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hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with Philly cheesesteak dip that’s right Philadelphia’s going to theSuperbowl in an honor of that we’re gonna do their famous sandwich and dipform which to be honest is not that easy for me since there’s a Giants fan Ireally dislike the Eagles

but having said that I dislike the Patriots muchmore so I guess it’s fine but anyway I should stop hating and move on to thegrading but before we get to the cheese we got to prep our steak and I’m gonnabegin with a couple pieces of top sirloin with a

total weight of about apound and what I’ll do is take a knife and make some nice thick slices as shownand while there are many different ways we could prep the steak for this well mygame plan was is to slice these into thick pieces season it generously withsalt and

pepper and then sear these to a nice medium after which one’s cooledwe’ll chop this up into small pieces and yes it would be a little easier just tocook these steaks as is and then chop them up but by slicing these in creatingall that extra surface area we are

going to get significantly more browning whichequals more flavor we also of course could just chop it all up now and thensear it already all cut up but I was afraid of losing too much moisture thatway which is why I decided on this approach and if you happen to

check outthe blog post I’m gonna give you even more options but anyway like I said I’mgonna slice this up and season it very generously on both sides with salt andfreshly ground black pepper at which point we’ll head to the stoveand sear these in a very hot pan set

over high heat into which I drizzle alittle bit of oil and yes I did wait to see those first few wisp of smoke sothat I knew my pan was hot enough because we do want to try to get somenice browning here and we don’t want this meat just

sort of boiling in itsown juices which is what happens if you don’t use a hot enough pan but anyway onhigh heat I’m gonna give that first side about three minutes or so and I’m sortof watching that doneness creep up the sides and when it looked a littlesomething like

this I went ahead and flip those over and then because the panis so hot what I’ll do once those are flipped is reduce the heat to medium andlet these go for another three or four minutes or until I think they’re aboutmedium and one visual clue is that juice

coming to the top when it looks likethat we’re probably close and obviously those small pieces aregonna finish first so we’ll go ahead and take the biggest pieces out last andwe’ll simply transfer those into a bowl to cool at which point like I said we’llgo ahead and chop it

up so our meat is looking very nice and we will finishprepping that later but right now we have to get back to our pan which as youcan see now features a world-class Fond that we are totally going to takeadvantage of by adding one diced onion as well as

a nice big pinch of salt anddecent sized chunk of butter and we’ll go ahead and cook these onions on mediumuntil they just start to soften up and by the way if you’re new around here anddon’t know what a Fond is that’s just a fancy culinary term for all

those meatjuices that brown to the bottom of the pan and what’s going to happen is themoisture from those onions is gonna dissolve all that goodness which isreferred to as deglazing so we’re basically cleaning the pan at the sametime we’re adding a lot of extra flavor and that reminds

me of an old saying Ijust made up good cooks do easy dishes okay so by using the proper techniquenot only do we get a better product we’re not having to spend 20 minuteslater scrub in a pan but anyway we’ll go ahead and cook those onions until theyjust start

to soften up at which point we can go ahead and throw in our dicedpeppers and for that I’m gonna be using an array of fresh and pickled peppers sowhat I have here is a green and red bell pepper as well as some jalapeno and thenI’ll also do two

kinds of pickle pepper these red ones are called peppadews andthese sliced up yellow greediest ones are pepperoncini and by the way I’m notusing all of this we’re only going to need about a cup and a half to two cupsonce diced which we will add to our onion mixture

and continue cookingstirring on medium and like the onions I’m going to cook these until they juststart to soften up okay we don’t really want these soft and mushy but we do wantto take that raw edge off so we will cook those for a couple minutes at whichpoint we

will simply turn off the heat and set those aside while we move on tochop our meet up which by now should be fully cooled and what I’ll do is takeone of these pieces and cut it into thin strips and then turn it and cut itacross into however smaller

pieces I want and as I mentioned earlier I’musing about a pound of steak here but please feelto adjust that meat to cheese ratio all right do we want a cheesy dip with somesteak in it or do we want more of a meaty dip with cheese in it so

adjustthat meat amount if you see fit I mean you are after all the nick foles of yourdifficult and then what we’ll do once that’s all chopped nice and small hasadded back to the bowl along with all those accumulated juices and then we canalso go ahead and transfer in

our onion and pepper mixture which point we’reready for our cheese or should I say cheese’s since we’re using two kinds thefirst of which would be a pound of cream cheese which ideally is room temp andvery soft and this one was sort of like that and then we’re also

going to do ahalf pound of provolone or is it’s pronounced in Italy a provolone and wewill go ahead and grate that in and of course it’s never a bad idea to save alittle of that for the top and then once our cheeses are set we’ll finish this upa

little bit of Worcestershire sauce which I’ll add 4 extra savoriness plus Ireally do enjoy trying to say Worcestershire sauce and then last butnot least we will do a shake of cayenne and then once all that’s in there we’llgrab a spoon and give this a mix and I should

mention if you want this to beway more difficult than it should be you’ll want to use cream cheese that’snot fully softened yet and use a 2 small bowl and since I had both of thosethings going for me this took like 5 minutes before itstarted to smear together but

eventually it did and once that has been thoroughlymixed it’s ready to transfer into our baking dish and we could if we want putit all in one regular-sized casserole dish but since this in my opinion isbetter hot I’m actually just gonna cook half at a time in a smaller

casseroledish and that way once the first batch is done we’ll go ahead and cook off thesecond one and have it nice and hot and fresh for the second half of the partybut either way we’ll go ahead and transfer that in at which point I’mgoing to switch to a

fork to kind of press it down and smooth out the top andthen once all that said I do recommend transferring this onto a sheet pan sincewe could have some bubble over better safe than sorry you’re cleaning thebottom of the oven and then if we did save some of

thatprovolone which you really should have we’ll sprinkle that over the top andthat’s it our Philly cheesesteak dip is ready forthe oven so let’s go ahead and transfer that into the center of a 400 degreeoven for about 20-25 minutes plus maybe a minute or two under the broiler oruntil

it’s heated through bubbling and beautifully browned and ideally look insomething very similar to this man that looks goodI hope Patton Gino are watching but anyway what I like to do is let thatcool for a couple minutes before serving it up next to some sliced bread and Iwasn’t sure

whether to use a spoon or a knife to serve this so I place down bothand I decided to try out the spoon first so I grabbed it and went in for a tasteand I have to say as I was loading up that first slice of bread I was

thinkingthis stuff does not look that great this better tastes awesome and somethingpretty close to a Philly cheesesteak which I am very happy to report it didit pretty much tastes exactly like the inside of an extra cheesy Phillycheesesteak the provolone kind by the way and not that Cheez Whiz

versionwhich is neither cheese nor whiz but anyway I was absolutely thrilled withhow this came out and I probably should have stopped right there but I decidedto make sure that the knife would work what you did and yes I fully admit to bebreaking my own rule which is to

call something a dip you have to be able todip into it and not have to use a spoon or knife which would make it a spreadnot a dip I mean I think I could have dipped the bread right in but I justchose not to but anyway that’s it

what I am in fact calling a Philly cheesesteakdip now if you’ll excuse me I need to go start working on a New England clamchowder dip to honor the Patriots just kidding or am i anyway stay tuned but inthe meantime I really do hope you give this delicious dip

a try soon so headover to food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usualand as always in you you

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