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Olympique de Marseille means the world to us.

When the team wins, we are happy, the entire city is overjoyed.

But when we lose, we feel down.

There is a unique connectionbetween the City and the Club.

The players need the fans! We expect so much from OM players.

Either you give your all, or we will notrespect you and we will not love you.

Always be your best!No surrender.

90 minutes.

Never stop! You must respect the club and the Marseillais! Football is sacred! OM is our religion.

Some people do not get it, but in OM we trust.

– As you can see, today, OM is bringing together three religions.

– True.

– It is unique.

– It is magic.

– The three of us, sharing the love for OM, it feels very powerful, in the current context! Right? – OM inspires me to talk about loyalty.

Loyalty from the people of Marseille to their club.

Even those who are not religious can relate to this concept.

Staying loyal to your club is essential when you are an OM supporter.

Loyalty is very important! Staying loyal has multiple meanings: it can be to your wife, to your friends, even to your football club! All of those are important, and indeed, OM has got a special place here, because many of you are supporters, many of you have loved this club since birth! To be loyal to OM, that means to be behind your club.

You can be loyal to God, to your friends, and to your teamas a supporter.

Only true fans! Meaning that we only want OM to win.

Am I right? My cell phone remains on my desk.

I know it is not a good habit, but I use it to check the resultsand tell the youngsters the latest OM news.

Otherwise they would rather go watchthe match than be here! – I cannot do that! As you know, there was a match last Friday.

We will talk about it this morning.

– Did you see it? – Yes, I have got a special switch.



On Shabbat, it is forbidden to watch TV.

So we cannot watch the game.

But luckily some peoplecome late on Saturday morning to the synagogue.

They cannot watch, but they know the score! – They must have a friend telling them! – Or they have got a TV on somewhere, who knows.



We are fortunate to have OM in Marseilleto bring people together.

– Right! – OM and the Good Holy Mother.

– Can’t you take me on your shoulders? Sometimes kick-off is atthe same time as prayer time.

So, I usually wait until everyone is sitting, I go to a quiet corner to pray and come back to watch the game! – And if they score, what happens? – I can hear the fans reaction.

It is very clear if something good or bad happened! To be honest, it is difficult to focus, which is not what you are looking for when you pray.

But it is a way to show the kids that they can combine their passion and their faith.

– OM is more than a football club! Some people will never get it.

When I hear:”your team sucks!” I could not care less.

We could be in the third division, no problem.

We have a history with our club.

And there are millions like that.

Some people spend their wages to follow OM, to be at the stadium.

I simply could not live without OM.

Do you get it? I come to the stadium, with my heart and soul.

Shouting my unconditional love.

This is what we live for! There is nothing like the Orange Vélodrome.

It has is no comparison with English stadiums.

I love English football, do not get me wrong.

– But they are so quiet.



– The stands look so empty and lifeless! “MAR-” “-SEI-” “-LLAIS” “Raise your hands!Everyone, raise your hands!” “MAR-” “-SEI-” “-LLAIS” “MARSEILLAIS!” “MARSEILLAIS!” “MARSEILLAIS!” It is like a religion: we stand when the players enter the pitch, we celebrate together.

It is a ritual.

– Fans give so much energy to the players when morale is down.

It is incredible to see the communion betweenthe fans and the players.

– Fans can also be merciless.

They lose themselves in footballand when the players are not up to their expectations, fans will not hesitate to complain.

– When new players come to OM they cannot take anything for granted.

The pressure is on! All the time.

But this is the only way to reach the top level.

– Every victory is magic, though.

Imagine the full stadium chanting your name! There is nothing like this.

“IF YOU’RE NOT JUMPING, YOU’RE NOT MARSEILLAIS!” The stadium is the only remaining placewhere people come together and forget their origins and social status.

That is what makes Marseille so special.

The stadium feels like the city, and we are so attached to this: being such a diverse community, united behind its club.

– If we E.


came back to Earth, he would come to Marseille this time! – You bet he would! – Seriously, there’s every nationality here.

– OM brings us together.

– Yes, the people of Marseille rally behind their team.

It is essential to them! What happens in the stadium is on everyone’s lips.

So many different people share the same passion, regardless of their culture and religion.

There is no division when you talk about OM.

– But that phenomenon goes beyond Marseille.

The whole country is behind OM.

– The whole world.



– Exactly.

– The whole world! “AUX ARMES!” “GO OM!” “COME ON!” “GO OM!” “MARSEILLE!” “GO, GO, GO!” – I’ll try to knock on his door – If you say it’s for OM, he’ll open his door immediately ! – There you go.

Enjoy! Let me see.



It has been 101 years! 1917! I came to France in 1940.

From Indochina.

I came to work here.

After a while, I started demonstrating with my peopleasking to return to Vietnam.

Our leader Ho Chi Minh responded: “Wait! Before returning home, we need something from you: a qualification!” I did not know what to do.

I was at home, good for nothing.

I did not know French, nothing to eat, I did not know France.



I had to take the bull by the horns.

I found a job as an apprentice to an electrician, working on electrical engines.

I had no idea what OM was back then.

But my colleagues taught me.

They told me everything about OM, about the club of Marseille.

