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Hi guys welcome to another episode ofultimate bucket list and on today’s show I’m hereBarcelona the comp no incorrectly pronounced in English as the Nou Campthis is home to FC Barcelona one of the world’s powerhouses in football and thestadium here at Camp know is the largest football ground in Europe but what’s itlike to actually go around this place given that anyhow so much history welllet’s find out this is one of the most famous football grounds in all the freeworld so what’s it like to actually do the tour well let’s find out from the metro station it’s just a fewstreets away now according to the phone sat-nav it should be right in front ofme and the signs say that is here but there’s no indication as to where itactually is until you walk to water it and probe in 2060 diem is notparticularly very tall you’ll need to buy a ticket from the ticket office andthe entrance to the museum and stadium tour is literally across the way hereonce you paid your money it’s time to go up these stairs and it’s a self-guidedtour which means that there is no to indictment you actually just showyourself around by looking at the sands and following the arrows it’s prettysimple to understand there’s various sections of this tour whereby they takepictures of you and try and sell it to you afterwards at the gift shop which isquite common with football tools in today’s you get to see the BarcelonaMuseum which houses some ancient relics and lots of trophies and it’s all veryeducational if you’re a fan of Spanish football particularly when it comes toBarcelona you’ll get to see all their European Cups and one thing’s for sureLidl Messi is an absolute God here the several exhibits dedicated solely to himand they house their bow on door awards their house all of his Golden BootAwards and they tell you pretty much about the life story of the Messi sothat’s cool to know if you’re interested in that sort of thingboy he really is a God around here once you get bored of the museum it’s time toactually look at the stadium itself walk through the steps and taking your firstview of the stadium with its famous catchphrase mascara look which meansmore than a club and it actually starts to look like what it does in the photosand videos now but the middle here can get quite busy so I highly recommend emclimb the stairs and taking the view from the top levelalternatively walk to the corner where you’ll get an even better view and it’sa lot less busy here in the corner and you can certainly spend some time takingin the sights be patient guys because there’s a lot of tourists here if youget bored of that go downstairs where you walk past all the corporatehospitality pits that they don’t let you anywhere near and this pseudo bustlingart gallery which they also don’t let you move but one thing’s for sure theyalso give you access to the player interview area which you can take photosoff and the press conference room which surprise surprise they don’t let themnear that either which is a shape you that gets a visit via waiting isdressing group and I gotta admit this is probably one of the nicest awaitingdressing rooms by sin it’s big its spacious it’s got a lot of stuff andit’s actually quite comfortable for the away team they actually get a lot ofthings massage tables fridges tactical boards hot tubs and it’s actually quitenice but if you do want to visit the home team’s dressy group surprisesurprise that costs a little extra you then getto walk down the players tunnel and before you walk out onto the fieldcheck out the chapel on the right-hand side here obviously Spain is a veryreligious country and most plays are Catholic so you could say a quick prayerin here before you step out onto the field take lots of pictures here guysbecause once you walk up those famous stairs you’ll get to see the field inall of its glory well in theory anyway because it’s really really packed outhere once you make it past all the crowds of peopleyou get a nice or obstructed view of the field except for these security guards -just getting you any photos but other than that you get some fantastic viewsof the field at ground level if you’re finding the crowds a bit softer tonavigate take a seat in one of the dugouts and it’s actually a pretty niceplace to sit although you’ll get lots of people try to barge you after the way totake photos of it which can get quite annoying overall guys if you get boredof the field view I highly recommend buying some barsa grass actually no Idon’t they actually sell bits of grass here are you guys kidding me God youguys will make money out of anything now that I found a quiet part of the stageto actually talk to you guys let me just tell you a little bit about the stadiumwell it used to hold over 100, 000 spectators but they’ve reduced thecapacity for various reasons but it’s still a massive Stadium and one thingthey definitely don’t tell you about um it’s hella busy you know it’s 4:00 inthe afternoon on a Tuesday and this place is inundated with groups schoolgroups etc and sometimes that’s fine sometimes gets a little annoying withyou know rambunctious kids just getting in your wayso bear in mind if you do come here expect it to be busy Barcelona is one ofthe most popular clubs in the world and a lot of people want to come here andsee this so if you do want to come here you’re gonna have to take your time bereally patient because you know everyone’s lining up in the same spotsfor the same