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IPTV Brazin

No, no, no, mom is gonna be very cross, because look at all of Mr.

Matt’s clothes.

He’s dropped some socks on the floor, and shorts on the floor.

Can you help me clean up my dirty washing? Excellent, come with me, I’m gonna teach you howto play the Laundry Game.

♪ Mr.

Matt, Mr.

Matt ♪ ♪ It’s time for Mr.

Matt ♪ ♪ He’s the coach with the orange hat ♪ ♪ It’s time for Mr.

Matt ♪ (sharp whistle blows)(excited cheering) Hello everyone, my name is Mr.

Matt and I love playing football! I’m in my back garden because it’s time for backyard ballgames.

This episode of backyardballgames is called Laundry Day.

Okay, for this game we aregonna need one football.

And you are going to needsome of your clothes, but remember for this game you need to ask your mum and dadto help you pick out all of these items.

So don’t forget, ask mum and dad.

(light chiming) And at the end of the garden, can you see two washing baskets? We’ve got one washingbasket for some, some socks And the other basket for some shorts.

So now, I need to put all of this laundry in the correct washing basket.

To do that, we’re gonna start back here, at one side of the garden, we are going to run up to our ball, and we’re gonna practicethis week’s skill, which is (light chiming) control.

Wow, now to control this, we’re gonna do five toe taps.

One, two, three, four, five.

Now go and pick up one piece of clothing.

One sock.

What one do I need to go to? Do I need to go to this one? Or this one? I need to go to this basket! Pop it in the basket, and back to our ball.

And let’s play the Laundry Game! (lively music) Which one do I need to go to? This one or this one? This one, yes! (light ringing)(lively music) One more to go! (lively music) Yes, level one is complete! (vibrant music) Yes guys, now it’s timefor level number two.

And if we, oh no, have alook around the garden.

Oh man, we’ve got laundryall over the garden again, so that means I’m gonnahave to clean it up.

But that’s okay, ’cause thatmeans we get to practice our dribbling skills.

Now, remember how we doour dribbling skills? We’re gonna use the inside of our feet, and we’re going to dolittle kicks, watch me.

(light chiming) Little kicks inside of thefeet, yeah, that’s right.

Now, for this game, we’re gonna collect all of the socks in the garden first, and tag them back to the basket.

Let’s go.

(loud ringing) Where’s the other sock?(lively music) Two!(lively music) Three!(lively music) Are there any more socks? No, so let’s go back to the basket.

(lively music) One, two, three.

Now let’s get our shorts.

One, two.

(lively music) Three, are there any more shorts? Nope, let’s go back to the basket.

(lively music) One, two, three.

(lively music) And look, now we have a clean garden.

Excellent work, let’s have a break.

(vibrant music) Hey guys, now it’s time for level three.

And for this level, you can choose to work with your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, or your friend.

Now, what we’re gonna do with our ball, is practice our dribblingaround the outside of our dirty laundry, like this.

Now remember, to usethe inside of your foot, and lots and lots of littlekicks, excellent work.

Now while we’re dribbling around, your mum, your dad, oryour brother and sister, shouts either socks or shorts, and then we need to go pickup that bit of clothing, and put it in the wash basket.

Let’s have a try.

– [Woman] Socks!- Socks! Pick up your socks andgo to the right basket, it’s over there.

Little kick, little kicks, little kicks.

(light chiming) And then we go again.

(lively music) – [Woman] Shorts!- Shorts! Pick up a pair of shorts.

And we go as quickly as we can.

(light chiming)(lively music) – [Woman] Socks!- Socks! Where is the sock basket? There it is.

(light chiming)(lively music) And let’s go again.

– [Woman] Shorts!- Shorts! (light chiming)(lively music) – [Woman] Shorts!- Shorts again.

(light chiming)(lively music) – [Woman] Socks!- Socks.

And where to go? No, Mr.

Matt, over here.

(light chiming)(excited cheering) Yes, look, we have cleanedup our garden, all together.

(vibrant music) Thank you so much for joining me for a Backyard Ballgame.

Can you remember my name? (loud whooshing)Mr.


Now let’s spell Mr.

Matt all together.

M-R M-A-T-T Mr.

Matt, see you soon guys, bye! (vibrant music) ♪ Mr.

Matt, Mr.

Matt ♪ ♪ It’s time for Mr.

Matt ♪ ♪ He’s the coach with the orange hat ♪ ♪ It’s time for Mr.

Matt ♪ (sharp whistle blows)(excited cheering) – Hey moms and dads, Mr.

Matt here.

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(peaceful music).

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