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today we’ve cooked up a video where we teach you no less than 50 wicked football skills and while you might have seen a few of them before you can still use the video as your personal skills Bible that you can pull out before training or match so sit

back you learn [Music] number one they’re fake elastic old facing the defendant you lure him in by pushing the ball forward then in a quick scooping motion to drag it away from him it’s a bit like the elastico only done with the inside of your foot step number

two the street running with speed you get ready to take on the defendant and just before reaching him you slow down only to explode away again luring the pace for a moment is key because the defendant will helpfully do the same [Music] number three the fake shot this

is what you would call an all-school move and probably the most effective dribble in football set yourself up for a shot and try to really sell it all you have to do now is to not follow through and all around the defender instead [Music] number four is the

stop-and-go running down the line with the defender in your back you stop the ball with the outside of your foot then do a quick body feint and drag the ball with you in the opposite direction great simple [Music] I call number five the roll back roll the ball

back to the side of your body and wait for the defender to come rushing in when the timing is right quickly drag the feed back again accelerate away [Music] number six is the outside touch receiving a pass with the defender chasing you down this is the perfect skill

to send him for a hot dog just before touching the ball to a small body Fein now tap the ball with the outside of your foot in the opposite direction seventh place is the stop and chop running with the defender on your side do this step on the

ball with one foot and do a chop with your other it’s a great way to buy yourself some time for your next move [Music] and number eight the zig zag if you’ve got some speeding you this move is even better take on the defender and take a sharp

touch to one side now run a bit past the pole so you can tap it again be outside of your foot let go in the opposite direction [Applause] [Music] number nine the cotton turn this is kinda like the stepping ball skill move but with one extra layer added

running down the line with the defender in your back to stop the ball with the outside of your foot and step over the ball to fake going in that direction and hopefully the defender will buy the fake move and you are free as a bird [Music] hence place

goes out to the feint pass now this move is a nutmeg guarantee fact that you lied the pass or shoot the ball and then the defender will stretch out his leg to block it so just gently tap the ball through his legs instead [Music] [Music] number 11 the

rolled chip this is like the robots kill but move flash you roll the ball to the side of your body and wait for the defender to come rushing in when the timing is right quickly drag the ball back and chip it over his leg [Music] 12th place is

something I call the 180 chop receiving a pass you can do this wait for the right timing and do a chop while spinning 180 degrees there is no way to defend against this and it will set you up nicely for a finish afterwards a great move to do

inside the box trick 13 is the sole roll cut a classic move to change direction fast do a normal sole roll but this time do a small jump to be able to stop the ball again quickly use the same foot to the sole roll and stop [Music] number

14 is the step of the tap you might think this move is a bit stupid but Julian Draxler did this in the game completely roasting the defendant receiving a pass do a step over jump in motion and have the ball with your other foot you can either go

around the defender frame for the Panna so stupid now number 15 is the sanchez special kill the ball with the inside of your foot step over the ball and turn 180 degrees to tap it away using the outside of your foot if this move is done with speed

it’s a perfect ankle twister for the defendant hello crutches [Music] and number 60 the drag backs which take a sharp touch to this site now step on the bull while rolling it behind your standing leg scoop the ball to the opposite side and try to do this in

one fluid motion you change direction while protecting the pool at the same time trick 17 is the sole roll Panna this is such a humiliating move and yet so very simple fake you will run in one direction only – so roll the ball through the defenders legs you

better stay alive for the rest of the game because that defender is going to want to kill you and straight on to number 18 the overhead chip a very underrated move in my opinion to be honest because it’s super simple and very effective just tap the ball over

the defenders head that’s it and there’s not a damn thing [Music] and 19 the step over your either body Fang Kai worse temple will love it so leave a comment down below on what you think is the most effective enemy step on the ball and try to really

shift your body weight as this will sell the move along better now tap the ball in the opposite direction using your other foot now it’s two centuries number 20 the outside Panna with the defender running on your side in this move wait for him to open up his

legs and now tap the ball with the outside of your foot through his legs simple and he will open up his legs because no one can run with closed legs [Music] number 21 the Bergkamp one of the most epic skill moves ever done in a game receiving a

pass lift the ball up with a great amount of spin turn 180 degrees and run around the defendant if you pull this off you my friend are a legend 22 and it’s the drag Panna a great move for a loose ball just before colliding with the defendant you

step on the ball and do a small jump and I’ll scoop the ball through his legs do all this in a quick and fluid motion 23 is something we call the 360 blend now you’ll probably all remember Adriano doing this while he played for in temp with the

defender on your side do a rule that while spinning 360 degrees and if you’re lucky and facing a defendant like me you will do the Panna and your Instagram account will never be the same again and onto number 20 for their shift drag the ball back and do

a small chop catch the ball with your other foot and now roll it behind your standing leg to accelerate away now I’m not claiming this is the most effective move of all time but it’s certainly cool 25 is the step-over panin start out by doing a Cruyff turn

then step over the ball and try to not make using your other foot you want to tap the ball through his legs using the inside of your foot you also want to learn number 26 the catch throw the ball behind your standing leg and patch it to catch

the ball and your knees slightly and press down on the ball using the top of your foot and when you’ve done the catch try to roll the ball back [Music] 27 this soul roll jumped tap step over the ball then soul roll the ball into your other foot

