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so this is literally the best emulatorfor Android we’re talking every game on every platform with no mouse toggle withno advert optimized for your TV on top of that I’ll also show you I can useyour phone as a gamepad we can see here guys our kanaev occur and the menus Ihave all of the buttons needed for all the different emulators so you can getthe true arcade experience without paying for a gamepad this also means ifyou want to play some to play gaming that one of you can actually use yourphone as a gamepad and the other person can use the physical controller so inthis video today I’ll show you exactly how you can install the latest versionof this emulator how we can also set our phone to be a game controller I’ll alsoshow you I can do some to play gaming and also on some Android devices we caneven change the location of the downloaded ROM so if you don’t have muchstorage on your device you can actually plug in a USB stick or a USB hard driveand download the games directly onto that so with all of that being saidlet’s get started here okay so to install the latest version ofthis apk the first we’re going to do is go to settings go over to my fire TV goto developer options and just make sure both these are set to on once you’vedone that go back to the home screen and let’s now open up download our insidedownloader let’s go over to the settings on the left and just ensure that youhave the JavaScript enabled which you can confirm by the check box once you’vedone that go back up to home and let’s navigate to this address which is HTTPcolon four slash four slash bit dot L why four /td UK that’s me 2019 and thiswill basically take you to my brand new or brand newly created website let’s dothat now and click on go so this really is a work in progress cause I’m reallytrying my best to get this update today all of my downloads go everything addedso do bear with me while I’m building here but for now click on the hamburgermenu which is one of the three lines here and let’s scroll down to downloadslet’s click on downloads let’s scroll down again and what we’re looking forhere is the happy check tv edition now if you do want to do this on to yourtablet or into your Android phone I recommend you doing this one insteadwhich is the happy chick phone edition but as I’m doing this demonstration onthe latest forecast ik from Amazon I’m going to do happy chick TV edition let’sclick on that now and let’s scroll down to the green download button let’s clickon that and this will commence the download off the apk ok when you seethis you want to click on install let’s click on done now here we definitelywant to delete the apk installation file because this is nearly I think 50 megainside so especially on a fire sticker we don’t have much storage so let’sdefinitely click on delete and click on delete again now let’s press the HOMEkey let’s now go to our app slide people are holding down the home key againlet’s click on apps now let’s go to the bottom of this list by pressingleft here is new IP Kade there now if you do want to move this to the top ofthe list you can press the context key and select move to front okay so beforewe start here I’m going to show you firstly how you can pair a Bluetoothcontroller with happy check now the way we do that or the easiest way to do thatis let’s go back to settings then go to controllers and Bluetooth devices andhere we want to select other Bluetooth devices now if you have the officialAmazon controller this is where you’d select but because I’m using a genericthird-party controller I’m going to set other Bluetooth devices now lots ofpeople do ask me which controller do I recommend and have all of the differentcontrollers I’ve tried over the years this one by games which is the g4s isdefinitely my game controller of choice just because there’s a really nice buildquality it comes with a built in charging battery and every game I trywith there just work straight away and this has actually been optimized for ahappy check which means all of the emulators in there we’ll pick this upautomatically it doesn’t require any manualconfiguration now somebody did leave me a comment saying that when they try topair their PlayStation 4 controller with happy jig all that did work correctlythey didn’t notice a lot of lag was playing but with this controller I’venot seen any lag let us turn this on now because I previously paired this thisyou just connect automatically so let’s give that a second and we can see therewithin a second it says game sir g4s has now been connected if this wasn’t pairedthen I’ll just click on other Bluetooth devices or click on add Bluetooth devicethen I’ll put this into pairing mode so so whichever Bluetooth control you havejust put that into pairing mode and if you then I pay here but in my casebecause this is already paired I can now back out of this and let’s now open uphappy check and here we are guys we can see now I’m able to navigate using thegamepad now the best thing about happy chick is just the fact that you don’tneed to download any of the roms yourself any game that you’re lookingfor you can just search for air and this will automatically download the ROM foryou as long as you own it now for example I just search for something solet’s go over to search and let’s search for a streetas we’re looking for Street Fighter and here we can seal up the matching searchresults so let’s go for this game over here so I just click on that now get theoption to download let’s click on that again we can see there’s a progress barover here so it’s nearly done so literally within 5 or 10 seconds thesegames will be downloaded depending on their size the cases this is now beendownloaded and now get the option to launch classes launch that now ok so itsays what’s your player one controller we can see it’s the g4 let’s click onlaunch again and press any key now to add a coin on any of these arcade gameswe have to press the select button which is basically like putting some moneyinto the arcade so let’s press select now we can see it says one credit let’spress it again and I says two credits ok so let’s press start now ok let’s justgo for Ken and Ryu and there we have it guys we are now playing some amazingretro games on our Android device that’s working absolutely fine without any lagor stuttering and that’s working great so let me show you how you can now playthis as two players so let’s back out of this go to exit now if you do have twoBluetooth controllers all you need to do is just select your second Bluetoothcontroller over here and you can then play that as a two-player game so I justgo to that now we can see that any option I have is just a fire stickremote control because that’s the only other controller it can see but what youwant to do now is is to use our phone as a controller so to do that let’s backout of this now that you back to the home screen let me show you how you cannow install the game controller onto your phone ok so to get the latestversion of the virtual controller risk and open up a browser on our phone andjust navigate to this address which is HTTP cold on four slash four slash bitdoor ly for /td UK 2019 now once again take you to my website as soon as youget there let’s go to the downloads page we do that by pressing the hamburgerbutton over here let’s select downloads and under retro and gaming we’re lookingfor happy chick virtual controller let’s click on that now and let’s press thegreen download button let’s click on open and let’s click oninstall and that’s now all done we cannot open that up ok so now that we’vestart the application the first