photo so be prepared to wait don’t lose your temper and you knowhopefully you’ll have a decent time here so what you taking a last move from thefield it’s now time to climb the stairs oh this looks interestinglots of virtual experience and looks like fun wait another six euros are youguys serious it does look like fun and this lady right here has absolutely noidea that I’m standing right in front of her so huh it must have been a goodexperience but teams like Liverpool actually give you this for free so yeahit’s a bit of a garage what else is a bit of a gouge is that they try and sellyou pointless shit like bits of gold net seriously they try to sell you bits ofgold net and obviously more bits of grass and if you want a photo taken witha cup that costs extra as well these guys really know how totake the piss and try to take money off you but if you’re not buying any thatstuff take the elevator all the way over to the press box now the press box ishigh up on top of the field and I gotta admit it’s quite Spartan thefacilities are pretty basic and considering TV studios operate from uphere it’s actually quite surprising of how basic this place actually is and isthe award for the most pointless seats in the stadium you can only see threequarters of the pitch wrinkled here feces of believe it or not locateddirectly under the press box and it’s a pain in the ass to get out of there ohis selling more crap now well at least it’s a coin it’s somewhat of collectibleyou could also buy this fake euro note for 5 euros yay I guess but once you getbored of the view on top of the press boxgo downstairs where they’ll show you a boss exhibits it’s an interactive videodisplay and it shows you that history of Barcelona Football Club if you didn’tknow what it was you then gets walked down this cooltunnel and then surprise surprise this all ends this is the gift shopdon’t get me wrong it’s a very lovely gift shop but if you are going to buyanything here bear in mind that the prices are horribly inflated anddefinitely definitely don’t buy this kit this is bloody awfulI quite like the yellow one so overall guys the talk it was actually okay I I’mnot gonna say it was a brilliant tour and I’m not gonna say that it was areally bad tour it was somewhere kind of in the middle one thing that ruins thetour however is pretty much the price gouging now I did the basic tour wherebybut you can’t really call it a tour because I showed myself around you knowyou could walk around the stadium yourself and they just charge youmoney’s like an entrance fee but the problem with that is that if you want todo any of the cooler things like the virtual reality experience or go intodifferent parts of the stadium that costs a little bit extra and it quicklyadds up if you do want to do those things I’ve currently there’s an optionto do absolutely everything including misting little teams dressing room andhaving a guided tour and having an audio garden whatever well apparently thatcost an arm and a leg literally about a 150 euros if my memory serves mecorrectly so yeah the stadium tour can be quite pricey here in Barcelona but ifnone of that faces you if you’re okay paying for extra little bits or even ifyou’re okay with the basic tour one Hydra showing you around it’s actuallynot bad if you do like football and you do like Barcelona I highly recommend youcome here however if you are in Barcelona and you’re not a big fan offootball don’t bother ok I’m so what do I dowell you need to come here to cough no now it’s served by about three differentmetro stations so I’ll put them on the screen that that by far is the easiestway to get in and in terms of comp know the cost to do the talk well I did thebasic tour tour where I showed myself around and that cost about 23 eurosobviously if you want to get it at all that cost extra if you want an audioguide that cost extra if you want the virtual reality thing that costs extraetc etc etc be prepared spend extra money to see the better bits of stadiumis there anything else I need to know yes even though they do allow you totake photos and videos more often than not you won’t be able to and the reasonwhy is because it’s so busy this is one of the most famous football clubs in theworld and they just let people in kind of you know willy-nilly and it getscrowded especially with school groups so you’ll be hard-pressed to actually get adecent shot or a decent video take but if you are patient and if you get peopleto take the photos for you it is actually not too bad be prepared to waithowever the stadium as you can imagine is quite big so you’ll be doing a lot ofwalking around so if you’re not good with your legs some parts of it bitsketchy where does this rank in the hierarchy of my stadiums that I fit soonwell kind of like that I’ve actually been here before but I did the touragainst a video it for you guys and do you know what I’m actually goingto drop it at a couple of levels mainly because of the price gouging somethingthat didn’t happen the last time I was herebut overall guys the tool was pretty good if you are find a Spanish footballor Barcelona I highly recommend it if you have enjoyed this episode for shortslike share and subscribe comment on the comment section below and if I could getenough suggestions tweet them at me for the bucket list ideas up I’ll go aheadand do it so guys thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in thenext episode Ninh Ly

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