shawn.

I got a whole bag full of footballs.

I’ll just get another one.

(running sounds) (air whooshing) – (grunts) – It must be the windcatching it or something? Hold on! (air whooshing) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) – Yes! – What? Aw man! That’s our last football, Shawn.

All right, we’re going to need to get those footballs back now.

Come on! Here Shawn, look over the fenceand see if you can see them.

– Okay.

Hey! Can we have our footballs back? – If you want them back, you’re going to have to sneakinto my house to find them.

(intense music) – Aw, man! He says he’s going to hidethe footballs in his house.

So we have to go get them.

– (evil laugh) I know just where to hide this.

(playful music) Yes! (ball thuds) Are you kidding me? Time to hide the next one! This may take a while.

(grunts) Oh yeah, first try! (kazoo sound) Hm, saving my bestsecurity system for you.

– All right come on, Shawn.

Let’s make this quick, okay? (intense music) – You know I can see you! – (gasps) He’s got a camera there Shawn! – Oh, hi neighbor! – Hi, hey neighbor! Any chance we could justget our footballs back? – Nope! That’s not how I roll.

If you want your balls back, you’re going to have to find them.

– Okay! All right, I guesswe’re just gonna go now.

See ya! Bye! Come on, Shawn! Let’s go over here! (excited music) – It’s open! Where should we look first? – Okay.

(gasps) Shawn, I see one.

Wait! Look for the neighbor.

– He’s right there! – Hey! (screams) What are you doing? (shouts) (running) – Door, door! Let’s try the back yard.

I’m exhausted.

Are we ever going to get those back? – I don’t know.

– All right, to the back yard! (sneaky music) Wait! Check this window Shawn! – Nope! This one’s locked.

– [Dad] We’ve got to find a way in.

– This one’s locked too! – [Dad] See if you can see him in there.

– I can just barely see him.

– All right.

Well it looks like they’re gone.

I guess I can keep theirfootballs.

(evil laugh) – He’s going upstairs! All right, let’s go! It’s locked! – [Dad] Let’s try these windows.

We’re good! Wait! Do you see him? – Nope.

– [Dad] Okay.

Hopefully he’s still upstairs.

(sneaky jazz music) I’m going to close this so he doesn’t know we’ve been here.

(sneaky music) It seems so noisy! Okay, come on! – [Shawn] The otherfootball is right here! – Let’s get it! – There’s a lock.

It says My Pet.

Is it his pet dog? This is five letter.


I don’t know what it could be.

Let’s leave it here for now.

– [Dad] Let’s try this door.

– [Shawn] All right! (lava bubbling) – Oh no! Shawn there’s a football on the bed! There’s nothing to jump on, though.

Do you think you can jump to that chair? – No I can’t jump.

– What if I throw you? – Oh, no.

– All right.

We’ll have to come back to this later and just skip this football.

I don’t know how to get across the lava.

(sneaky music) – Wow! He really is mocking us now.

– [Dad] What? Are you kidding me? What is this? Those are our footballs.

– [Shawn] Look! He thinks he’s number one! – [Dad] He’s acting likethese are his trophies like he won them in a game or something.

– [Shawn] We’ll show him who’s number one! – [Dad] He’s not goingto get away with this.

– Let’s look in here.

That’s just the neighbor’s laundry room.

His garage.

I have an idea! I need to find some rope though.

Here’s some! – [Dad] What are yougoing to do with the rope? – I’m going to use it to lassothe chair in the lava room.

Then we’re going to bring it over and ride over to the bedand grab the football.

– Let’s see if you can do it buddy! (sighs) Hurry! Pull it back before it burns up.

(dramatic music) I’ll keep an eye out for the neighbor.

Just need to hook the arm or the back.

Don’t touch the lava though! You got it! Did you get it? Careful, careful! (lava bubbling) Yes you got it! Come on.

– Yes! – Nice job! Okay, pull yourself over.

You got it buddy! – I got it! – Here we go, Shawn! I can’t believe this is working.

All right, let’s go! Come on Shawn.

The neighbors are coming.

Come on! – Hide here! (suspenseful music) – I’m gonna get myself some apple cider.

