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your husband’s partner was murdered let’s all stop playing this game show yes certainly got themselves a winnerwith this show fire stick and chill we are talking as art and why you shouldwatch it if you can just get through the first couple of episodes that are alittle slow in pacing but it picks up pretty fast great story we’re going todiscuss it in this video if you’re finding me for the first time please goahead subscribe to the channel click the notification bill so you’re down everytime we drop these life gains videos helping you make more informed decisionsabout your money and how you spend your time and if you really really enjoy mycontent go down there click on that patreon link and join it help a brotherout hohruss brothers getting donations on patreon let’s jump into this videoshow you why you should watch Ozark was good at people’s this your boy Ohuncle my in the building bringing you another fire stick and chilled what towatch on the weekends before the football games of course and before wetalk about it let’s draw a head and do this I gottaput on my plus seven glasses of the sexiest hell cuz I’m working on skillingup my craft giving you a better YouTube experience something better to look atalways check my video description affiliates and sponsors of this video HDIPTV $14 a month you get pay-per-view sports premium TV all that shop lifegames.

com they’ve got discounted streaming boxes boxes that normally cost75 to 100 you can find them in there from 25 to 50 dollars Ozark stars anold-school guy Jason Bateman y’all might remember him way back in the day fromthis show well he’s come back on the Netflix original series car o’s are andif you was a fan of Breaking Bad your loved Ozark if you are a fan of thosetype of shows in that story art dealing with drugs cartel Mexican cartelsSpanish cartels you will love this show because it starts Jason Bateman who is aCPA and he gets entangled through his damn homeboy will a Mexican drug cartelbig-time Mexican drug cartel so much so that originally the friend tries to dosome dirty things to that cartel they kill him and it was gonna kill JasonBateman’s character but Jason Bateman cuts a deal says that we need to move tothe Ozarks cuz we can flip this product I can move and watch more of your moneyhe survives the only problem is and this show it portrays the Ozarks as a placewhere you’ve got lots of rich people that come invacation but the people that live there are these old country bumpkin rednecksand so immediately as soon as Jason Bateman moves there he’s got problem atthe problem at the problem first of all trying to get business going they’relooking at him like you city slicker we not Ephraim with you then when he doesget business gone he bumps head with the people who are running the biggestlittle drug cartel in that time which is a old-school redneck and her crew thenyou’ve got a band of little rednecks that like to steal one of thosecharacters you will fall in love with she starts out really really dirty thenshe winds up turning bad because she wants to feel like she can belong to afamily and that’s a pretty good story not to mention Jason Bateman’s characterhas a wife who was cheating on him with a guy that gets killed early on in theseason pretty harsh dynamic between those two then they’ve got two kidsteenage during it and for my folks out there that’s got teenage daughters youknow house how Angie that can be when the hormones start running this got alittle cool smart son who’s just wants to belong to a family and so you’ve gotall those dynamics going on and eventually everybody in the family windsup having to help Jason Bateman watch this money including the kid they haveto watch each other’s back they have to move into a farm house with a guy who isold school who’s on his deathbed who they still haven’t really revealed whyhe’s moved to the ozark but you can tell this guy was a bad son of a bitch backin the day and he winds up saving that bacon a couple of times too even thoughthey kind of have a love/hate relationship so ladies and gentlementhis would be excellent binge watching t wheat TV on Friday or Saturdayexcellent binge watching TV if you have on a date coming over that you just meton plentyoffish or match.

com great TV good firestick andchill entertainment I’m encouraging you guys to watch it and leave me commentsif you’ve already seen it tell me what you think tell me how you feel like itcompares to other show in this same realm and would you whatwould you recommend that similar to this and that’s gonna do it for this videodon’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself a lifegame check that video description box we’ve got life gangs down there to helpyou make life easier services and products that are in agreat deal that can help change your life and we just want you to startconsidering checking that description boxes we keep good things down there anduntil that next sexy as hell video I’ll see you.

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