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we are at home and aren’t we looking for something to do we have gone to our TV set and found that it’s not what what we want it to be it will be everything you dreamed it can be with what we have today this is not just an Amazon fire TV this is called the Amazon fire TV recast 500 gigabytes DVR what does that mean it means that you can actually record two programs at the same time two programs same time it DVRs your programs now off your live TV so if you’re watching something else if you want to go to your fire stick because we’re including the fire stick then it allows you to use your fire stick but that allows you to record your live TV so we’re including the fire TV and then we’re gonna give you the the final piece so that you can have something that is so affordable and yet opens up an entire universe of content and that is your antenna we are including for you today your antenna as well and this antenna is going to be awesome because now you’re able to pull in all of the free TV the free TV being so important it’s all of your local news okay because they have to broadcast free it’s so you can get emergency broadcast notifications etc our value on this is amazing – 1999 normally normally just for the recast just for the Amazon recast normally you would pay 229 just for that we took $10 off that through in the fire TV stick through in the end top antenna and then did free shipping and handling if you want to put it on flex payments split it up on your credit card we’re happy with that as well $44 we will send this right out to you though the whole package Aaron Berger joining us via Skype it’s always fun to visit with you Aaron it’s especially fun when we get to see your pretty home – you have done some beautiful decorating there but you know when it comes to to our home is there anything in our home anything that we’re using more than our television right now because I don’t know it right here’s what we’ve done on this we put together kind of all of the ways that we watch TV – so we watch told it we stream television right and that’s what the fire stick is we’ve included the fire stick you can stream over five hundred thousand shows all of your shows from Amazon Prime all of your shows from Netflix all of your shows from YouTube all of your shows from Hulu you name it five hundred thousand shows on demand that you can stream whenever you want many of which are free some of which of course have subscriptions you know Netflix has a subscription and prime video those sort of things the next part of that that we’ve included is all of your free local television local sports local weather local news because that’s what’s been missing in the past right Alice in the local channel exactly so we’ve done that by including and you’re seeing it right now an antenna this is a fifty-mile antenna from the number one producer of antennas in America that’s an top so now you can watch literally dozens and dozens of channels and again all of the local shows that you think of the big shows that are on television right you know whether it’s the bachelor or homeland whatever it is you want to watch and I’ll show you that in just a minute and then this is the new PC you’ve never seen before there’s a little this box over here and I’ll hold it up this is the fire TV recast we’re showing it to you at the studio this allows you to also record your live top for the first time ever we have a package where you can stream all of your video you can watch all of your video live and you can set it to record it on any of your live video you can do that really really easily I’m going to show you in a minute just using your voice and your Alexa remote and truly the the value is here what we don’t have a lot of is this okay we have very very very few of these to go around in fact we just have a few hundred of them and that is it feature price today – $19.