thing to double check is make sure that thewireless network here is connected properly and make sure it’s on the samenetwork as your firestick or your Android device I mean it doesn’t have tobe that this is Wireless and has to be wireless as well because I’m actuallyusing an Ethernet connection but as long as the two machines can talk to eachother along the two devices are on the same network it shouldn’t have a problemso once you’ve confirmed that the wireless network is ok next that you’llsee it says a aft mmm so it’s actually automatically detected my fire stick andif I click on that now she tells me the IP address my first excel thisapplication will do a discovery and I will be looking out for any happy chickinstallations it can connect to as soon as it finds it this will turn green overhere and it means that now there’s a partnership between your virtual gamepadand happy check and we can see if I move this we can see that’s now properlyshowing on the screen now in terms of settings for click on settings here wecan see it is in Chinese but the two main things to look out for is this toptoggle over here this is basically for vibration so if I now put it back on myphone will now vibrate for every move that I do so if you do prefer to leavethat on you can do that but I personally like to turn that off the other thingyou can do is you can change what the virtual pad looks like so you wouldtoggle this off here let’s go back again and we can see it now it looks more likea console gamepad so depending on how you prefer it you can play with thoseoptions now I do wish that gosh you read whatthese options are so if any of my viewers can read a Cantonese orwhichever this language is if any of you guys can read that then do let me knowin the comments what these options actually means so if you do know whatthey mean do let me know class back out thereok so we’re happy with our virtual gamepad let’s now do some to play gamingso let me now choose the game I downloaded let’s go to my games let’sclick on that lets press a ok so now we can see player 1 is the g4 which is thisthing over here now for player 2 I’m going to go down to fun controller clickon that and sec my phone there let’s click onthat again so basically saying for player one we’re using the G for theplayer two were using the phone controllerlet’s now launch this game so once again we know we press select to get thecredits cut let’s put in a few credits here let’s now press start here okay wesee it says one people player one or one player now let’s press start over hereand there we have guys we now have the two player option so let’s go forCaptain America and I’ll be Riya and can I mean obviously won’t beplaying with yourself two player but ice want to demonstrate that does workproperly and they’ve had guys I can now do a fireball from this side and fromthis controller I can try and do a super move and there we have it guys we arenow doing two player gaming two player retro gaming using a phone as acontroller and also a physical gamepad and we can see that’s working absolutelyfine okay so we’ve done some to play gaming we’ve demonstrated that you canuse your phone as a controller now for the storage let’s go back to the homescreen again now normally to adjust the storage we’ll just go to manage theGuptas storage device and basically here we’re trying to say like don’t use theinternal story use an external storage like an additional storage like a USBstick or USB hard drive now unfortunately on the 4k fire stick dotwo permissions we can actually change the storage location so that means allof the games do have to be downloaded onto the internal storage even though aswe saw in a previous video we can plug in a USB stick and access content onthere so if you want to stream some movies or streams and music you can readstuff from a USB flash drive but unfortunately we can’t write to wherehowever if you are doing this on an under box let me show you how you can dothat right now okay so you’ve downloaded the emulatoron your Android phone or your Android tablet or your Android TV box or evenyour Nvidia shield but you’d like to change the default location of thedownloaded games so how do you do that now the other thing you can also do hereguys is lot of times people ask me how can I get roms for certain emulators soa good thing about this emulator is is that you can actually use it as adownloading platform so let’s say for example you really like to use anotheremulator like a retro arch or snez 9x or some of the other ones we can do thisemulator is you can download which other games that you like but then extract theroms and then use it in the emulator of your choice so you also get thatflexibility so let me show you I can do both things so the first thing you wantto do is change the default location of the download so let me just open up theemulator and what I’ve done is I’ve plugged in a USB flash drive into myAndroid box so similarly you could do the same thing or you could plug in alarger hard drive whichever USB device you want you canplug that into your box and we can then change the default location to thatdevice so you want to do is go over to manage and we can just see on the topright at the moment it’s telling us that there’s 20 gigs of storage left andthat’s the default internal storage but we’re going to change that so the way wechange it is if you go to storage device now this will basically do a scan ofyour system and tell you if there’s any other devices plugged in and here we cansee my USB stick I mean it’s actually really small USB stick which is why wecan only see there’s seven gigs of space left but normally or typically you’d putin a much larger disk then you could download all of your games onto that soI’m just gonna select the first one and we can see now it says setting save soin theory now if I try and download the game that’s just a small one for a testlet’s go for the first one in the list so we can see this game should be 8.

6making size let’s click on that and let’s now click on download so just toconfirm because we made that change and we can see the prompt that just came upthis should be saving get clarity to my USB stick so let’s give that a second tofinish and we can see that the game is eight point six Megan sighs and it saysus now finished so if I now she browse my USB stick so it’s exit emulator let’sopen up a four manager okay if I just press left and let me now select my USBstick now the way this emulator Christ the directory structure for your gamesis if you scroll down we should see this folder called zlg I’m probablypronouncing it wrong but let us go into that nowthen going to roms and because I came was n64 let’s going to that folder andthere we have the guys we can see we have one folder which is that one gamethat we just downloaded let’s click on that and we can see there is a zip filefor the game and we can just confirm on the right it does say it’s 8.

6 Megansighs so this is also an easy way if you do want to download roms but use them ina completely separate emulator so I can now for example just copy days and useit somewhere else so that’s basically how you change the default storagelocation for this emulator well that’s all for this video guysmany thanks for watching and many thanks for staying till the end if you did findthis video useful then do give it a thumbs up if you wanna see more stufflike this then do subscribe hit the notification bell as always I doappreciate your likes your shares in your comments so do leave me a commentbelow and I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks.

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