(footsteps) – Can we go? (intense music) – Upstairs! Uh-oh! Dad you are never going to believe this! – Oh my gosh! – The whole room is filled with water.

– There’s the football! – How are we going to getacross this water though? Do you think you can swim? You’re a good swimmer, right? – Yeah.

– (gasps) Was that a shark? I thought I saw a shark.

Did you see a shark fin? – I think so.

– Oh my gosh.

(ominous music) I think that’s full of sharks.

– I’m not swimming in there.

– I’m not for a football.

I’m not going inside the tankfull of sharks for a football.

I don’t care if it’s arobot shark or a real shark.

I’m not going in there.

– Easy, dad! Let’s see what we an think of.

Is there any stuff we could use? (gasps) The ball at thebottom of the stairs! Got an idea! – [Dad] Wait a second.

What are you going to do with a ball? – All right dad.

I need you to hold this football! – Okay.

I’ll set it over here.

Are you crazy? You’ve got this! You know you’ve only gotone try at this, right? – Yeah.

– [Dad] Throw me the football! Don’t drop it in the water please.

Got it! Okay, come back! Come on buddy.

Come on.

You got this! Come on.

Don’t let the sharks scare you.

You got this! You got this! Got it! – Second football! – All right.

Let’s get out of here! Watch out for the neighbor.

(sneaky music) – Dad! There’s another football! – [Dad] All right.

Let’s get that one.

– Let’s move that table.

– Make sure to do this fast! – [Shawn] Come on, dad.

You can do it! – Okay.

I got it Shawn.

– [Shawn] Yes! – You should be able to get it now.

– [Hello Neighbor] Hey! (gasps) – [Dad] The neighbor! Go Shawn go! The back door! Go to the back door! Come on! Go Shawn! Keep going! Okay we know where that third football is.

Let’s sneak around.

We’ll wait until the neighbor leaves.

Once he settles down, then we’ll get it.

All right? Let’s do it.

(intense music) Is the neighbor in there? – He’s in the kitchen.

He just left into the other room.

– You hurry and go getthat other football.

– Got it! – [Dad] We’re still missing two footballs.

There’s the football inthere that’s chained up, and then we still need tofind the last football.

The fifth one.

Let’s go get that.

Those sharks might get it.

It’s my pet shark.

Try my pet shark! I can hear the neighbor.

He’s still over by the front door, though.

But we won’t have much time.

(suspenseful music) – Got it! – [Dad] Okay, come on! You’re making too much noise.

Go Shawn go! Put it out there, hurry! Come on! Shawn hide over here! Hide in the corner! – [Hello Neighbor] What was that? (haunting music) – He’s coming.

(intense music) – Hey! (screams) (electronic static) – Whoa! Shawn! The neighbor got us but the good news is right before he gotus, from where we were, I saw the fifth football.

Come on, let me show you! – I don’t see him.

(dramatic music) – [Dad] Keep an eye out for him! – [Shawn] What’s that sound? – Is that the neighbor? (tiptoe sounds) – (snores) – Let’s hurry and get thelast one and get out of here.

– Where is it? – Okay.

So we were right here.

But look! It’s up there.

Look at that.

That is way up there.

How are we going to get that football? – [Shawn] I don’t know! (gasps) I’ve got an idea! – [Dad] How? – We can use a bunch of toiletpaper and throw it at it.

– [Dad] I’ll keep praying.

I think you have a better idea.

You do what you can.

– Okay.

– [Dad] We need like a really long stick.

Oh, a broom! Oh that’s noisy! That’s not quite high enough.

All right, the broom’s not going to work.

– (snores) – [Dad] He’s still sleeping.

Hurry Shawn! Shhh! Seriously think that’s going to work? – Yeah (grunts) – (yawns) It’s been a long day.

(intense music) – Cool! – I can’t believe howwell that worked, Shawn.

We got all five footballs back, too! All right.

Let’s go find another street to play on away from the neighbor’s house.

– Sounds like a good idea to me.

– What? What happened in here? Who’s going to clean this up? (sighs) (upbeat music) Wait.

You guys aren’t still here are you? You’re not going to watchme pick up this whole mess.

Are you? See ya next time.

Poof! (intense water splash) (ominous music) (shark bite).

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