99 I have I have a friend named rich and he has a smart TV Erin and I go to watch something and he can’t find anything well you can’t find it because he doesn’t have the fire TV with the voice search on it it’s all I can do not to take my fire TV stick and put it I just take over but you know you know men are very territorial when it comes to the road so I’m trying to give him the space but can’t find anything you will find everything with this I mean Adrian and I are watching The Godfather series she never saw oh my gosh they’re still great movies still films so beautifully this opens up everything to you but now having the ability the difference here is not only do I get the fire TV not only do I get my local channels with the antenna which by the way is very nice-looking and very small and sleek it’s very this is gonna go beautifully in your home but having the ability to be able to record two channels at one time pretty amazing cuz I think a lot of us you know maybe some of the newscasts some of the press conferences you know maybe you don’t want to watch the whole thing so you want to be able to fast-forward through it just hit the highlights you can do all of that but in the meantime you’re watching something else that that you’re enjoying and maybe saving that for later hey you can be watching one thing recording something else you can be recording two things at the same time Alice how about either give me a favorite genre or a favorite actor or actress and I’ll show everyone how easy it is to find things with it okay well I’m gonna go with Al Pacino since I just watched you last night The Godfather okay good one so this is the remote that comes along with it this is the electro remote I’m just gonna say Al Pacino and this so there’s just this little stick that you plug into the back of your TV so look here movies with Al Pacino we could well this is a brand new original on Amazon because what hunters right now oh the Irishman that was amazing we can watch Sergey or we can watch low tide we mean on you know then we could go back in time a little bit here we could watch The Dog Day Afternoon we could watch Frankie and Johnny we could watch The Godfather that Alice was just talking about a minute ago so this is sort of showing off the capability of the fire TV stick well the fire TV stick is one of the things that comes along let’s show off the capability because this is brand-new of the antenna for a minute you probably can’t even tell that I have an antenna over here I’m just going to move it into the shop for you a little bit more this is it this is the antenna it’s just it’s so it’s it’s so well designed it kind of just oh yeah thanks guys that’s it just kind of boy the decor now what you can do with the antenna because we’ve included it you can watch live television so I just went to live TV I also could just tell the remote to go to my channel guide but you can use your voice or you can use the remote like I just did so what can we watch right now again never pay to watch TV again what are the things you love to watch right now we could watch court TV we can watch your Matlock we can watch yes HSN is a free broadcast channel we can watch at home with Alice we can watch Frances and friends we can watch a buyer’s guide to everything the Martha Stewart Show maybe there’s something good okay I always like good times with hilarious if you want to record a show because remember this has the built-in recorder as well you can use your remote or you can just say stop record good times you’re recording for good times in sense you guys heard that right it said you’re recording for good times is set so now it’s going to record it see there’s a little red dot next to good times now that’s how easy it is now Alice to make sure you any show you want if you don’t even have to go to your guy first if you want to record it you just say record law and order or record Monday Night Football record rack it will record it for you easiest DVR I’ve ever seen to use so let’s take a look at one other thing here in fact we have a listing of television channels that I’d love to show you guys this is just an example cuz a lot of people say okay now I have an antenna so I don’t have to pay to watch TV anymore I don’t have to pay for any service to bring television into my house if you wouldn’t like eight these are is this an example of the channels in Los Angeles there were three Fox channels there was ABC there was HSN one in HSN to QVC court TV Oh PBS will come up in a minute and PBS KIDS so the number one channels in America that you think of high-definition ABC high-definition NBC high-definition CBS high-definition the CW HSN QVC your shopping channels your local broadcast channels a lot of people don’t realize it’s the law it’s actually a federal law that all of the the channels a lot of us pay for right now for what’s in our house their broadcast for free into our homes because in an emergency situation we I need access to the news we all need access to weather and those sort of things so all those channels that every month you get a bill for $150 $200 or whatever to watch those are actually free the antenna just pulls them out of the air puts them on your TV for you now Alyce I mean after you update everybody on quantity I want to explain one other point to you and that is all of the things we’re talking about watching you can watch on an app on your phone now as well even your local television from wherever you are crazy you know this is different this is different than what you experienced in the past having the DVR function now along with your fire TV stick along with your antenna it really does everything instead of kind of piecemealing this a little bit here a little bit there go all in this is the way you go all in because frankly you’re probably paying for that DVR if you use that service at all do you use it maybe once or twice whenever you use it but you’re paying for that along with you you know a traditional bill instead of doing that use what you want but after you buy this you decide what you want and you decide what you’re gonna pay for it you know you decide if you want a Netflix subscription or if you want to attach something to an Amazon Prime subscription whatever it might be you’re in control instead of buying and paying for all these other channels that you just scan through and can’t get through fast enough this is a quick and easy way to do it I think that Amazon fire is the easiest way that you can find absolutely anything look at when you look at even the remote it is so clear what you do that picture of the house is there I want to go backwards I go there there’s my microphone that’s pretty much all you need I mean it’s just that easy and using that voice to control it just changes everything having the DVR now that you don’t have to pay for ever again having your antenna so whatever you want to do in terms of you decide what kind of content you want to bring into your home you have the ability and you will get your local channels all of this including your fire TV and we’re even doing that HDMI extender as well everything included typically just for the recast to 29.

99 so you’re saving $10 just to start which you know try and find a recast on sale right now okay because they’re going everybody is spending so much time in front of their TVs and looking for new content this is the way you find it but this is the way you save it recorded and then watch it back whenever you want to first time we have ever put this all together with the antenna with the fire TV stick and the recast so you can DVR and truly Aaron this is your all-in right here yeah there’s a couple of ways that it really saves you money one of the ways is of course you don’t have to pay to watch local television anymore because we include the antenna and actually when you buy just the recast from our friends at Amazon at a higher price and by the way there are partners in this so it’s not like these fell off a truck and so we’re able to sell them to you you know it’ll Essex or the pipe and Amazon they want to get bees in your home they want you to see the product that one of their brand-new products when you buy from Amazon that doesn’t include an antenna and it doesn’t include the fire TV stick both of which you need for this to work I should mention I have the antenna and the recast next to my television they don’t have to be they could be tucked away upstairs next to a window because it would wirelessly still send the signal to my fire TV that’s plugged into the television so that’s one of the nice things about it another really nice thing is the user interface that’s built in will always take you to the place where you can watch a show the least expensive way here’s an example maybe you want to watch the movie Hugo I’m gonna go Hugo now again there’s this quad-core processor in the fire TV stick that’s in my TV so there’s a movie Hugo I’m gonna go okay let’s watch you go notice the first thing it does is it says watch now with Netflix because it knows I have a Netflix subscription so I can watch it there for free it doesn’t take me to a place on Amazon well we have to pay for it now if you didn’t have a Netflix subscription it would give you other ways to watch you could rent it right now for $2.

99 but the case is it’s always taking you to a place like if you have a subscription already it filters through your subscriptions and takes you where you might be able to watch a show for free again the other brand-new thing on this if you’re just joining us you can now watch live television with your fire stick as well when it’s connect – you’re recast and when it’s connected to your antenna setup is very easy and we include everything you need this is cheap if you buy it at Amazon you have to buy piecemeal you have to buy the antenna you need buy the stick you need by the recast you need we have put it all in a package you don’t need a single thing you get everything you need to make this happen and we’re gonna ship that right to you absolutely free so you don’t have to worry about that we’ll even put this on 5 flexpayments $44.

90 can’t believe it but you got to be able to find it this is the way you find it right Aaron absolutely great to see you as always take care yeah I miss you thank you think miss you to try hunters I’ve been watching that one as well so many things but we have something special.

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