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Actually, can you say that for me, like.



(Don Essig) It never rains at Autzen Stadium.

Hey, y’all.

Welcome to the University of Oregon.

My name is Jyhreh, and I’m going to be yourtour guide for today’s festivities.

Usually I’m here on campus studying anthropology or linguistics, but today we’re putting that aside because it’s what? Game day! So let’s get started with this game day experience.

And as always.



“Sco” Ducks! “Sco” Ducks! “Sco” Ducks! All singing: “I left my heart in Oregon.

” All right, now let’s get this tour started.

So now we’re actually at Autzen Stadium, so it seats 54, 000 people.

And a fun fact the outside of the Othat you see on that huge yellow O is the shape of Autzen Stadium.

How cool is that? All right, so now we’re going to check out the Moshofsky Center.

I see a nice little obstacle course there.

You already know I’m ’bout to hit it up.

Oh, my gosh, y’all.

Coach Feld is coming.

Like this man is huge.

(Jyhreh) Hey, what’s up? Oh, my God.

OK, have y’all ever heard of “Flex Friday”? FLEX FRIDAY!!!! (growl) He is the man that came up with Flex Friday.

Like he’s like, jacked up.

Hi y’all.

Y’all are so beautiful.

Hi y’all.

Hey y’all, so now we’re actually inside of the press box.

So here you have all the media, you have all the coaches as well.

Some food I’m ’bout to hit up later.

But first, we have to stop by the booth of Jerry Allen.

He’s actually the voice of the Ducks.

Jyhreh: “Hey Jerry!” Jerry Allen: “Jyhreh! What’s up? So in your 34 years, what has been the best experience you’ve had? You know, the best experience is probably a bunch of them together andthat’s being around the fans and the reaction we get from fans when things are going well and everyone’s happy.

The Kenny Wheaton play, “The Pick.

” Against Washington.

Announcer:Throws toward the corner of the endzone and it is intercepted! Intercepted!The Ducks have the ball.

Kenny Wheaton is going to score! There’s so many others that it’s not fair to put one above everybody else because they’re all equally just great.

Oh, I love that answer.

I love that answer.

But yeah, thank you forletting me get you today.

I’m going get busy and do some football.

Yes, go Ducks? Go Ducks always.


All right, everyone.

So we’re sitting here with Don Essig.

He coined the phrase.



Don Essig: “It never rains in Autzen Stadium.

” I mean, it doesn’t.

Look how beautiful it is today! I figured out one time in a regular game each team’s got like 70 plays.

We’ll do over a thousand piecesof information in one game.

Thank you, again! You’re welcome.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

Don Essig: And go Ducks.

Oh my gosh, go Ducks.

But for a couple of years now.

Wow, OK.

I’m sorry, but that is the coolestthing ever.

And I know where it comes from.


So everyone, every time we get a touchdown, there’s been this touchdown horn.

Look up here and be like.



No one knows where it’s ever been until now.

(Horn sounds) Oh, my goodness.

That is so cool! My leg warmers.



Yes, thanks.

Announcer: Ducks and the Buffalo of Colorado here, here at Autzen Stadium tonight.

Crisp night here on the Oregon Sports Networkfrom Learfield IMG College.

Respect to the band for that “UO” Yo, this is so cool! OK.

Quick, fact about the Duck.

He always comes out in a weird manner.

All right, y’all.

So it’s time for the game to start So it’s time for me to hit the student section.

You want to hear what it sounds like when we get a touchdown? Announcer: Herbert on third and goal from the seven.



Steps up in thepocket, wide open, Breeland touchdown.

(wild cheering) I’m loving this.

All right y’all.

So we actually have a soundtrack for the game actually played by a band here.

So for first downs, we have a song.

When CJ Verdell, one of our playersdoes something crazy.

We actually play Crazy Train.

Fourth down we have something as well.

And of course, we have Mighty Oregon when we get a touchdown.

You’re doing great ladies! (Jyhreh) Game over.

Jordon you did great! Dang it.

Alright y’all, thank y’all for comingto this game day with me.

I hope you enjoyedyour time while you are here.

It’s always good to end with the W.

Let’s go! That was.



Oh my gosh, that was so cool.

OK, y’all are so cool.

I could not do this.

I am not musically inclined.

So props to all of you.

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