while you’re jumping it’s very important to jump as this will give the move some power you can go around the defender or through his legs the choice is yours 28 is the some prayer roll light with the defender breathing down your neck you can do this move scoop

the ball up gently which is done by raising your knee then quickly catch it and swing it over your head [Music] number 29 is the elastico chop which is a super morph that’s also gonna protect the pool do an elastic or while jumping in order to chop it

behind your standing leg the elastico is done by tapping the ball with the outside of your foot and in the same motion you tap it again with the inside of your foot [Music] number 30 is a bit magic we call it the hocus-pocus take a small step in

front of the ball with your B foot now perform an act half behind your standing leg Yakka is done by tapping it inside of your foot and in the same motion which happened again using the outside of the same foot [Music] 31 then is to step over ramona

running with speed you do a soul roll step over to set yourself up for the ramona if you don’t know how to do a rabona check out this tutorial i pwg [Music] number 32 and it’s the hasar special running with the defender you do a chop and then

an inside step over and finally to completely destroy your opponent you do an outside step over can accelerate awake you can also do a double step-over you feel proper box [Music] 33 is the inside out top this is one of the more complicated Panna moves out there facing

the defender dead on do a small body fin and then in one motion to trust the ball with inside of your foot and then quickly and outside of the same foot and of course you aim for the panel 34 is to the rabona tapped door so roll so

you’re running sideways and then swing your strong foot behind your standing leg to fake a rabona after that gently tap the phone udyr standing leg move away from the defender [Music] [Music] number 35 this step over zigzag step over the ball with your strong leg and now gently

tap the ball with the inside of your weak foot because this will lure the defender in and you can easily tap the ball through his legs using this stronger number 36 the turret throw the ball behind the standing leg now to restore all in the opposite direction catch

it with you Whitford and quickly tap it with your strong foot once again try to get the pool away from your body as this will make the defender go through the ball and thereby opening his legs [Music] and 37 the outside role Panna this move is just like

the sole role cut with a pan involved do a normal sole role but this time do a small jump so you can tap it very quickly again with outside of your clicking Douglas cost has done this move to perfection the outside Baca or some might call this the

reverse elastic or because that’s exactly what it is tap the ball with the inside of your foot in the same motion you tap it again with the outside of your finger just before doing the move try to angle your foot as this will help you tremendously number 39

the pullback live around the world we decided to throw this little freestyle move into the mix because it’s really cool roll the ball back and around your standing leg then lift it up and perform and around the world and keep in mind that all of this is done

by using one foot [Music] and number 40 the Roberto Carlos this move is very fun to do well not not that funny it’s very simple to explain this dog the first leg to use to step over the board has to be the leg you’re also gonna heal the

door wind number 41 the sombrero flake move your standing leg in front of the pool while jumping raise your knee with your other leg and now stretch your leg and point your toes upwards quality means that this will make the ball go over your head and number 42

the fake rabona drag the ball in front of you one moving sideways now get ready to do the Ramona but instead of shooting the ball you fake it the same direction where you came from try to get the top a little bit of power she can get away

from the defender we face [Music] number 43 is called the lift receiving a pass you gently lift the ball with your weak foot only to tap it again with your strong foot remember to lean back so the ball will fly over your head this is a great way

to escape a tight situation [Music] [Music] and number 44 the step-over elastico do a step over using your weed foot and now do the elastico using your strong foot if you don’t know how to do the elastico we made this tutorial for you that you can watch if

you click the I in the left corner of your screen 45 is the dragon step over to a sole role in front of your standing leg and now catch the ball with the top of your foot then roll it back while jumping to do a step over with

the standing leg if you can pull this off at speed it’s great showboat material [Music] [Applause] [Music] 46 we called the reverse tempest roll the ball forward and catch it with your weak foot now drag it backwards while doing reverse step overs and when you do those reverse

there pose remember to jump backwards to make it easier finally just finish the move off with a chop [Music] with three tricks left we have number 47 the lift Hana tap the ball over the defenders head and as soon as he turns around to tap the ball through

his legs it’s very important that you tap the ball right after it hits the ground as this will eliminate the high bounds of the ball make it easier [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] 48 is the flick lift tap roll the ball using your strong foot into your standing

leg this will make the ball go up and you can now feel it over the defenders head there’s the outside of your heel and remember to not give it too much power just keep the control [Music] and number 49 then a Tamar receiving a pass try to do

this up smoothly banca smooth swing your leg around the ball and that the ball hit his standing leg when the ball is in the air you then perform an air akka would you do by tapping the ball with the outside and then quickly with the inside of your

foot finally run around the defender now if you still with me you’re a legend because we are at the last trick the cr7 what God roll the ball through your old legs and catch it with the outside of your foot then roll it back and tap it into

your standing leg while doing a small step forward perform a soar goal with each foot do a step over in a small party Fame then move away in the opposite direction [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so there you go my friends fifty wicked skills that you can hopefully learn

and use to roast your opponent and if you need some cool gear to do so all you have to do is go to use post or come by following the link right over there and shove some wicked stuff now also don’t forget if you’re new on the channel

go subscribe with the notifications on to see all our latest videos I’m knowing all our latest skills the moment the video will stop and finally learn even more skills by clicking the playlist right down here that’s a guy’s I’m signing off Julia

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