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it’s getting cold out there and i don’t think that anyone really likes to freeze so what are you actually packing your football bag for the winter period well today fret not i’m giving you the ultimate winter football bag packing list to make sure you won’t forget anything what list we’ll get a few good ideas also if you want to watch a video on how to pack for the warm periods it’s on your screen that you should click for watch that video and with that out of the way, let’s get our hold on! now of course it’s always a good idea to start out with packing the should we call them the basics and of course to pack your football bag you’re gonna need an actual football bag we’re gonna pack it up in just a little bit.

because other basics That i want to mention is it would be a good idea to get some shin pads So you won’t get hacked down i would also say that everyone needs a t-shirt and a towel for when you’re done playing i would also get some flip-flops, for the shower if feet gross you out and a water bottle and of course you’re also gonna need the tools of the trade some actual football boots and i would choose my pools depending on which surface you play on the most FG, SG, or AG.

now i play Predominantly on AG during the winter times here in Denmark so that’s the soleplate Then i’m gonna rock the most so they would be a part of my basics Also i always make sure To pack myself a pair of grip socks i love this stuff don’t play without them i also get myself some premier sock tape wrap Really like that as well and if someone decide to hack me down i always pack my ankle guards as well because No one likes sore ankles.

and if you want to know even more details on how to pack the basics in your football bag as i mentioned i’ve made a video that you can watch by clicking the I in the corner of your screen but with the Essentials out of the way let’s pack it up and look on how you can actually stay warm when it’s cold And oh i almost forgot you probably also want to bring a pair of clean underwear No one likes smelly um Pants, so there you go the essentials now the most important stuff when playing in the cold is actually to have a warm coat Because if your coat isn’t warm you get a feel cold really really quickly so the biggest must-have for me is always to bring some good warm base layer now i really like the colca shirt from under armour and if things get really tough i also sometimes wear tights i prefer this the hypo warm tights from nike and yes you might look like a little bit of a tool or a wannabe spider man in these but they actually really gonna keep the essentials your legs etc etc Nice and warm so with the core out of the way sorted done and dusted you should also get yourself some warm outerwear now i really like the nike strike series and beauty this tangle stuff they forget some of their warmer alternatives with a bit of insulation on the insides you can do very well for yourself so get yourself a Long-sleeved top and some track pants and you my friend are going to stay warm no matter what mother earth decides to throw at you now of course if the call still bucks you and it’s getting rough out there i would also always make sure to pack a beanie and A snoot or a neck warmer if you will i really like the croft neck tube and well you can basically use any beanie you want now i rarely ever wear this in matches and especially because well in most countries is actually not allowed to wear snus during matches but for training this is absolute gold Another thing i wouldn’t wish on even my worst enemy is to have cold fingers when you play So avoid that by getting yourself a pair of playing gloves these from nike are really warm you can get some warm and some uber evil warm Variations and get the ones with the sticky little pads on the fingers so you won’t lose any grip when you take throw-ins and with that out the way let’s pack it up and it but there’s more now depending on where in the world you play getting a light rain jacket that is optimized for football or straight up even getting an actual winter jacket might not be a bad idea and if it’s really rough where you live we could just in general feel really cold instead of getting you just both of them to stay really really warm also if you’re one of those people who like, to use the winter period to train by yourself, to get ready for the new season getting some training equipment a white football that you can actually spot in the dark or even some running shoes might not be a bad idea either now this is stuff that is nice to happen it’s absolutely not must-haves which is something you should consider having in your bag if you got the money now just to be on the safe side which is always nice and given the fact that not everyone in fact i Haven’t heard of anyone who consistently played on the same playing surface over the winter period consider getting either an edgy pair or an SG pair to really complement your primary winter football pair Because you know it’s only for those people who have so much money in their budget They can actually afford to get a second pair of boots it’s by no means a must-have But it’s just really cool to have if buy all of a sudden you have to go play on a muddy pitch Because i can tell you they’re playing on SG with say AG it’s not very fun so keep it in mind let’s pack it up and they call me the packing Master so they go my friends the ultimate packing list for the winter times and when i say ultimate of course you know you can bring a lot of other stuff consider this more general guidelines in terms of what you should pack in order to stay warm when it’s really cold outside But if you have any other ideas any additions you should let me know in the comment section right down below any advice We’ll take it make sure it’s a spread the love and while you’re at it don’t forget to check out our video on how to you’re back for this summer by clicking down here make sure you subscribe by clicking the green bubble right up here leave me a thumbs up if you had a good time and don’t forget to spread the word with your friends you need to stack up on the warm clothing because they’re always cold and with that said i’m signing off cheerio.

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