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hello one and welcome back to my channel in a really exciting time this is our new place so I moved in with yucky potentially we could record a flat tool for you guys in the future let me know below if you would like that but today

I am here in my sports kit because we are doing a football challenge so if you haven’t seen it already in my previous video 10 things you should know about Algerian men I said one of them was naturally gifted at football and he completely is though he will

never say that we thought for a bit of fun it’s lovely weather here in England that we would get out kick a football around and do like an Algeria vs UK football challenge whereby he teaches me how to play football disclaimer here’s how football training in the past

and I think is really good so we will see but I have not had any training it is not my thing I’m sporty I enjoy sports I don’t have any previous experience so please be kind I don’t know what’s gonna happen here I’m gonna take you with me

and but it is lovely to be back and leave any of your thoughts below so let’s kick off with this video [Music] we are here today I’m going to get to a bit of football I don’t know how this is gonna go I know as much as you

guys right now and I thought I would read your long to the right and let’s see skills will or lack of will soon see won’t we [Music] trust what you can do [Music] okay go on Oh nearly Mindy shall I try the first part I’m gone I’ll try

one time crazy now we are gonna teach Beth how to do some dribbling Beth fake a z zu right he’s gonna show us how it’s done this is what I’ve got to do we teach on make it look easy oh my okay no I’m not ready yeah messy

messy Oh oh dear God [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is the best penalty you’ll ever see in your life I don’t want to see you now I’m giving to you going to do my best to get the football near the goal somewhere once a in it he

has been busy [Applause] [Music] about a drip name as it turns out okay [Music] [Music] okay so he’s gonna teach me how to control them all with my thigh and get you back [Music] [Applause] [Music] so now I’m gonna get Bethenny to try and do five kick ups

if you can do five K cogs I will buy her whatever she wants fast you have to demonstrate something fancy the end let’s go ready good [Applause] [Laughter] quickfire we’re gonna do a quick fire last round we’ll do a last round quickfire so we’ll swap places I’ll go

and goal and you can shoot at me penalty shootout [Applause] okay so he got two out of five my hair nearly saw the end of its life like a button artery I think I’ve broken a kneecap but let’s see let’s give my penalty shoot-out ago come on this

is for all the girls out there we can do this I just need three mil right now zero [Music] one Jewish our three shots one has got him I need one more have the next tune to draw to win some desperately even my hair doesn’t like some of

that oh okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] if that would have got the corner you would have gone in if it didn’t motive it right it learns to give place to wrap it up who’s here the next video guys thank you so much for watching he is off to

grab the football and will I be doing a forfeit I’ll be doing a forfeit apparently so um yeah we’ll see you in the next video enjoy stay safe and good back it now way off you need to make sure it’s centered our lynched folks on center and it’ll

go in what what did you do

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