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Florida State’s offensive line is bad if you have even the slightest familiarity with college football over the past few years I’m sure you’re well aware of this sentiment many Talking Heads surrounding the program never fail to mention it as a major shortcoming of program and many fans don’t

let a video go by without reminding me about it as well and to be honest most of these people have a point the line is bad well at some point it’s been worse than bad it’s been downright pathetic I’m not here to beat you down with negativity but

what I do want to talk about is why they are so bad and how much of it can be changed quickly under a new coaching staff I can chase narratives about the astonishing amount of injuries on our front line or about the lack of solid recruiting up front

but I don’t think that really answers the question in scouting reports teams don’t mull over recruiting rankings and injury reports to get a picture of the other team they go to the place that doesn’t lie the film with the help of my good friend Adam Brown who is

a fellow writer at tomahawk nation and co-host of our four verticals series of videos we have compiled film from the first six games of every sack or quarterback pressure excluding one game that I’m sure most fans don’t want to ever watch again and have come up with enough

clips to cover several videos so I decided that this topic deserves it’s due diligence and therefore it needs to be split into three parts the first part represents things I feel are quickly correctable with the players we currently have these plays can be blamed on miss assignments or

poor communication between linemen and represent a surprisingly high fraction of plays I gather roughly a third of the total sacks and pressures so without further ado let’s jump into the film [Music] this play best represents what I mean when I say there was a miscommunication between players in

order to understand why sac was given up here you have to understand a bit about past protection in this play floor to stated to running a half slide protection meaning that this half of the line is going to slide towards the right to take anyone that comes to

that gap the tackle and guard on the other side are assigned a specific man to block the problem comes with the communication between this tackle in this guard before the snap this seems like it would be straightforward to block the guard should get this man who is covering

his outside gap and the tackle should block this defensive end however post snap both defenders sl√°inte inside the tackle sees this and correctly passes his man off to the guard who is slow to leave his man giving the defender a free pass to the quarterback now this plays

a little harder to assign bling we have the same half slide protection but the problem comes from this backside guard he’s working in tandem with the running back to block this defensive tackle on this linebacker he passes off the tackle which seems to be what he’s supposed to

do but either way cam akers needs to pick up this free defender and he just doesn’t this is compounded by the fact that this guard then gets demolished by the slime backer and the whole play blows up before even begins this one is actually hard to get mad

at boys he calls an overload blitz to the top of the screen it appears that FSU is on big on big or Bob protection which is just a man oh man protection however Boise anticipates this and sends his defensive tackle to occupy the guard and this linebacker takes

advantage of the now and to get this is just a good play call and the NFL you might expect a quarterback to switch to a slide protection to cover this gap but that’s really not something you often see at the college level these next two plays are almost

identical when it comes to offensive line play they both feature a pulling guard which the offense does to get extra help on one side of ball and it can trick linebackers into thinking it’s a running play and they feature an offensive tackle getting caught trying to cover the

now open gap to be honest no tackle FSU had was really fast enough to shore up that gap and cover the outside and both plays the tackle gets beat on a speed rush for an uncontested SEC honestly this play is probably the hardest to look at this defensive

end doesn’t get touched on his way to the quarterback it seems that the left tackle thought he was going to be picked up by either this tight end or the running back but since both of them were running routes it’s doubtful that that’s the case so this guy

gets a free sack in the left tackle gets a play where he doesn’t have to block anyone there were a startling amount of free runners of the quarterback last year and there are a variety of factors that contributed that a disproportionate amount of injuries and several recruiting busts

have forced the Seminoles to start freshmen and make it hard to trust where each other supposed to be cohesions not helped by the revolving door of offensive line coaches for this reason you shouldn’t expect the world from this line in the next year Mike Gravel has proven his

chops as an offensive mind and if you have any doubt of that check out my other videos on the subject but at this point is hard to constantly adapt to new systems for these kids however fans should have some optimism in this area these communication issues can be

fixed and in here 2 & 3 of Norval I expect that they will represent a much smaller fraction of sects and pressures but for now take some solace in the fact that the line can improve greatly without a complete overhaul in talent which is a much longer and

more painful process if you liked this video check out some other articles discussing the meat of Seminoles football but my friend Adam Brown that I linked in the description below and check out my series on noir bells incoming scheme don’t forget to Like and subscribe thanks

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