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support tifo and get a 30-day free trial to the athletic for in-depth coverage of your club Eden Hazard arrived at Real Madrid with huge expectations 50,000 fans turned up to the presentation of a player with a strong claim to being one of the premier league’s very best they

had high hopes that the new wearer of the number 7 shirt vacated by Cristiano Ronaldo could return the club to glory after a disappointing 2018-19 and while as ad stated I’m not a galactic oh not yet there was a strong feeling that this mesmeric dribbler and gold scorer

could inject some new life into zinedine zidane squad for hazard hasn’t according to the Athletics Dermot Corrigan as are derived overweight and was unlucky with injuries and that’s meant he’s never reached full sharpness a thigh injury during pre-season set him back and that’s been compounded by recurrent ankle

issues Corrigan also suggests that maybe he wasn’t quite prepared for the size of the task at Madrid thought it would be just as easy as at Chelsea and it’s not been hard is apparently ready to explode over the remainder of the season but what stopped him so far

from being the player Rael thought they were getting well in his last few seasons at Chelsea as art played mostly is an inside left forward in a three for three under Antonio Conte in the type of winning season or is a 10 when Conte switched to more of

a three four to one under Morrissey oh sorry he played wide left in a 433 but was also deployed as a striker when chelsea were hit by injuries as hard was Chelsea’s key player the systems weren’t exactly built around him and a sorry it could be argued that

Eugenio had that place in the starting eleven but as odd was the player who made things happen starting from his inside left position he could either roam across towards the ten space dragging a marker and freeing a fullback or wing back on the overlap or find space himself

to carry the ball and pass or shoot his ability to come infield off the flank even roaming as far as the right hand side of the pitch sometimes meant that he was often able to find space as Chelsea progressed the ball either from the left wing back or

one of the central passing midfielders as odd could pick it up in this face and bring his dribbling into play it’s noticeable how often as I’ve received the ball between the opposition defensive in midfield lines partly a function of his innate ability and partly because Chelsea used their

wide players effectively to stretch the pitch and keep the opposition spaced out and even if the opposition lines squeezed together as I’d often seem to be able to play a long pass to the other flank to find the right winger or the right fullback or to be able

to take players on with his dribbling from a standing start he was most dangerous in broken-field play but he could be equally hard to defend against in tight spaces at Real Madrid as Ardis found himself largely in his favoured position of left inside forward in a 433 but

he hasn’t registered a goal or an assist in his last eight league or Champions League games now that’s not to say he’s played entirely badly but there has been a noticeable drop-off in his output given that as art has largely been used in his favored role it’s fair

to assume that this is a combination of his stop-start beginning at the club due to injuries and issues with fitting into the system but there are several things to note Karim Benzema is a brilliant centre forward who spends a lot more time dropping off and linking play and

also has a tendency to drift left this naturally crowds the space that Assad would run into he will try to cut inside instead but then often runs into a deeper defensive line than was regularly encountered at Chelsea it’s also noticeable that as art plays better with Federico Valverde

at left central midfield this is partly because Valverde is a supremely energetic defensive presence which means a czar doesn’t need to cover so much space but it’s also because Valverde days running means that the right side of the opposition midfield and defence have another runner to track Valverde

is a more mobile threat than Tony Krause the latter’s line breaking passes are a huge threat but Valverde is more capable of pulling players away from space with his runs and that creates space for hazard and lastly well as are generally played in the opposition half full at

Chelsea he’s spending a lot more time dropping off a trail Madrid rail seemed to stretch the pitch area less keeping less distance between their lines this means when they were tracked to a defensive position as art is deep and when he looks to then bring the ball forwards

he starting in a position where it’s easier to keep him away from goal Chelsea were able to use either a back five or a better organized press to keep as art higher up the pitch in transition he was then starting in a position where he could pose more

of an immediate threat it’s interesting to see that Assad’s dribbling volume is actually fairly high in Madrid he started deeper though with more traffic to run into and this is reflected in the lower success rate than during the 2016-17 and 2017 18 seasons now it would be totally

unfair to say that as art has been a failure at Real Madrid at this point while his overall attacking output has dropped off significantly when you look at his involvement in shot and goal ending sequences of play per 90 the difference isn’t significant between his stellar last season

at Chelsea and this one the difference is that he’s adjusting to team balance and his new role was dan is figuring out who plays best around him that and his injury issues have meant that as art has yet to really show what he can do given time and

to run in the team though there’s every chance that he will become a key man Fuzzy’s Dan’s side if you liked today’s video you should check out derma Corrigan’s La Liga coverage over at the Athletic you can get a 30 day free trial to check it out and

if you don’t like it you can cancel before paying anything signing up is the best way to support T fo and we’ll give you unparalleled access and insight into your club see the link in the description for more and thanks for watching [Music]

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