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Beast IPTV 24h Test If-college-football-doesnt-happen-this-fall-how-much-will-Boise-State-face-as-a-budget-shortfall


hey Curt football such a driver for athletic programs the revenues I know it’s not quite the same for you guys as a power five school but have you been able to project how much of a revenue hit you might be taking with football this year and how that might impact any more long-term moves or changes you have to make within the athletic department or Tim that’s probably a question for every ad in the country right now right you know we we certainly have tried to do the math in terms of just how many people we can fit in our stadium or whether or not anyone’s gonna be able to come into the stadium that’s still I think up in the air but we’ve talked about everything from 25 percent to fifty percent to thirty percent capacity you know if it’s in that range that that could be close to seven eight nine 10 million dollars the thing that sometimes people don’t think about is outside of the seating you know that is going to affect our sponsorship dollars that’s gonna potentially affect our TV revenue depending on how many games we can play or if it’s going to be limited in any way you know there’s all the other exhilaration air where you have concessions and parking and no it could it could be many millions of dollars and you know the best thing that we can do right now is just a plan for people to be in our stadium but that is still up in the air so depending on how many seats we can sell is going to determine what you know that that revenue stream is going to look like so I think it can vary anything between 6 to 15 million dollars just depending on what happens going forward thank you anything additional from anybody hey Joe comment to the group real quick I really appreciate you all taking the time to do this I do want you to just keep in mind that we have 60 student athletes and some coaching staffs that are just not doing really well today and I just wanted you to know that I appreciated you asking the question about how they’re feeling because for me right now that’s most important making sure that we’re taking care of these people and in helping them plan for the next step in life so I appreciated you asking the question J tusk you had something else yeah if possible the Curt I know that it’s really tough to predict the future here but our college athletics sustainable especially the Olympic sports if we don’t have college football this fall you know Jeff I’ve had a lot of conversations with my counterparts across the country as well as you know the ones in our conference the Mountain West Conference dr.

Trump has had a lot of conversations with presidents across the country and conference commissioners and you know just trying to get a feel to get an answer to that very question and I think there are going to be some schools that can probably handle losses like this but there is a potential that if you know there is no football season that college athletics is going to look a lot differently going forward and especially with schools of our size where you know as you guys may or may not know you know we generate about 70% of our revenue to to basically back our program and that’s not the case with other schools you know there’s there’s a lot more support for whatever reason from you know their state and their students and their University and all that kind of stuff and so we’re very very dependent on football as everybody knows as well as men’s basketball from a ticket standpoint so I think it depends on what school you’re looking at I think some have different scenarios than us but when you start talking about schools with you know thirty and forty and fifty million dollar budgets and then you’re talking about a lost football season where 40 or 50 percent of that revenue is gone yeah I think it’s gonna look different going forward.

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