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in today’s video I’ll be showing youeven more exciting ways you can play arcade games and console games on yourAmazon fire stick with the atgames legends ultimate arcade cabinet comingup right after this so in today’s tutorial I’m gonna showyou on an intermediate level how to download and install the

happy chickemulator this is an application that allows you to download video game romsdirectly via their app store and it lets you play on the legends arcade ultimatecabinet via the Bluetooth connection on the latest firmware so the first thingsfirst you’re gonna need to start out on your Amazon fire

stick again I’m usingan Amazon fire stick 4k it’s the most powerful version out there currently1080p fire stick works fine but you’ll find some games on the hippie chickemulator maybe not running as well as you’d like them to just because it’s notas powerful as you need it to be

to run so I highly suggest if you’re gonna gothis route and you really want to play a lot of games the 4k version of the firestick is going to be your best bet so we’re gonna start on the fire stick andI’m going to go over to my settings

I’m gonna come down to my fire TV I’m gonnaselect it and we go down to developer options this is something we need to dobefore we download anything I need to make sure that ADB debugging and appsfrom unknown sources both of these are turned on so if they’re not

go ahead andflip them I’m gonna hit back on my home screen and now we’re gonna start todownload the things we need to to get everything up and running for happy Jakefirst thing we need to do is download an app called downloader very simple I’mjust going to go to

my magnifying glass I’m going to start to type in downloader and you’ll see it pop up rather quick and there it is first onedownloader looks like this I’m going to select it and we’re just gonna go ahead anddownload it go ahead and speed through this process so you

don’t have to waiton the download so you’re going to be on the screen right here and this is whereyou need to enter a specific shortened URL that’ll take you to a meet of firethat allows you to download specifically the happy chick emulator so we’re gonnaput in this address

and I’ll put it on the screen real quick so you don’t haveto watch me type it out it’s not now all that interesting to watch me type and once we got the address typed inwe’re gonna ahead and hit go it’s gonna take us to the website and I

want toscroll down and we’re in hit download now depending on your internet speedthis could take longer than others all right our file is downloaded sowe’re going to go down and hit install and we hit done and now we can actuallydelete this file after we’ve already installed everything so

we can scrollover and hit delete yes I’m sure I want to delete it and now we get home and wecan go find our happy chick emulator should be at the bottom and there we areand pro tip if you hit your little selection on the right here on yourremote

you can actually move to the front so you don’t have to search forthis every time so when I’m on the home screen now I should see my happy chickemulator at the beginning every single time so now would be a good time to goahead and pair the at games

legends ultimate arcade with Bluetooth andconnect it to our Amazon fire stick so we can get into the hepatech emulatorand start playing alright so we have the happy chick application up and runningon our fire stick it’s very simple easy to use I’ve already went ahead andconnected the control deck

via bluetooth with the fire stick and the interest oftime I’m not going to show you how to do that again I did that in a previousvideo that I’ll link down in the video description box below but searchinggames very simple you can search them by individual title we’ll just

type in thename hit search and then we’ll pop up on the right-hand side all the matchinggames you don’t want to do it that way you can come over here and then those alot of these tiles are in a different language so I would just go ahead andignore them

specific ones that are kind of helpful though if you’re interestedin all the Street Fighter games you just come to the Street Fighter tile and thiswill have all the various Street Fighter titles that you can download specificvery handy that way but for the most part most of you will

be interested inthis screen so this shows you the different games you can download and thedifferent systems that are running on the habakkuk emulator so we’ve gotPlayStation 1 PSP Nintendo 64 Dreamcast make a drive Super Nintendo arcade andthen of course they’ve got it categorized by genre so there are

somedefinite drawbacks to this happy chicken later it’s not really anything to dowith the egg game’s legends firmware it’s more so with the happy chickemulator and application itself so the PlayStation and the PSP games a lot ofthose will run and they will well on the fire stick unfortunately forwhatever

reason even though you map the start button and map the buttons the wayyou want them I just want to initialize the gameprobably nine out of the ten places one games I’ve tried even though the gamewas running and everything appeared to be working smoothly I couldn’t everinitialize and actually

start the game when I hit the start button it justdidn’t recognize it even though I had mapped that specific button to the startbutton so I would probably avoid the PSP in the PlayStation 1 games Nintendo 64again this one’s another frustrating thing because the games start up andthey run

smoothly however due to the unique control configuration of theNintendo 64 controller a lot of those games all default to that joystick thumbanalog button and even though you map your controller for the Nintendo 64games it doesn’t recognize the d-pad as the default so you’ll be able to startyour game

and everything but you won’t be able to control characters becauseit’s looking for the analog input so when you’re moving the joystick it won’tregister it but the mouse and the trackball will quasi work but you stillcan’t play the games because they’re it’s it’s it’s almost like the theinputs are

flipped and corresponding and conflicting with each other it’s it’svery odd what it does when you try to play in 10 to 64 and you’re using thetrackball and the spinners so again it’s in 264 you won’t be unfortunately ableto really play on the egg games Legends ultimate arcade via

this method howeverif you want to pair a different Bluetooth controller say a PlayStation 4Xbox 360 a game serve controller or anything like that you can pair thoseindividually with the fire stick and play it that way but obviously we’re notreally interested in that work we’re talking specific to the

legend Saltzmanarcade dreamcast those games are far too powerful unfortunately for the firestick so you’ll download them and everything but the moment you try tostart it it’ll just blink at you and I’ll bring it back to the screen soagain I would avoid Dreamcast games all the console games Sega

