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Beast IPTV 24h Test How-to-jailbreak-or-SideLoad-you-Fire-TV-Cube


hello everyone, welcome to Joel’s review and in this video, I’m going to guide you step by step on how to jailbreak yourAmazon devices also a common known as sideload if you are new with thestreaming devices or Amazon devices this is an excellent tutorial for you tofollow due to the inexpensive costs of the Amazon fire devices and what is tojailbreak what is to sideload for jailbreak is when you install new firmware onyour device in order to install third-party application and by doing soyou lose the warranty of the device cases Apple devices on the other handsideload on Amazon devices is only when you change the setting in order to allow youto install third-party application without losing any warranty on thedevice so we go home on your remote control we’re going to look for settingsgo down then we’re gonna look for my fire TV go down and look for developeroption change the setting here on and on press ok we go back then we go to preferencewe’re gonna make a couple of changes here privacy setting turn off userdevice usage data turn off collect app usage data you turn off interest baseads we go back go to data turn that off goback we go to feature content turn it off turn it off we go back we go homethen we’re gonna move to our left to the magnifying glass and we’re gonna pressletter D go down says downloader press ok press press ok on more time then download the application install let’s wait for the application to download and install all right so now that we have ourdownloader installed we open the app press ok and you see what it says enter the URL you’re gonna keep that HTTP press ok and we’re gonna type Troyt r o y point p o i n t dot com Press ok and we’re going to type troy t r o y point p o i n t dot com forward slash forward slash f l f it cannot be capital hold on f l press go or play button on your remote control then the application that we want will download then install we are installing filelink go down and open your filelink since I have the filelink installed I already have the code that we need inorder to get the app that we’re going to install so if you want to write down thethe number that would give you access to some of the app that I have in my filelink press continue dismiss gonna install cinema HD which is one ofthe application for movie and series now we better on quality service withthe streaming download finish and we are going to installed cinema HD wait for the installation go down press open and let’s see theapplication go down all the way down press okay so we are now in theapplication those are the new movie that we have we have you just choose the moviego in so on your right side wow that’s a lot on your right sidethose are the link in order for you to see the movie but after you see on youron the end of the description it says one points 1.

27 that’s the size of thefile the biggest the bigger the file the more its gonna take you to see to watch the movie normally depends on the speed of yourinternet I prefer something between 900 and 800 and something and in or doing something then you pressok and first play to watch the movie for copyright with YouTube for you to oncopyright we’re not allowed to play any movie or any audio so let’s go back goall the way up you see where three lines aren’t you on your left side on the topthat’s okay thing goes for TV shows so here you have most of the show that youhave from Netflix Hulu HBO any awesome from this Disney plus most of the series are here also animatealright so we’re done with this one so let’s go back press yes then we’re gonnadownload mobdro mobdro is a live tv application it has a lot of channel from U.


and internationally Europe Africa it’s all around the world Mexico CentralAmerica South America alright so let’s ope the app alright so we have here are options movies, channels let’s go to the channel mobdro is a little bit tricky youhave to really check your channels if you don’t want to see all of them what Ido is I I see the chart that I want to see and then go here and press it thatwill save me as a favorite let me go let me go down so after you see there is a bunch of the channel, I would say like 90, 95, and 98 percent of the channel works maybe there is a day that is not working know you could try later on rememberit’s free anyway so you have all the channel looking here sky cinema you have all type of cinema here you also have your HBO let me see let me see theHBO that we have here we got Cinemax, starts, with HBO all thestars for kids we got Nickelodeon, Nick jr.

, TeenNick, cartoon network, Disney Channel, alright guys so let’s go back let’s get out ofhere I remember never forget to.

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