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don’t eat the twenties back with a bang and a yo higher all be safe is the multiple liable place for you together and if you use like this conch all gone check out football is back finally meaning we’ve got more football videos today I’m going to be taking a look at some of the most ridiculous career-ending fails blunders mistakes in football if you’re new around you you know what to do make sure you subscribe to the channel and drop her like I’m not going to keep you any longer what you’re about to witness a video is just outrageous and David Luiz did that dab it dab it Louise I mean David Luiz and you know what let’s start with David Luiz shall we I’m actually not sure what planet these guys on at times he’d been on the pitch for twenty minutes and in the space of twenty minutes he’d been nothing but get him sub sent off give away a penalty and pretty much blow the whole game for a smoke it’s gone we think we find him and it honestly has ever mattered watching David Luiz is playing for this is the sad thing whether it’s an own goal for PSG against West Brom what that was Louise’s gotta cut it out it’s a difficult one maybe left foot David’s left foot clearance where it’s a known goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League top is Louise’s you guys scored own goals and don’t forget Brazil as well it’s actually crazy no matter which team even for his country David Luiz is paid for he seems to be this one defender who always makes and goes the actual mile to make those extra mistakes whether its own goals whether it’s silly mistakes red pads Davidge louise’s Korea has been a bit dodgy I’m sorry but I’d be happy if I never have to see the back of David Luiz ever again let’s never forget about clouds your Bravo’s most famous moment when for some reason he thought he could handle the ball outside the box what what an absolute idiot I mean come spring out of this box and he just yeah anyone remind this guy the hand of the ball you got to be inside the box but don’t worry tell your Bravo it’s not just you you got your mate Alison is doing the same thing for Liverpool why the goalkeepers get this this weird scene in the lake and handle outside the box and he knew instantly he started walking you knew the wreck out was coming that’s the most painful thing can you hide you like you handled and already you like just forget it just forget it I already know but what about Lorex carry us in his absolute stinker against Real Madrid in the Champions League oh my god this in the final not only they make a hangar to give the ball to Ben Z but he also let the ball go straight through his hands from my gareth bale’s if the ad shot safe to say wasn’t a great day in the office for carry us and I think that was the end of his Liverpool career Jesus and Steven jazz it pains me to do this because I love you as a footballer and your career definitely was intended by the Cardinal was at the same time because this was aa title you had for Liverpool and you slipped Liverpool fans I know it is painful to watch one of the best Premier League players of all time blowing the title for Liverpool you couldn’t have made it and people tourists through the miranda snake shots we’ve taken this horrendous missies when from one of the greatest players in the world couldn’t do no wrong to miss him one of the worst open goals I’d like to save the century I’m still not sure what he was doing he’s taking it around the goalkeeper and he’s just made one of the words and he never recovered from that Torres was never the same guy after that and tuple matching I like to call him another one the worst mission of the century the ball was gone in the net he stopped the ball from going in the net this I mean PSG they still haven’t forgiven him for this he stopped the ball from God just Dow and the way bro just move but no no chip on one ting knows better idiots [Music] imagine that lost you baguette imagine that actually lost them the game is our last get me played Phil Jones Phil Jones I mean he’s not at the best of careers of me this old going against the hemisphere I’d like to say it was one of us stupid things and defender can do for Phil Joe Phil Phil Phil Phil and you want to know about this office goes to a dude called moil Slava spillage spill I fill out that that’s the one the Benfica kid who will make two mistakes in two legs against Manchester United and pretty much blew it for Benfica yeah get that kid you just can’t get away with two mistakes in two legs Kenya I mean the first one experience in how can this guy get a break don’t think you can get a break ever actually came back for me but you wanna see an absolute this is a humdinger I’m gonna go as far as saying that it’s a do called it’s a do called galaxias ill don’t ask me what it is doing but as a goalkeeper when you make one mistake I then get back by another mistake in the same move you have had a sinker and the goalkeeper mistakes they’re not end in there no the hair you’re not safe from today’s video unfortunately Manchester United vs.

Watford and it was a I can still smell it it stinks this is just pure hardcore shot from the hair these are the few Avenida here sometimes II thought gee sometimes he’s the world’s best I mean the one against what it just don’t me know what to say as a as a as a top goalkeeper shoot if we do it that I don’t know but it gets worse because it’s a Donnie in the city we are named Sal sulo done one of the biggest match-fixing on goals I’ve ever seen and it’s never actually been investigated some likely say it was an accident I thought I did say it was match-fixing dodgy I’ve never trusted Italians and I’ve never trusted the Italian league and that is exactly why and another career-ending mistake those gold – Kieran Trippier and his own goal against Chelsea which was absolutely just outrageous in my opinion Kieran what were you thinking this is what you ended up in Spain me because you can’t get awake without in the Premier League that is horrible he’s actually just slide around this keeper role is stupid but then he’s gonna serve it up for delay lads you’ve witnessed some of the words blunders in football history and if you’ve enjoyed it and you want to see more you know what to do flop gonna like subscribe and I’ll speak to you in a bit.

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