NES SuperNintendo those all work great arcade arcade is very very successful you’ll beable to download all sorts of great games lots to choose fromand you’ll be able to download some games that are able to run on this thatyou couldn’t add on the add-on tool but again this is

really more of an optionspecific to people that don’t want to or don’t know how to do the add-on tool forthe legends ultimate arcade cabinet so let me just show you a couple examplesof some games I’ve got downloaded already and just show you what thislooks like as well as

how to configure your controls so download it a couplearcade games here go to super ninja baseball Batman I don’t know why I saidsuper so initially it defaults to a button mapping but you’ll want tocustomize it you’ll just come down here customize keys and it’s very simpleprocess it’ll select

whatever button input you want to start with so if Iwant to map my up I’m gonna hit a it’s gonna ask me to hit up and then I’mthere and I’m gonna do that for all my buttons a button a button so you can mapmap this however you want

for your left button right button right trigger lefttrigger I’ve mapped all those to the c and z buttons just because there’s not alot of games that are obviously going to use that many buttons start and selectI’ve got my rewind and my start button but very simple to map

those and you cando that and our game starts up does it’s quick ROM little check put a couple quarters in as you can see game runs really smoothno issues whatsoever game is so ridiculous I always always loved it Imean the name alone obviously grabs you but then you

see this awful wall crazygameplay and you’re just like what it what did I sign up forbut it’s loads of fun I love this one highly recommend check it out now if you’ve mapped your start andselect buttons you’ll hold them both to be able to back out of your

game youknow exit or you can just lazy way and use your remote and back out that wayshow a different game let’s go to Street Fighter 3 third strike again this isanother one those games that you wouldn’t really be able to play via theadd-on method so this is where

this comes in handy I’ll get my butt kicked by a Buki realquick oh let’s go Oh there we go game runs great though so acouple more examples real quick and then we’ll call it good so red Earth this isan interesting one not a lot of people are familiar

with it this was the firstgame released on the Capcom C ps3 system in the arcades I believe it came out in1996 it’s a really kind of crazy fighter if you’ve never seen it before it’s verydifficult as well so I’m definitely gonna die on this I’d be amazed if

Iwant to match I don’t remember any of the special moves so this will just bepunching and kicking for me got some very magical whimsical characters andbad guys in this game for sure pick Leo it’s essentially he-man with alion’s head not the most ingenious character drawing or I don’t

know whatwhat they were really thinking with this and it just seems like someone reallyphoned in that the design of that carriage but regardless and I already know how to describe thething I’m trying to fight here it’s like a trance or threads with RAM headchicken feet and he just

dragon breath for me and I’m getting eat eat up oh andI got horned and I’m gonna get gored again there we go use the block for onceI’m notorious for never blocking and fighting games totally thought he wasgonna hit me that’s what I was expecting there we go hey

I want a match but verycool that this is playable on here again this is something you couldn’t do viathe add-on tool and lastly we’ll do some dodgeballthat’s another cam I absolutely love especially the actual arcade version super dodgeball classic Neo Geo I’m going to talk about crazy characterdesign

this game has it in spades just look at these guys this guy’s got somecrazy glasses Buddha belly and then you’re like I just came out with a gun Imean come on now that’s not illegal goo ball don’t you get in your face tried it and your face again

oh he gotit oh come on that cross the line fromcheater I’m here Buddha belly you get unibrow I guess Uncle Fester cheaterand he’s gee he’s cheating me that’s like the default you always saysomeone’s cheating if they just beat you are you blaming on lag or whatever it isthere

we go oh he’s down but he was down now he’s he’s stunnederr now he’s down and out yeah another guy running past that line cheating fool Oh man coming for you Poindexter come on oh it’s it’s it’s almost time oh hecaught that really thought I was gonna finish

him right there there we gofinishing blow there it is one more left can I take can I take out the job nopeit takes me out come on redhead Elvis that’s what I’m talking about and thereyou have it that’s how simple it is to go ahead and get this

happy chickapplication up and running and download games that you can play on the legendsarcade cabinet one thing specific to the happy chick games themselves they areactually downloaded locally on your Amazon fire stick and if you want toknow how much space you have you just look up in this

top right hand cornerand that’ll show you how much space you have remaining and a lot of theseconsole games and the majority of these arcade games don’t actually take up awhole heck of a lot of space so you know depending on how many applications youalready have installed on your

fire stick you should have a decent amount ofroom to download lots and lots of great games for your fire stick collection soI hope you enjoyed this video if you found it helpful make sure you hit thatlike button if you’re new this channel make sure you stick around for

moregreat content like this because I’ll have a third video in this Amazon firestick series where I show you how to install and play retroarch and playgames via retroarch on the legends ultimate arcade and the fire stick sostick around for that and guys thanks for watching I greatly appreciate


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