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and I want you to follow me [Music] video I’m really excited to tell you I’m gonna release my own video game straight to our football featuring the best freestyler and Silvia from the old world in this video game you will be able to do the same trick

as me express what I’m doing with the ball every single day but at the end of the video we’ll stay because I’m gonna show you the full trailer of this video game but before that that’s came back two years ago where everything started let’s go yo what’s up

people – oh boy see and today we are in Czech Republic in this room there is something magical happen so I take you with me in the journey but this project will change the game forever come with me do recognize that yeah we are shooting for a new

video game called Street power football you ready [Music] all the best booster in the world in action right now doing some tricks for the game watch is no and oh yeah yeah you don’t see but I’m clearly changing myself something like I don’t know really like it’s like

wearing tiny clothes so in couple of circles you’re going to see me as you never see me before [Music] that’s how so today this is my pregnant playground that’s where I’m gonna express myself creating the best ever in this video game and you’re gonna love it you’re ready

to be like me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so okay people this is end of the day hope you enjoy it actually this game treat power football you can play it and there is several different modes so you can play freestyle you can play Panna you can

play trivia tree you can use football player a street football or freestyler like me some guys you see today so it’s a crazy crazy step up for free street football scene last time we filled motion-capture which is like all the move in the game but now we’re gonna

do the story mode watch which means we’re gonna go to the screen room and I need to receipt like 8 or 10 pages of text explaining what the game is all about that’s mean when you guys gonna go in the game I’m gonna tell you come on there

welcome to Street power football you can have a crazy experience you’re gonna have different mode panel’ street football etc and you’re gonna play crazy crazy game with the ball but you know it’s not that easy like it seems easy but it’s gonna be really hard this is a

channel of today let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so hey no okay and every time this morning and righty why don’t you say you know we started on a team it’s almost five or six and I think almost the whole night here but it’s for you guys because

you can go but I know [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’m really bad actually it was a big big challenge for me to do this shooting you know I’m used to do a lot of freestyle show used to play like for one or two hours with people

put on everything and I think I was really physical but doing this shoot for like eight to ten hours it’s really amazing I hope you didn’t like it and now I’m gonna go back to the hotel because I’m really exhausted I’m gonna get some rest it’s so Wow

I can’t wait to see you play that video gaming it’s really a dream come true for me I start my journey at the freestyler to be a world champion freestyle and play against the best player in the world and now add my own video game and be one

of the main character in it it’s a dream come true come ask for more and I’m really glad I can present to you and I can’t wait to see you be part of the history I had the opportunity to also involve many of my friend in this video

game and they are some of the best freestyle and street player in the world to give you more detail about the video game industry or a football is more akkad mode you will have six different type of game mode in size 14 playgrounds you will be able to

customize your character to have your own style with it you will have special power it’s gonna be just crazy and click the link you can pre-order the game Street power football don’t forget to follow the social media script or football because you can have the latest news you

can have the updates everything about the game is gonna be right here this adventure just crazy for me you know it’s a new turn in my life I hope you’re gonna enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments any more details about it the official release

of the video game is gonna be at this summer 2020 you can see right here my face in the video game what do you think it is realistic and plus in the game I have the same cap the same t-shirt the same bull this is just crazy for

me okay I think now is the time you are all waiting for let me show you official trailer of the game you ready [Music] to take it back to the streets SPN back on the beat us from the west to the east you play us do you rest

of the beat I see my wrist that’s party a big tricks like staying in Garnier I’m a ball can’t stop flag got a plan wanna call wanna talk then they gotta pay Tokyo Paris London New York City Manhattan stunning new flow we pass this question you too slow

like traffic junction on so if you want smoke not a good car under pressure y’all if you like this project let me know what you want to see next on the other video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and I see you [Music]

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