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Paulo Dybala, what boot is he gonna wear and for which brand? Well that my friends, is one of the big unanswered questions of our time.

And while we wait on finding out at some point, I guess, who knows? Let’s take a look back in time to see which boots Paolo Dybala has actually worn throughout his Relatively short career.

Hint – this is gonna be a whole lot of Mercurial, but I might just surprise you here in there So let’s jump back to 2011 and Paolo’s first match As a professional Now, as a kid Paolo played for his hometown club called Instituto de Cordoba Or however you say it in Spanish, but here in early 2011 he got his senior team debut Wearing the Nike Tiempo Legend 3’s and wearing these boots He also became the youngest player ever to score a goal for the team In December 2011 He then jumped into the metallic purple Superfly 3.

Which he wore for a good amount of time at Instituto bagging 17 goals in 40 matches So I guess it wasn’t for nothing when Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini came out and was pretty excited when they landed him in 2012 – proclaiming that Palermo had signed the new agüero Getting presented at Palermo in July 2012, Dybala jumped into the Vapor, starting off with the clash colorway which to this day is still one of my personal favorites.

It looks so good And then, he also went to show that he was the true inventor of the Dele Ali wave In January 13 he then said his goodbyes to the vapor 8’s and jumped straight into the vapor 9 which he wore in different colorways For the rest of the season.

And actually that season ended up with him and Palermo getting relegated down to the Serie of B That’s right.

I’m not kidding you one of the most exciting young attacking prospects of 2017 he actually got relegated just four years ago Think about it Then Dybala kicked off life as a Serie B play by jumping into the hypervenom phantom one in September 2013 And apparently Nike had a pretty good feeling about Dybala.

So they wanted him to they dedicated strikers boot and Okay, Dybala didn’t necessarily light up Serie B scoring just five goals But wearing the hypervenom, he played a pretty big part in Palermo winning the title and gaining promotion Back into the Serie A.

Then before Paulo’s big return to the Serie A, he made a, should we say, relatively unexpected and rather quick appearance in a training session in the Ctr360 maestri threes before he jumped into the newly released nike mercurial superfly 4 in July 2014 and he really seemed to like the Superfly 4’s, wearing a lot of different colors getting 13 goals and 10 assists before Dybala moved to Juventus in 2015 And here Dybala started pretty well even getting his Argentine national team debut in October 2015 Before we got the great honor of wearing a R9 tribute colorway off the Superfly 4 in May 2016 And wearing that he also helped Juventus winning the Serie A and the Coppa Italia in his first season with them and while everything was still well in the nike xt Paulo relationship Paulo kicked off the 15/16 Season wearing the Superfly fives now he kept on playing really really well on the pitch and he got more new popular off it and And everything kicked off on the internet when he scored and introduced that goal celebration you got it the Dybala mask Showcasing the spirit of the gladiator telling you to fight when things get tough and it got so popular He was so happy with it, but he just simply made it.

You know his logo! His actual flippin logo Then came trouble in paradise because in February 2017 Dybala blacked out his Superfly fives and after he’d worn that for a few matches and even slap his new logo on the side of it Rumors started spreading that he was in the market for a new deal, but thankfully for Paulo and Juventus He kept his focus on the pitch winning the double with Juve even getting himself a Champions League silver medal And then he scored 19 goals in the process in that season But young Paulo wasn’t done surprising people not by one bit.

Because in June 2017 he played a match for Argentina wearing a black out pair of Adidas x17+ PURESPEEDS You know just casually boot shopping, seeing what’s out there and just to confuse people further He then had a few training sessions wearing an equally black out pair of Puma One’s.

Then, he kicked off the new season taking number ten for Juventus and So far this season it seems the Dybala has stuck to his black out guns wearing, or kinda of settling, on the adidas X 17.

1 throughout the season so far.

And I don’t know how long we’re gonna have to wait until we see where Dubala actually ends up But I know that if I were working for the brand’s I would pull out all the stops to get this guy He’s young he’s cool He’s got a cool tattoo a fancy celebration And he’s lethal in front of goal 12 goals in 10 matches this season and that’s just so far I mean the guy is on absolute fire muy caliente So it’s probably fair to say that Paulo Dybala has worn a lot of different nike boots in his time as a footballer But things might be about to change So I really want to know what you think the Dybala is gonna wear in the future which boot And which brand? You see let me know in the comment section right down below and while you’re at it don’t forget to check our other boot timeline videos.

There’s one for Pogba.

There’s one for Neymar Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the green bubble up here, leave me a thumbs up if you had a good time and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this video with someone who needs to know what the Dybala is actually wearing And with that said I’m signing off, cheerio.


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