And I got curious.

One day they offered: “- Do you want to go to a game?” “- Yes, I do!” Soon after I was going to see all the matches.

Every single one of them.

That is my story.

– When OM wins, he raises his flag high.

Everyone in the neighbourhood tells me: “Come on, you have not put the flag up yet!” And I go: “Not before after the match, and only if they win!” – You can feel people are united behind OM.

– OM is good for your health! – Yes, the club brings you relief.

– Many problems are solved at the stadium.

– When we win, everything goes well the next day.

– No doubt! Marseille is so peaceful those days.

Sit! Good boy.

He will pick up the balls.

Ball boy style! In my church, we have a ritualat the end of mass.

During the service, we pray, but at the endI always say a few words about OM.

And the worshippers wait for my predictions! Sometimes I am OK, some other times, not so good.

I want to share my passion for OM with them but also teach peace and tolerance to the fans.

Going to the stadium means we should tryto live this sporting moment as best as possible, with open hearts.

– If Father says we will win, then we will! – God may hear you! – Every morning, we pray at 6 a.


It is usually 14 or 15 of us.

One of them, when OM loses, does not bother to come! He gets really upset!He wants to stay in bed all day.

Even when I call him, I can hear he is genuinely feeling bad! – That club has got so much influence on people’s lives.

OM holds such a great place in their heart.

OM is part of who they are, of how they see themselves as Marseillais.

“We are 4-nil up, fortunately we can all eat it up!” – We live and breathe OM! We were practically born with it, and we have the club on our mind all the time.

When OM loses, we all feel terrible.

The next day feels like hell.

But when we win, everything feels great.

– Winning puts us in such a good mood! – And we go to work smilingwhen we win! But when we do not? We are devastated!- It is difficult.

– Our life stops.



– It is a bit like today:cloudy, windy.



They play with three defenders.

If your centre-forward goes to the flanks, he can take two opponents with him, giving space to the winger.



Long pass forward, and we are right in front of the goalkeeper! – That sounds so easy!Which glasses are we again? – We are the Pastis glasses! What else? – I was thirty years old whenI saw my first match at the stadium.

Way too old for a first time! I managed to hide my excitement as I was taking a few young kids to the stadium.

Your first time at the Orange Velodrome is just insane:the atmosphere is second to none.

I was very moved to seethe diversity of the fans, all different, but also all the same, wearing the same OM scarf.

It is magic.

Imagine this: 30 years old at a first OM match ever.

This is something everyoneshould try in their lifetime.

– This year, during Ramadan, I went to Meccawith a friend, another imam, but a PSG fan! I feel bad for him.



– We forgive him!- Sure! People could see we were arguing about who the best French club is… between OM and PSG! He was winning the argument.



– .



But PSG have not won the Champions League.

We did! – That is precisely what I told him.

– There you go.

– In Paris, they put stars only at Christmas time.

And then it is all gone.



– I feel like I am part of a global family! I visited the Holy Land some time ago.

We were passing through checkpoints with some kids, one of them wearing an OM scarf.

The police officer recognized the OM logo: he was also a fan!Right in the middle of the desert! We realized we belong to the OM family.

Around the world, OM is known for those two colours: blue and white.

That makes us a global family! – It is possible not to like footballand still be an OM supporter! I will prove it! Marseille is so much bigger than football.

OM is Marseille.

It encapsulates the love of this city.

Let me tell you.



Some girls at the Orange Velodrome had no idea what was going on.

For half an hour, one of them was cheering for the wrong team! She had no idea which jerseywe were wearing that day! It does not matter.

We are there only because we want to wear the colours of our city.

– In Marseille, we have everything, but we do not know it! We just need to connect more people together, and make them bond, because this city really has it all.

We should use our differenceseven more as an asset.

This is one of the city’s many charms.

– I have lived in Paris for many years and did not expect I would settle down in Marseille.

But I am here to stay! I love the atmosphere and how nice people are.

OM changes people’s lives, and people are much more laid back here than in Paris.

There is something about Marseille.

People get along with each other in a very special way.

I have not felt the tensions that are common in Paris.

In Paris, you are never completely at ease when you ride the public transports.

In Marseille, people are relaxed, you feel safe.

– Basketball? Rugby? Who cares?! We only want football! Our city lives and breathes football.

OM is a mythical club.

It is our life! Football is a religion here.


A new player coming to OM must knowthat expectations will always be very high.

We know our football here! We know our players.

We are extremely loyal to our club.

– Players going to Lyon cometo play for a new club.

Players going to PSG cometo play for a new club.

Of course, they have fans.



But here, players come to play for a city! The whole city is scrutinizing them! – It is a much bigger commitment.



– The player signs to givejoy to the people of the city.

If he does not learn this fast, he will quickly feel miserable and unwanted.

– He can become part of our history.

He will need to earn it, but he will find all the peopleof Marseille behind him.

OM defines who we are, it defines the city of Marseille.

OM is in our DNA! It is so important! For us, it’s not just a sport club.

It is so much bigger than football! We are a family! “AUX ARMES!” “WE ARE THE MARSEILLAIS!” “AND WE ARE GOING TO WIN!” “ALLEZ L’OM!”.

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